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601KK7A2016W7SO QRP 20M4,77965594.0 [Cert]
6029M2UST20139M2SO QRP 20M (R)4,72551458.0 [Cert]
603SM7R2013SMSO QRP 20M4,71270624.8 [Cert]
604IT9CJC2016IT9SO QRP 20M4,70450492.8 [Cert]
605WT0O2014W0SO QRP 20M (T)4,70464563.4K0TI[Cert]
606KI9A1982W9SO QRP 20M4,6979177  
607UP2DT1985LYSO QRP 20M4,6746257  
608YO4SI2017YOSO QRP 20M4,58867629.1 [Cert]
609G4IKR2016GSO QRP 20M4,50553538.8 [Cert]
610G3CWL/A1985GSO QRP 20M4,4556155  
6119A2EY19939ASO QRP 20M4,4466157  
612JE1RZR2014JA1SO QRP 20M4,42842411.5  
613VE3HG2014VE3SO QRP 20M4,36841391.7 [Cert]
614OZ9MM1981OZSO QRP 20M4,2646352  
615KA7SPS2013W7SO QRP 20M4,234695810.9 [Cert]
616EA1BYA2000EASO QRP 20M4,1766658  
617RV3E/JT1BY1990UA-3SO QRP 20M4,1765736  
618SN16B2006SPSO QRP 20M4,160545226.5SP9NSV 
619OH2ID2014OHSO QRP 20M4,13060594.8 [Cert]
620K7DBV1985W7SO QRP 20M4,1259375  
621AA8UP1997W8SO QRP 20M4,1045554  
622OK1JOC2006OKSO QRP 20M4,002494625.7  
623G3DOP1987GSO QRP 20M3,9566852  
624RA3XEV2003UA-3SO QRP 20M3,948504728.4  
625G3DOP1994GSO QRP 20M3,9446258  
626DL2DWP2010DLSO QRP 20M3,88665582.6 [Cert]
627JH7XVB1998JA7SO QRP 20M3,8545247  
628DK2AB2014DLSO QRP 20M3,80860562.2 [Cert]
629OK6D2014OKSO QRP 20M3,74456525.0 [Cert]
630OZ9MM1982OZSO QRP 20M3,6726651  
631SP2FAP1987SPSO QRP 20M3,6485048  
632RV3YR2004UA-3SO QRP 20M3,542534625.4  
633NF8M2016W8SO QRP 20M3,52548472.9 [Cert]
634JK7UST2017JA7SO QRP 20M3,45840385.7 [Cert]
635VE2ABO1995VE2SO QRP 20M3,4045046  
636W8EH2011W8SO QRP 20M (T)3,36048486.2 [Cert]
637HA4YG/81992HASO QRP 20M3,3396053  
638W9CC2011W9SO QRP 20M3,22048463.7 [Cert]
639VA3RJ2016VE3SO QRP 20M3,19240385.3 [Cert]
640G3DOP1986GSO QRP 20M3,1859035  
641DL2PY1998DLSO QRP 20M3,1505450  
642OH2KI2011OHSO QRP 20M3,10842421.7 [Cert]
643G4IKR2017GSO QRP 20M3,072524810.3 [Cert]
644VO1TA2007VEOSO QRP 20M3,06933311.5  
645N6OJ1987W6SO QRP 20M3,0645851  
646DL5ANS2000DLSO QRP 20M3,0385049  
647OK1AOU1992OKOMSO QRP 20M2,8805248  
648HB9LDO2001HBSO QRP 20M2,8473939  
649AD0IU2017W0SO QRP 20M2,83553459.0 [Cert]
650OK2BPF1983OKOMSO QRP 20M2,7954943  
651JO3TQZ2016JA3SO QRP 20M2,720464011.5 [Cert]
6529A2EY20069ASO QRP 20M2,698393825.1  
653JA2EAB1986JA2SO QRP 20M2,6505421  
654NU4B1985W4SO QRP 20M2,5508175  
655WA2ASQ/42013W4SO QRP 20M2,53545393.9 [Cert]
656Y25QE1988DMSO QRP 20M2,4964139  
657NU4B1986W4SO QRP 20M2,4944543  
658KL7/W6RCL1989KLSO QRP 20M2,4843527  
659OM3TPL1997OMSO QRP 20M2,4514743  
660PA2RG2016PASO QRP 20M2,39749473.6 [Cert]
661YO3JW2015YOSO QRP 20M2,36544431.2 [Cert]
662R2MA2015UA-3SO QRP 20M2,28042402.5 [Cert]
663VE2ABO1991VE2SO QRP 20M2,2403428  
664DL1DAF2014DLSO QRP 20M2,16039364.8 [Cert]
665VK4SF1986VKSO QRP 20M2,1603024  
666HG5SPORT2016HASO QRP 20M2,09143411.7 [Cert]
667UT4UM1988URSO QRP 20M2,0464133  
668YU1IZ2013YUSO QRP 20M2,02143433.8 [Cert]
669UU4JQE2012URSO QRP 20M2,01031304.6 [Cert]
670W8QZA/61989W6SO QRP 20M2,0002825  
671YO4GHW1999YOSO QRP 20M1,9324642  
672JA0VTK/72016JA0SO QRP 20M1,89030271.9 [Cert]
673KG6O2017W7SO QRP 20M1,86245383.5 [Cert]
674IN3UFW2012ISO QRP 20M (T)1,84842425.9 [Cert]
675JE1CAC2013JA1SO QRP 20M (T)1,82029283.7 [Cert]
676RV3GM2002UA-3SO QRP 20M1,7683434  
677HB9AYZ1990HBSO QRP 20M1,7644536  
678JH1ISU2014JA1SO QRP 20M1,68230293.8 [Cert]
679KI0G2010W0SO QRP 20M (T)1,62044367.2 [Cert]
680WA7LNW2011W7SO QRP 20M1,56839320.6 [Cert]
681NF8M2008W8SO QRP 20M1,56036302.8 [Cert]
682KA3EAJ2017W3SO QRP 20M1,51836335.4 [Cert]
683WB2GDD1989W2SO QRP 20M1,5123028  
684PA0TA1985PASO QRP 20M1,5123636  
685OZ9MM1986OZSO QRP 20M1,4964334  
686JA4XHF/31994JA3SO QRP 20M1,4753025  
687VE7EKS1986VE7SO QRP 20M1,4562828  
688OK3TNA1991OKOMSO QRP 20M1,4503129  
689W8EH2007W8SO QRP 20M1,428292822.5  
690JJ7ATA2013JA7SO QRP 20M1,37728274.1 [Cert]
6919A8MM20099ASO QRP 20M1,37633320.8 [Cert]
692JH4XSY/12017JA1SO QRP 20M1,36436319.9 [Cert]
693YL3FW2014YLSO QRP 20M1,33036350.5 [Cert]
694KC0LND2007W0SO QRP 20M1,320343328.4  
695G3CWL/A1986GSO QRP 20M1,3203430  
696JR4VEV2012JA4SO QRP 20M (T)1,29625244.6 [Cert]
697K6VHF2017W6SO QRP 20M1,28831284.0 [Cert]
698Y21OL1983DMSO QRP 20M1,2883528  
699YB1HDR2017YBSO QRP 20M1,28121211.6 [Cert]
700F2AI2009FSO QRP 20M1,26036363.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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