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601LZ1FW1999LZSO LP 80M6,8375553  
602UT7DU2009URSO LP 80M6,54074606.3 [Cert]
603JE1SPY1994JA1SO LP 80M6,5125444  
604US5ELM2012URSO LP 80M6,37050497.1 [Cert]
605K5CAO/62014W6SO LP 80M6,156725712.8 [Cert]
606DK9HE2010DLSO LP 80M6,10461562.9 [Cert]
607RA1AR/32006UA-3SO LP 80M6,01857511.9  
608UA3DCE2010UA-3SO LP 80M5,98058525.6 [Cert]
609JE1SPY1995JA1SO LP 80M5,9226247  
610VE3DUS2010VE3SO LP 80M5,88942395.1 [Cert]
6119A0CW19989ASO LP 80M5,81454519A3SM 
612YO2CJX1994YOSO LP 80M5,6403632  
613LY2BNL2006LYSO LP 80M5,63556498.3  
614JM1NKT2004JA1SO LP 80M5,54444362.9  
615JT1BV2009JTSO LP 80M5,47640374.0 [Cert]
616OK5AA2006OKSO LP 80M5,280514825.9  
617JA1NLX1994JA1SO LP 80M5,0403530  
6189A6M20129ASO LP 80M4,73851460.4 [Cert]
619BG1WNU2017BYSO LP 80M4,64043406.3  
620KI3O/42009W4SO LP 80M4,60658476.7 [Cert]
621JE1SPY1993JASO LP 80M4,5364236  
622IT9IMJ2011IT9SO LP 80M4,45950497.5 [Cert]
623OK5SWL2003OKSO LP 80M4,42950431.5OK2SWD 
624SP3CYY2009SPSO LP 80M4,40051441.8 [Cert]
625W7DRA/02006W0SO LP 80M4,2775547  
626SP9DUX2005SPSO LP 80M4,186484625.2  
627OK5AD2009OKSO LP 80M4,11650421.7 [Cert]
628UA9QFF2005RA9SO LP 80M4,050292725.2  
629W7DRA/72003W7SO LP 80M4,02553358.3  
630K4FT2011W4SO LP 80M3,96048442.4 [Cert]
631BA3AX2009BYSO LP 80M (R)3,91048343.5 [Cert]
632ON6UU2014ONSO LP 80M3,69643424.4 [Cert]
633W4WS1998W4SO LP 80M3,6263837N4VHK 
634SP9EML1997SPSO LP 80M3,6124542  
635SP6TRH2009SPSO LP 80M3,60850444.1 [Cert]
636RV6AAA2016UA-6SO LP 80M3,52643432.5 [Cert]
637JL3MCM2016JA3SO LP 80M (T)3,420443611.5 [Cert]
638WW1M2010W1SO LP 80M (T)3,39541353.1 [Cert]
639K0PK2013W0SO LP 80M (T)3,36256414.2 [Cert]
640K5CAO/62012W6SO LP 80M3,34444388.1 [Cert]
641IK0EIE2009ISO LP 80M (T)3,12040402.3 [Cert]
642UA3DTT2005UA-3SO LP 80M3,06036362.5  
643OK2STM2017OKSO LP 80M (R)3,02444425.2 [Cert]
644OK1DDV/P1997OKSO LP 80M2,8804236  
645YL2PN2004YLSO LP 80M2,850393824.5  
646DO6NIK2013DLSO LP 80M2,84942373.9 [Cert]
647OK1KZ2016OKSO LP 80M2,76540352.6 [Cert]
648KX9DX2003W9SO LP 80M2,680524028.8  
649N5XUS1995W5SO LP 80M2,6324847  
650N9TF2009W9SO LP 80M (T)2,48443363.2 [Cert]
651W7DRA/02010W0SO LP 80M2,44845364.0 [Cert]
652OF5ZA2017OHSO LP 80M (T)2,31234341.3OH1ZAA[Cert]
653SV9/OK2BOB2011SV9SO LP 80M2,17833330.9 [Cert]
654SV1XV2002SVSO LP 80M1,998312727.0  
655VR2EH2009VRSO LP 80M1,94434274.0UA3QJC[Cert]
656LY2SQ2010LYSO LP 80M1,92035323.2 [Cert]
657IT9IMJ2012IT9SO LP 80M1,88834325.9 [Cert]
658UX2HB2012URSO LP 80M (T)1,79830290.6 [Cert]
659G6N2016GSO LP 80M1,76732312.0G0GDU[Cert]
660ZS6MG2004ZSSO LP 80M (T)1,683181724.7  
661UA3DTT2004UA-3SO LP 80M1,638272626.6  
662UA3DCE2015UA-3SO LP 80M1,62429288.1 [Cert]
663YC2MXV2008YBSO LP 80M1,56619184.2 [Cert]
664SQ9AOJ2004SPSO LP 80M1,512332721.8  
665PY1SL1998PYSO LP 80M1,3682018  
666PY6KY2010PYSO LP 80M1,36020204.3 [Cert]
667JF2FIU2016JA2SO LP 80M1,32630261.3 [Cert]
668OM8HG2008OMSO LP 80M1,22226260.8 [Cert]
669OZ1APA1997OZSO LP 80M1,2002424  
670HI0A1994HISO LP 80M1,1521616  
671W4YDD1996W4SO LP 80M1,1502323  
672JR7OEF2017JA7SO LP 80M1,03640283.1 [Cert]
673PR7AR2007PYSO LP 80M1,01413131.3  
674UN2C2017UNSO LP 80M97514130.5UN7CW[Cert]
675DL2MIH2009DLSO LP 80M85822221.4 [Cert]
676YC2MXV2007YBSO LP 80M845131328.1  
677AA9IV2011W9SO LP 80M805242319.1 [Cert]
678PY1KR2014PYSO LP 80M (R)765151518.5 [Cert]
679DL5ANS2007DLSO LP 80M630191824.9  
680JH2KKW2016JA2SO LP 80M61218181.7 [Cert]
681I4JEE2010ISO LP 80M61217170.6 [Cert]
682RV9LM2007RA9SO LP 80M610111024.4  
683JE1TSD2011JA1SO LP 80M60010101.0 [Cert]
684RA6AFB2005UA-6SO LP 80M40813122.5  
685LS7D1999LUSO LP 80M4081917  
686G0MLY2009GSO LP 80M (T)39214141.2 [Cert]
687IH9YMC2015IG9SO LP 80M384880.2 [Cert]
688DH0KKK1994DLSO LP 80M3501514  
689SP1YGL2006SPSO LP 80M32412925.5  
690JA9DOF1997JA9SO LP 80M32088  
691I4JEE2008ISO LP 80M26412120.5 [Cert]
692ZZ7ZZ2015PYSO LP 80M259770.1 [Cert]
693US5ELM2017URSO LP 80M24010100.3 [Cert]
694US5ELM2016URSO LP 80M (T)23010101.5 [Cert]
695YO2AQO2015YOSO LP 80M224881.3 [Cert]
696JA1VVH2004JA1SO LP 80M1968725.7  
697VK4BAA2008VKSO LP 80M1921681.2 [Cert]
698JA1IZZ2003JA1SO LP 80M168661.9  
699JA9DQF1992JA9SO LP 80M15055  
700LU5YF2004LUSO LP 80M147773.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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