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1EO2R1985MULTI-ONE HP590,784848362Club Group 
2ES0IA2011SO LP ALL30,8401441205.9 [Cert]
3ES0LMT1997SO LP 40M21,6209594  
4ES1A2008SO HP 40M329,05840530320.6ES1GE[Cert]
5ES1A2007MULTI-ONE HP2,179,5841,58768846.7ES1GE ES1GF ES1OX ES4RD 
6ES1ABR2000SO LP 10M238,524370278  
7ES1ABR1999SO HP 10M60,515181133  
8ES1AC2001SO LP 10M11,256766718.3  
9ES1AJ2005SO HP ALL1,628,3191,3646276.3  
10ES1BA2011SO LP ALL30010102.0 [Cert]
11ES1BH2016SA HP ALL440,27358839717.0 [Cert]
12ES1BH2002SO LP ALL204,02238724722.8  
13ES1BH2000SO HP ALL174,445358251  
14ES1BH1999SO HP ALL80,448238192  
15ES1BH1996SO LP ALL256,344459264  
16ES1CH1997SO LP 160M (R)68,834213141  
17ES1CN2016SA LP 15M123,01223620116.4 [Cert]
18ES1CN2003SO LP 20M197,20841029721.9  
19ES1CN2002SO LP 15M164,19331723916.1  
20ES1CN1992SO HP 10M9,5847264  
21ES1FB2002SO HP 15M1,272,2401,0225132.3  
22ES1IP2005SO LP 15M1,188222227.3  
23ES1LBK2006SO HP 160M212,87239223618.3  
24ES1LH2006SO LP 20M2,9904846  
25ES1LS2016SO LP 20M173,67739430114.4 [Cert]
26ES1LS2015SO LP 10M36,34414511811.8 [Cert]
27ES1LS2014SO LP 15M287,61646838421.0 [Cert]
28ES1LS2012SO LP ALL830,18092351531.8 [Cert]
29ES1LS2011SO LP ALL669,26374446932.4 [Cert]
30ES1LS2010SO LP ALL193,50041230020.6 [Cert]
31ES1LS2009SO LP 40M145,25527920924.8 [Cert]
32ES1LS2008SO LP 40M120,76824920425.8 [Cert]
33ES1LS2007SO LP 40M89,71220117826.9  
34ES1LS2006SO LP 80M70,03519916122.0  
35ES1N2016MULTI-ONE LP18,564104917.7ES1TN ES1DMOX ES1ORTX[Cert]
36ES1N2015MULTI-ONE LP13,80682786.8ES1TN ES1OV[Cert]
37ES1N2014SO LP 10M12,06280744.8 [Cert]
38ES1N2013MULTI-ONE HP4,32646424.8ES1TN ES1OV[Cert]
39ES1N2012MULTI-ONE HP5,55962512.1CLUB GROUP[Cert]
40ES1O2016MULTI-ONE HP2,357,7581,68076747.3ES2UK ES2WY ES6ME ES2SDA...[Cert]
41ES1O2015MULTI-ONE HP2,038,4311,76471746.7ES6ME ES2UK ES2DTS ES...[Cert]
42ES1O2014MULTI-ONE HP1,835,9061,68674645.1ES2UK ES2WY ES2DTS ES4RA...[Cert]
43ES1O2013MULTI-ONE HP784,8781,04551444.5ES2DTS ES2UK ES2WY KEVEN...[Cert]
44ES1OX1995SO HP 20M77,592300212  
45ES1QD2003SO HP ALL33,22913210112.2  
46ES1QD1999SO LP ALL (T)201,072300284  
47ES1QD1997SO LP ALL39,168173144  
48ES1QD1995SO LP 15M19,74710791  
49ES1QD/01995SO HP 20M27,720151120  
50ES1QX1999SO LP ALL127,801311227  
51ES1RA1999SO HP ALL148,654299233  
52ES1RA1998SO HP 20M14,32011180  
53ES1RRM1990SO HP ALL66,732175166  
54ES1TP/22010SO LP 80M5,50855518.1 [Cert]
55ES1WQ1990MULTI-ONE HP266,110636299Club Group 
56ES1WST2012SO LP 10M18,56494843.4 [Cert]
57ES1WST2011SO QRP ALL6,55252523.5 [Cert]
58ES1WST2010SO QRP ALL1,65232285.9 [Cert]
59ES1XQ2012MULTI-ONE HP1,064,0611,09257331.0ES1TRE ES2BKT ES2DTS E2U...[Cert]
60ES1XQ2011SO LP ALL (R)81,65726321121.3ES1TRE[Cert]
61ES1XQ2010MULTI-ONE HP1,127,1261,25256333.3ES2DTS ES2UK ES2WY ES3VI...[Cert]
62ES1XQ2009MULTI-ONE HP22,3201391205.7AIVE ES2WY[Cert]
63ES1XQ2007MULTI-TWO476,73365936719.0ES2UK ES3VI ES3-123 
64ES1XQ2006MULTI-ONE HP487,176628383ES2KA ES2UK ES2WY ES3VI 
65ES1XQ2001MULTI-ONE HP447,17460635148.0ES1THQ ES3THP 
66ES1XQ2000MULTI-ONE HP458,568570396Toenu ES1THQ ES2THY ES3T... 
67ES1ZW2013SO LP 20M (T)8,23292846.7ES3VGA[Cert]
68ES2BH2011SA HP ALL682,77469348728.1 [Cert]
69ES2BH2010SO LP 20M23,8161131046.6 [Cert]
70ES2BH2009SA LP 20M50,21316514911.1 [Cert]
71ES2BH2008SO LP ALL5,64264624.7 [Cert]
72ES2DJ2015SA LP ALL (T)32,6041381329.9 [Cert]
73ES2DJ2006SO HP ALL78419163.5  
74ES2EZ2015SO HP 15M259,65643034912.9 [Cert]
76ES2EZ2010SA HP 40M17,68895882.5 [Cert]
77ES2EZ2003SO LP 20M248,64049833630.0  
78ES2EZ2002SO LP 20M74,772228201  
79ES2IP2001SO HP ALL4,8384541  
80ES2IPA2016SO HP ALL (T)104,95125720311.8 [Cert]
81ES2IPA2015SO HP ALL540,95668841225.0 [Cert]
82ES2IPA2014SO HP ALL (T)572,45667243922.7 [Cert]
83ES2IPA2013SO HP ALL (T)229,66342030122.7 [Cert]
84ES2IPA2012SO HP ALL (T)403,25659437923.3 [Cert]
85ES2IPA2010SO HP ALL287,04048332025.9 [Cert]
86ES2IPA2009SO LP ALL (R)50,05019015416.6 [Cert]
87ES2MA2009SA LP ALL57616161.3 [Cert]
88ES2MC2016SO HP 20M144,0013312472.7 [Cert]
89ES2MC2015SO HP ALL (T)1,777,9501,15867516.2 [Cert]
90ES2MC2012SA HP 10M405,07452333714.0 [Cert]
91ES2MC2011SO LP 80M402,99247835624.2 [Cert]
92ES2MC2010SO HP 15M382,63450636212.6 [Cert]
93ES2MC2007SA HP 80M720,77674942720.4  
94ES2NA2002SO LP 40M95,40721417916.1  
95ES2SW2002SO QRP 10M3,05237286.7  
96ES2TI2013SA HP ALL (T)1,205,8121,02061936.0 [Cert]
97ES2TI2012SA HP ALL1,444,0251,11064935.1 [Cert]
98ES2TI2011SA HP 40M (T)1,571,11995261333.6 [Cert]
99ES2TT2016SA LP 15M27,249999314.4 [Cert]
100ES2TT2015SA LP ALL9,990715410.9 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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