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501VE3FRA1979VE3SO HP 20M68,120205130  
502VE3FH2005VE3SO LP ALL67,45616412411.3  
503VE3KZ1979VE3SO HP 80M65,520156104  
504VA3HUN2009VE3SO LP ALL65,43617913315.6 [Cert]
505VE3FJ2013VE3SO LP 15M64,74017515610.3 [Cert]
506VA3HUN2005VE3SO LP ALL63,92815812216.6  
507VE3RCN2011VE3SO LP ALL63,3841691397.2 [Cert]
508VE3TEE1994VE3SO HP ALL63,240163124  
509VE3NBE1986VE3SO HP 15M61,020184135  
510VE3RCN2012VE3SO LP ALL (T)60,2431521296.3 [Cert]
511VE3XD2013VE3SA QRP 15M59,79617415118.4 [Cert]
512VE3MUV1981VE3SO HP 15M59,469152129  
513VE3SMA1997VE3SO QRP 40M59,160141102  
514VE3RCN2010VE3SO LP ALL (T)58,6711691236.6 [Cert]
515VA3HUN2007VE3SO LP ALL57,98417912816.3  
516VE3KZ1980VE3SO QRP 15M57,936171136  
517VE3OJ2003VE3SA LP ALL55,46014211827.7  
518VE3DQN2016VE3SO QRP ALL54,74014711911.6 [Cert]
519VA3HJ2010VE3SO LP ALL54,54017510811.1 [Cert]
520VE3ZTH1995VE3SO LP ALL53,505144123  
521VE3NXQ1987VE3SO HP 20M52,197154137  
522VA3FN2011VE3SO LP ALL51,68415711814.1 [Cert]
523VE3XD2009VE3SO LP 15M51,6491741379.6 [Cert]
524VE3OBU2008VE3SO LP ALL (T)51,4081251085.5 [Cert]
525VE3NYT1991VE3SO HP 20M51,324143141  
526VA3HUN2004VE3SO LP ALL (R)49,742146119  
527VA3HUN2008VE3SO LP ALL49,49117611719.6 [Cert]
528VE3GSI2006VE3SO LP ALL49,32314612328.4  
529VA3EC2008VE3SO LP ALL48,403104973.1 [Cert]
530VE3SMA1996VE3SO QRP 40M48,21611598  
531VA3QN2014VE3SA LP 40M48,20998972.9 [Cert]
532VE3OX2009VE3SO LP ALL (T)48,13315412714.4 [Cert]
533VA3RKM2010VE3SO QRP ALL46,74017211413.4 [Cert]
534VE3KP1990VE3SO QRP ALL46,482163122  
535VE3LBQ2001VE3SO HP ALL46,3981381144.4  
536VA3RKM2006VE3SO QRP ALL46,09017111019.6  
537VE3NBE1984VE3SO HP 20M44,500144125  
538VE3CR2006VE3SO LP 40M43,884101924.6  
539VE3FJ2007VE3SO LP 20M43,5201531285.8  
540VE3BMV1986VE3SO HP 160M43,42814977  
541VE3DZ2011VE3SO LP ALL (T)43,320127951.7 [Cert]
542VE3GWM1981VE3SO HP 15M43,240150115  
543VA3RJ1998VE3SO LP 40M43,24010492  
544VE3ZTH1996VE3SA LP ALL42,896126112  
545K2NV/VE32011VE3SO LP ALL42,4001191003.1 [Cert]
546VE3RCN2003VE3SO LP 15M (T)42,18915412312.6  
547VE6CB/31988VE3SO HP 80M42,08411284  
548VE3RCN2008VE3SO LP ALL41,9761351068.0 [Cert]
549CY3FRA1983VE3SO HP ALL41,22514997  
550VE3HG2001VE3SA LP ALL (T)40,76812711210.4  
551VE3HX1999VE3SO HP 10M40,320134120  
552VE3HEU2014VE3SA LP ALL39,20013611213.3  
553VE3MGY2007VE3SA LP 160M39,1161407715.6  
554VE3XT2016VE3SO QRP ALL38,91315911914.4 [Cert]
555VE3RCN2007VE3SO LP ALL (T)38,592122966.2  
556VE3XT2017VE3SA QRP ALL37,16414811413.3 [Cert]
557VE3FU2009VE3SO HP ALL37,0671241014.3 [Cert]
558VA3IX2001VE3SO LP ALL36,435130105  
559VE3TEE1992VE3SO HP ALL35,700120100  
560KD2HE/VE32012VE3SO LP 15M35,4201231157.1 [Cert]
561VE3HX1991VE3SO HP 10M34,272117112  
562VE3WDM2007VE3SO LP ALL33,81012810518.3  
563VA3HUN2003VE3SO LP ALL (R)33,54112799  
564VE3EOQ1987VE3SO HP 40M33,2009783  
565VE3SMA2011VE3SO QRP ALL32,689110975.3 [Cert]
566VE3ZTH1997VE3SA HP ALL32,49511097  
567XM3CH2009VE3SO LP ALL32,490111959.1VE3CH[Cert]
568VE3MGY2008VE3SO LP 160M30,4591197115.8 [Cert]
569VE3KKU1989VE3SO HP 10M29,99213692  
570VE3IGJ2003VE3SO QRP 20M29,86613110913.3  
571VE3MGY2005VE3SA LP ALL29,8351018511.8  
572VE3EBN2010VE3SO HP ALL29,532110926.0 [Cert]
573VE3CWU2011VE3SA LP ALL29,4321111046.9 [Cert]
574VE3CX2011VE3SO HP 20M28,6761171072.4 [Cert]
575VE3BR1992VE3SO HP ALL28,600110100  
576VA3OB2015VE3SA LP ALL (R)28,0281029111.9 [Cert]
577VA3WNO2017VE3SA LP ALL27,063113938.9  
578VE3GTC2010VE3SO QRP 20M26,8321231049.5 [Cert]
579VA3GUY2010VE3SO LP 20M26,46012810510.5 [Cert]
580VE3EY2009VE3SO LP ALL26,36485782.9 [Cert]
581VA3ATT2011VE3SO LP ALL26,319117933.2 [Cert]
582VE3NYT1990VE3SO HP 40M25,9507575  
583VA3WR2012VE3SO QRP ALL25,94493926.6 [Cert]
584VC3KZ1982VE3SO HP 80M25,90010270VE3KZ 
585VE3VO2007VE3SO HP 20M25,7551191017.2  
586VA3GUY2014VE3SO LP 20M25,608103976.6 [Cert]
587VE3DTI2014VE3SO QRP ALL24,6281089410.6 [Cert]
588VA3IK2016VE3SO LP ALL24,480109966.6 [Cert]
589VE3OOL1985VE3SO QRP ALL24,37611088  
590VE3ISN1994VE3SO LP 20M24,15611599  
591VE3EBN2008VE3SO HP ALL23,940102907.0 [Cert]
592VE3FEA1981VE3SO HP ALL23,82210486  
593VE3VO2009VE3SO QRP ALL23,800119855.1 [Cert]
594VE3LSK1982VE3SO HP ALL23,45811474  
595VE3MFA1985VE3SO HP 160M23,30210061  
596VE3RHJ1994VE3SO QRP ALL23,14210487  
597VE3ZY2015VE3SO LP ALL22,74299834.8 [Cert]
598VE3HG2002VE3SO QRP 15M22,440928810.4  
599VE3INO1985VE3SO HP 160M22,27210558  
600VE3KAO2013VE3SO LP ALL21,760100851.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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