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601VE3OSZ2008VE3SO LP 160M21,5401036010.2 [Cert]
602VE3MO2012VE3SO QRP ALL20,412938110.9 [Cert]
603VE3NYT1989VE3SO HP 40M20,1286868  
604VE3VSM2014VE3SO LP ALL20,07697846.6 [Cert]
605VE3NYT1985VE3SO HP ALL19,9959393  
606VE3OME1985VE3SO HP 160M19,87210054  
607VE3FK2014VE3SA LP ALL19,51698822.8 [Cert]
608VE3PN1986VE3SO HP 160M19,4709555  
609VE3XAT2011VE3SO LP ALL19,40297895.4 [Cert]
610VA3RJ2004VE3SO LP 15M19,350998610.5  
611VE3XD2017VE3SA QRP ALL19,23699849.0 [Cert]
612VE3XAT2010VE3SO LP ALL19,21095853.4 [Cert]
613VE3STT2000VE3SO LP 10M (T)19,1978881  
614VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP ALL (T)18,90086843.3 [Cert]
615VE3CX2016VE3SA HP ALL18,50478721.8 [Cert]
616VA3AVG2017VE3SO QRP 20M18,18394878.9VE3DXK[Cert]
617VE3AGC2002VE3SO LP ALL (R)18,018807815.1  
618VA3WPV2010VE3SO QRP ALL17,87379618.9 [Cert]
619VC3C2C2017VE3SO HP ALL17,724110847.4VE3RIA[Cert]
620VE2AEJ/31989VE3SO HP 10M17,63210076  
621VE3NBE1989VE3SO HP 20M17,5208080  
622VE3HX1990VE3SO HP 10M17,30110079  
623VA3ATT2010VE3SO LP ALL16,52484681.8 [Cert]
624VA3DBT2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)16,45685687.1 [Cert]
625VE3RCN2015VE3SO LP ALL16,04677713.4 [Cert]
626VE2AEJ/31981VE3SO HP 10M15,7628971  
627VA3GML2009VE3SO LP 20M15,70897849.2 [Cert]
628VE3INQ1986VE3SO HP 160M15,7048452  
629VE3AYR2016VE3SO QRP ALL15,476877310.4 [Cert]
630VE3HG2013VE3SA QRP 20M15,36680783.8 [Cert]
631VA3RJ2010VE3SO LP 20M15,228898110.4 [Cert]
632VE3RCN2013VE3SO LP ALL (T)14,62875695.1 [Cert]
633VE3MGY2004VE3SO LP 160M14,418725412.6  
634VE3JSQ2016VE3SO LP ALL14,34871688.8  
635VA3FN2010VE3SO LP ALL14,212906810.0 [Cert]
636VE3OSZ2002VE3SO LP 160M13,923735110.4  
637VE3WDM2008VE3SA LP ALL13,8321027611.0 [Cert]
638VE3OMU1987VE3SO HP ALL13,5787662  
639VA3RJ2009VE3SO LP 15M13,500807513.2 [Cert]
640VE3RCN2005VE3SO LP ALL13,44079706.3  
641VE3YGN1997VE3SO LP 80M13,3007750  
642VE3VSM2016VE3SO QRP ALL13,13293676.9 [Cert]
643VE3MCL1985VE3SO HP ALL12,9856649  
644VA3RJ2006VE3SO LP 15M12,24082727.0  
645VA3RKM2015VE3SO QRP ALL12,21075663.5 [Cert]
646VE3KI2008VE3SO LP ALL12,12060604.2 [Cert]
647VA3RJ2008VE3SO LP 15M12,070777110.7 [Cert]
648VE3AYR2015VE3SO QRP ALL12,024757212.8 [Cert]
649VE3CFK2014VE3SO LP 160M12,00067488.1 [Cert]
650VA3FN2016VE3SO LP ALL11,97771594.3 [Cert]
651VE3SQZ2009VE3SO QRP 80M11,904704811.2 [Cert]
652VE3OBU2009VE3SO LP 20M11,77669642.8 [Cert]
653VE3MO2010VE3SO QRP ALL11,15180597.8 [Cert]
654VE2AEJ/31988VE3SO HP 10M10,7907265  
655VE3TEE1989VE3SO HP ALL10,6646562  
656VE3XAT2016VE3SA LP ALL10,48869692.1 [Cert]
657VE3DUS2011VE3SO LP 40M10,44246463.1 [Cert]
658VA3GUY2013VE3SO LP 15M (T)10,35070695.9 [Cert]
659VE3DO1991VE3SO HP 160M10,2486442  
660VE3FEA1984VE3SO HP ALL9,9846052  
661VE3MGY2013VE3SO QRP 20M (T)9,98375677.7 [Cert]
662VA3DBT2014VE3SO LP ALL (R)9,74157517.7 [Cert]
663VE3MDX2012VE3SO LP ALL9,28061583.8 [Cert]
664VE3LMS2005VE3SO QRP 20M9,052646228.9  
665VE3STT1996VE3SO LP ALL (T)8,8506159  
666VE3XAX2003VE3SO LP 80M (T)8,736524227.2  
667VE3HX1994VE3SO HP 10M8,6427358  
668VE3KZ2004VE3SO HP 10M8,55061577.5  
669VE3IGJ2002VE3SO QRP ALL (R)8,49365577.6  
670VA3FN2017VE3SO LP ALL8,22553472.5 [Cert]
671VC3JFF1996VE3SO QRP 20M8,2016559  
672VY2MGY/31999VE3SO LP 160M8,0345939  
673VE3MZD2017VE3SA HP ALL (R)6,885595112.7 [Cert]
674VE3XAT2005VE3SO LP ALL6,812545226.6  
675VE3OIL2002VE3SO LP 10M6,650525015.6  
676VE3MFA1984VE3SO HP 160M6,5525036  
677VE3LXL2015VE3SO LP ALL6,52854514.7 [Cert]
678VE2AFJ/31980VE3SO HP 10M6,4195349  
679VE3HX1993VE3SO HP 10M5,9695547  
680VE3DUS2010VE3SO LP 80M5,88942395.1 [Cert]
681VE3OSZ2015VE3SO LP 160M5,88048354.7 [Cert]
682VE3IGJ2012VE3SO QRP ALL5,71245424.9 [Cert]
683VA3ZNW2016VE3SO LP ALL5,537584910.6VA3NZW[Cert]
684VA3FN2015VE3SO LP ALL5,48853493.7 [Cert]
685VE3FJ2014VE3SO LP 10M5,36849443.7 [Cert]
686VE3XD2015VE3SA QRP 15M5,21749475.4 [Cert]
687VA3RKM2014VE3SO QRP ALL5,08246421.8 [Cert]
688VA3FN2013VE3SO LP ALL4,91443392.2 [Cert]
689VE3RCN2004VE3SO LP ALL4,86049454.4  
690VA3RJ2007VE3SO LP 15M4,78450468.9  
691VE3RSA2014VE3SO QRP 40M4,76834322.2 [Cert]
692VE2AEJ/31986VE3SO HP 10M4,7565541  
693VE3HQL1989VE3SO HP 20M4,7005347  
694VE3CFK2015VE3SO LP 160M4,41043305.1 [Cert]
695VE3HG2014VE3SO QRP 20M4,36841391.7 [Cert]
696VE3VO2008VE3SO LP 20M4,25745432.3 [Cert]
697VE3IAE2015VE3SA LP 10M (T)4,25542375.6 [Cert]
698VE3LXL2007VE3SO LP ALL4,04048409.1  
699CG3JFF2005VE3SO QRP ALL3,88041406.0VE3JFF 
700VE3AUO2011VE3SO LP 20M (T)3,87045439.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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