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701JR2PAU2013JA2SO HP ALL1,56426231.4 [Cert]
702JE2SOY1982JA2SO HP 10M1,5604939  
703JI2GZC2013JA2SO LP ALL1,53919193.3 [Cert]
704JA2VHO2017JA2SO HP ALL1,51228280.9 [Cert]
705JA2JWH2012JA2SO LP ALL1,47528253.1 [Cert]
706JF2FIU2009JA2SO LP ALL1,40030252.0 [Cert]
707JG1FGL/22005JA2SO LP 15M1,3342623  
708JF2FIU2016JA2SO LP 80M1,32630261.3 [Cert]
709JI2IXA2016JA2SO LP ALL1,30032264.3 [Cert]
710JR2BYJ2017JA2SA LP ALL1,29618180.6 [Cert]
711JN2QYN/21992JA2SO LP 15M1,2603735  
712JA2ODV1989JA2SO QRP 10M1,2422423  
713JH2FXK2009JA2SO HP 160M1,188232219.7 [Cert]
714JE2SOY2004JA2SO LP 10M1,17027265.5  
715JR2IGV1991JA2SO HP ALL1,1442222  
716JE2CPI2017JA2SA LP 10M (T)1,13133298.7 [Cert]
717JE2VYM2012JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,12121194.0 [Cert]
718JF2FIU2003JA2SO HP ALL1,08020200.8  
719JF2OHQ2013JA2SO LP 40M (T)1,080161513.2 [Cert]
720JM2RUV2015JA2SO QRP 15M1,08020200.6 [Cert]
721JN1MKZ/21986JA2SO HP 40M1,0563624  
722JQ2XVY2014JA2SA LP ALL1,03524234.9 [Cert]
723JK2AQT2016JA2SO LP 20M1,03523233.5 [Cert]
724JA2IIT1984JA2SO QRP 15M1,0322524  
725JN1MKZ/21989JA2SO HP 40M1,0201717  
726JA2HBK2015JA2SA LP 15M1,00822212.6 [Cert]
727JA2KPV1981JA2SO HP 15M1,0082516  
728JH2XTV1984JA2SO HP 15M1,0072019  
729JE2SOY1984JA2SO HP 10M9303831  
730JR2LBF2013JA2SO LP ALL92020202.1 [Cert]
731JA2ODS1987JA2SO HP 10M8703130  
732JA2JWH2014JA2SO LP ALL86020201.3 [Cert]
733JF2FIU2012JA2SO LP 15M82818180.9 [Cert]
734JF2LTH1992JA2SO LP 40M7982019  
735JS2PHO2012JA2SO LP ALL79820192.1 [Cert]
736JA2CPD2015JA2SO HP 15M76816163.5 [Cert]
737JQ2OUL/22010JA2SO QRP ALL76021203.5 [Cert]
738JM2LHB2011JA2SO LP 20M75620185.0 [Cert]
739JE2SOY2011JA2SO LP 10M74825224.6 [Cert]
740JR2AAN/22015JA2SO LP 15M74817171.4  
741JF2KWM2017JA2SA LP 15M74119193.7 [Cert]
742JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M68020201.3 [Cert]
743JE1ALA/22015JA2SO LP 10M67226215.9 [Cert]
744JA2HBK2011JA2SO QRP 10M66022224.9 [Cert]
745JA2KPV2006JA2SO LP ALL65617162.3  
746JH2XTV1982JA2SO HP 15M6512221  
747JH2KKW2016JA2SO LP 80M61218181.7 [Cert]
748JE2FJI2012JA2SO LP ALL60817164.4 [Cert]
749JF2FIU2010JA2SO HP ALL55819180.8 [Cert]
750JF2MBF2008JA2SO QRP 80M55215121.0 [Cert]
751JI2VLM1999JA2SO LP ALL5321414  
752JA2CPD2014JA2SO HP 15M48015152.8 [Cert]
753JA2HYD2014JA2SO HP 10M (T)45513137.2 [Cert]
754JF2FIU2011JA2SO LP 40M40616140.5 [Cert]
755JR3RWB/21987JA2SO QRP 10M3402420  
756JG2KFI2012JA2SO LP 15M33813133.5 [Cert]
757JM2RUV2016JA2SO QRP 15M30814140.4 [Cert]
758JA2KCY2017JA2SA LP ALL30015151.9 [Cert]
759JQ2OUL2007JA2SO LP 15M28812122.5  
760JQ1AHZ/22004JA2SO LP 15M273131329.6  
761JP2MRD2013JA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 [Cert]
762JK2MGT2016JA2SO QRP 40M (T)243991.7 [Cert]
763JK2VOC2010JA2SO LP ALL24012120.3 [Cert]
764JH2XTV1983JA2SO HP 20M225109  
765JJ2RON2015JA2SA HP 15M2161091.2 [Cert]
766JJ2SHW2000JA2SO LP 15M216108  
767JA2DCN1981JA2SO HP 80M2081313  
768JH2FXK2016JA2SA HP 160M196774.8 [Cert]
769JR2PAU2011JA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 [Cert]
770JE2XBS2009JA2SO LP ALL (T)19515131.5 [Cert]
771JG2QUM2012JA2SO LP ALL19010101.5 [Cert]
772JF2FIT1983JA2SO HP 15M189109  
773JJ2RON2017JA2SO HP ALL154771.1 [Cert]
774JF2MBF2007JA2SO QRP 80M13512925.6  
775JM2RUV2010JA2SA HP 40M126660.4 [Cert]
776JF2FIU2004JA2SO HP 15M1268724.2  
777JL2OGZ/22017JA2SO LP ALL (T)12012101.1 [Cert]
778JL2OGZ/22015JA2SO LP ALL (T)112870.3 [Cert]
779JA2HBK2013JA2SO QRP 10M105771.2 [Cert]
780JR2AAN/22010JA2SO LP 15M (R)77771.2 [Cert]
781JK2VQR2017JA2SO LP 15M (T)70870.2 [Cert]
782JG2QUM2013JA2SO LP 15M66662.1 [Cert]
783JE2FJI2013JA2SO LP 20M65556.2 [Cert]
784JJ2WCP1990JA2SO HP ALL4866  
785JE2LPC2007JA2SO QRP 10M48660.5  
786JF2FIU2006JA2SO HP 15M404424.1  
787JA2NGN2013JA2SO LP 15M35550.2 [Cert]
788JL2OGZ/22012JA2SO LP 20M28440.1 [Cert]
789JE2VYM2016JA2SA LP 10M (T)24446.7 [Cert]
790JR2CSQ2016JA2SA HP 20M21331.6JJ0MPI[Cert]
791JL2OGZ/22014JA2SO LP 10M (T)18430.3 [Cert]
792JR2AAN/22013JA2SO LP 15M16440.1 [Cert]
793JA2ODS1986JA2SO HP 10M1533  
794JE2FJI2016JA2SO LP ALL1533 [Cert]
795JR2AAN/22012JA2SA LP 15M8220.1 [Cert]
796JJ2RON2012JA2SO HP 40M611 [Cert]
797JJ2RON2014JA2SO LP 15M6220.8 [Cert]
798JR2AWS2012JA2SO LP 40M611 [Cert]
799JE2CPI2015JA2SO LP 80M21116.6 [Cert]
800JF2IWL2017JA2SA QRP 160M (T)111 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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