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601JA3VUI2012JA3SA LP ALL (T)9,51964576.4 [Cert]
602JI3OGI2012JA3SO LP ALL9,39664586.7 [Cert]
603JA3HUL1979JA3SO HP ALL9,3506855  
604JA3EOE2009JA3SO LP ALL9,19657445.4 [Cert]
605JR3SZZ/32012JA3SA LP ALL (T)8,96766617.9 [Cert]
606JF3GFH/12016JA3SA LP ALL8,49651484.3 [Cert]
607JN3TMW2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)8,476615211.4 [Cert]
608JA3UWB1987JA3SO HP ALL8,4368357  
609JN3DMJ2013JA3SO QRP ALL8,083725914.6 [Cert]
610JR3NDM2017JA3SO LP ALL7,95060532.6 [Cert]
611JL3WSL2012JA3SO LP 15M7,946595810.2 [Cert]
612JA3AHY2012JA3SO LP ALL7,920817214.6 [Cert]
613JA3JOT1992JA3SO LP 15M7,8405856  
614JI3DNN2012JA3SO LP ALL7,80868615.1 [Cert]
615JL3MCM2009JA3SO LP 10M (T)7,7051066724.1 [Cert]
616JI3WMK2017JA3SO LP ALL7,686706112.4 [Cert]
617JH3WKE1979JA3SO HP ALL7,3505450  
618JG3KMT2015JA3SO HP ALL7,04062558.6 [Cert]
619JN3DMJ2017JA3SO QRP ALL6,954735715.3 [Cert]
620JR3LAG1979JA3SO HP 15M6,9166052  
621JA3RAZ2017JA3SO LP 15M6,80467635.3 [Cert]
622JA3UWB2008JA3SO LP 20M6,75878626.6 [Cert]
623JA6BWH/32001JA3SO LP ALL6,6445744  
624JI3HAK1983JA3SO HP 15M6,5726153  
625JA3HTK1984JA3SO HP 15M6,4195049  
626JA3EEM1997JA3SO LP 20M6,3456147  
627JR3NDM2015JA3SO LP ALL6,27060553.2 [Cert]
628JF3LOP2015JA3SA HP 80M6,21060468.9 [Cert]
629JR3NDM2012JA3SO LP ALL6,17452494.8 [Cert]
630JJ3SRU1985JA3SO HP ALL5,9856045  
631JN3TRK2012JA3SO LP 15M5,96947478.7 [Cert]
632JE3CYH1992JA3SO HP 20M5,9294949  
633JG3BXS2012JA3SO LP ALL5,89552457.1 [Cert]
634JN1ENK/31985JA3SO HP ALL5,7126556  
635JO3AGQ2011JA3SO HP ALL5,70458466.9 [Cert]
636JA3RAZ2016JA3SO LP 15M5,67158533.3 [Cert]
637JO3FUO2006JA3SA LP ALL5,67050423.8JJ1BDX 
638JA3VUI2008JA3SA LP ALL (T)5,65544395.2 [Cert]
639JH3PTC2013JA3SO LP ALL5,45260473.1 [Cert]
640JA3EQC1980JA3SO HP 10M5,2206345  
641JI3OGI2011JA3SO LP ALL5,21755477.1 [Cert]
642JH3DEJ1985JA3SO HP ALL5,1844436  
643JO3VSC1988JA3SO HP 15M5,1525246  
644JA4VZX/31981JA3SO HP 10M5,1485144  
645JN3DMJ2016JA3SO QRP ALL5,124494211.6 [Cert]
646JR3WXA1985JA3SO HP 15M5,0966556  
647JA4AQR/31995JA3SO LP ALL4,9983734  
648JR3KAH2016JA3SO LP 15M4,959615715.7  
649JR3XTO1999JA3SO HP 15M4,9007070  
650JN1ENK/31986JA3SO HP ALL4,8388559  
651JA3TVQ2008JA3SO LP ALL4,76049344.6 [Cert]
652JH3AIU1995JA3SA HP ALL4,7363827  
653JG3BXS2011JA3SO LP 40M (T)4,64656468.6 [Cert]
654JA3EJG2016JA3SA LP ALL (T)4,63341416.7 [Cert]
655JR4BSM/31982JA3SO HP ALL4,5905645  
656JS3LSQ2014JA3SO HP ALL4,53642424.8 [Cert]
657JI3KXB2009JA3SA LP ALL4,452474210.2 [Cert]
658JA3UWB2007JA3SO LP ALL4,44450445.7  
659JA3ENN2016JA3SO HP ALL4,41650462.5 [Cert]
660JJ3JJL1984JA3SO HP ALL4,4034937  
661JI3OIP1986JA3SO HP 40M4,3123228  
662JJ1BDX/32003JA3SA LP ALL4,30542353.1  
663JF3LOP2009JA3SO HP 80M4,28441343.5 [Cert]
664JF3BFS2004JA3SO LP 10M4,12852437.8  
665JI3OGI2009JA3SA LP ALL3,97745416.9 [Cert]
6668J3KGR2015JA3SO HP ALL3,90046392.0JH3HGI[Cert]
667JH3BIL1998JA3SO HP ALL3,8804540  
668JG3EHD1990JA3SO HP ALL3,8504235  
669JA3BCT1980JA3SO HP 40M3,8003925  
670JH3PTC2014JA3SO LP ALL3,78054363.6 [Cert]
671JL3PPN2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,73558454.6 [Cert]
672JA3HIL2014JA3SO LP ALL3,69635332.1 [Cert]
673JL3RDC2014JA3SA LP ALL (T)3,57047358.1 [Cert]
674JL3MCM2016JA3SO LP 80M (T)3,420443611.5 [Cert]
675JK3RHX2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,40439375.7 [Cert]
676JF3ROH2017JA3SA LP 20M3,40250424.7 [Cert]
677JA3BCT1983JA3SO HP 40M3,3602524  
678JA3EOE2008JA3SO LP ALL3,27739295.0 [Cert]
679JN1ENK/31984JA3SO HP ALL3,2565944  
680JG3BXS2014JA3SO LP ALL3,23447425.6 [Cert]
681JA3RUA2004JA3SO LP ALL3,234363310.5  
682JJ1BDX/32004JA3SA LP ALL3,22432312.5  
6838N3HAM2007JA3MULTI-ONE HP3,22069358.0  
684JA3MIB2014JA3SO LP 15M (T)3,19635343.8 [Cert]
685JA3OOK2014JA3SO LP ALL3,16837365.3  
686JA3WFQ2000JA3SO LP ALL3,1353533  
687JA3RAZ2013JA3SO LP 15M3,04043382.1 [Cert]
688JH3WKE2013JA3SA LP 10M3,02446424.6 [Cert]
689JA3WFQ1999JA3SO LP ALL2,9703527  
690JA3AVO2007JA3SO HP 40M2,760242325.3  
691JI3WMK2016JA3SO LP ALL2,73040357.6 [Cert]
692JO3TQZ2016JA3SO QRP 20M2,720464011.5 [Cert]
693JR3VFU2002JA3SO LP 15M2,70032304.3  
694JK3NSD2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)2,69732293.8 [Cert]
695JF3KCH2016JA3SO LP 20M2,62249383.8  
696JL3RDC2017JA3SO HP 15M (T)2,584443816.7 [Cert]
697JA3HC1999JA3SO LP 10M2,5413533  
698JE3TAT2014JA3SO LP ALL2,50833332.3 [Cert]
699JR3RWB2004JA3SO QRP 10M2,448403411.1  
700JO3EVM2010JA3SO LP ALL2,31842387.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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