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501JL3MCM2014JA3SA LP 15M (T)27,1921101037.3 [Cert]
502JA3GW2012JA3SO LP ALL26,64312110711.8 [Cert]
503JR3XEX1989JA3SO HP ALL26,57811097  
504JR3NDM2009JA3SO LP ALL26,400132889.4 [Cert]
505JG3EHD1985JA3SO HP 20M26,07710189  
506JG3CQJ1995JA3SO LP ALL25,42010582  
507JA3ARM1981JA3SO HP 20M25,39211792  
508JA3JF1979JA3SO HP ALL25,20011480  
509JG3LDD2013JA3SO LP ALL (T)25,1971281117.9 [Cert]
510JA3CCX1990JA3SO QRP 20M25,08011088  
511JA3NOJ2012JA3SO LP ALL24,92497939.5 [Cert]
512JG3NKP1983JA3SO HP ALL24,73510485  
513JF3PRS2017JA3SA LP ALL24,661979112.0 [Cert]
514JA3RAZ2012JA3SO LP 15M24,64599936.8 [Cert]
515JG3SVP2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)24,0721811026.9 [Cert]
516JR3NDM2003JA3SO LP ALL23,941102898.1  
517JA3DAY2003JA3SO LP ALL (T)23,75199919.0  
518JA3UWB1989JA3SO HP 15M23,36010180  
519JN2AMD/31992JA3SO LP ALL23,296142104  
520JK3GWT2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)23,21793714.8 [Cert]
521JJ3JJL1985JA3SO HP ALL23,06811579  
522JA3DAY2007JA3SO HP 20M (T)23,0301019810.1  
523JA3UWB2012JA3SO LP 40M22,84294816.7 [Cert]
524JN3QNG2015JA3SO HP ALL (T)22,60011410015.3 [Cert]
525JA3EBT2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)22,3721089419.4 [Cert]
526JF3LOP2011JA3SO HP 80M22,2701178512.0 [Cert]
527JO3FUO2005JA3SO LP 20M22,185978730.8JJ1BDX 
528JH3EQP2017JA3SA HP ALL22,161112897.6 [Cert]
529JO3PSJ2013JA3SA LP 20M21,7281079726.9 [Cert]
530JO3AGQ2004JA3SO LP ALL21,321826910.0  
531JH3TXP1987JA3SO QRP ALL21,1649274  
532JR3UIC2004JA3SO HP ALL21,09783735.0  
533JE3CDW2017JA3SO LP ALL21,0601199012.4 [Cert]
534JP3AWA2013JA3SO LP ALL20,832105846.9 [Cert]
535JH3AIU1988JA3SO HP 10M20,4459887  
536JE3UHV2015JA3SO LP 20M20,3301029511.7 [Cert]
537JG3EHD1988JA3SO HP ALL20,3208880  
538JA3PYC2007JA3SO LP 40M20,25264614.3  
539JA3LEB2013JA3SO LP ALL (T)19,9081028411.4 [Cert]
540JG3NKP1988JA3SO HP ALL19,4229378  
541JR3XEX1980JA3SO HP ALL19,05310173  
542JA3EBT2016JA3SO LP ALL (T)18,5641328421.0 [Cert]
543JI3FSI2014JA3SA LP 15M18,50987839.0 [Cert]
544JA3JND2013JA3SO LP ALL18,492112929.8 [Cert]
545JA5UBW/32010JA3SO LP 20M18,3331159711.8 [Cert]
546JR3WXA1986JA3SO HP 15M18,13511493  
547JA9SOT/31986JA3SO QRP ALL17,8208566  
548JL3MCM2013JA3SO LP 10M (T)17,6701079516.7  
549JH3PTC2015JA3SO LP ALL17,400110756.8 [Cert]
550JF3AYR2012JA3SO LP ALL17,34095855.1 [Cert]
551JA3ECR1980JA3SO HP 20M17,2909665  
552JN3DMJ2015JA3SO QRP ALL17,0251117524.5 [Cert]
553JG3EHD1986JA3SO HP 20M16,9208572  
554JL3RDC2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)16,77693726.8 [Cert]
555JO3QVT2017JA3SO LP ALL16,7671268111.3 [Cert]
556JA3EGE2013JA3SO HP 10M16,7321058914.0 [Cert]
557JA3VUI2014JA3SA LP 10M (T)16,632938813.7 [Cert]
558JH3PRR2014JA3SO HP 10M16,57592855.2 [Cert]
559JJ3QJI1985JA3SO HP ALL16,5757665  
560JG3EHD1989JA3SO HP ALL16,0488268  
561JH3DMQ2011JA3SO QRP 15M15,8341069117.2 [Cert]
562JH3BYX2013JA3SO LP ALL15,8001057913.5 [Cert]
563JN3DSH2011JA3SO LP ALL15,762877111.1 [Cert]
564JR3XEX1985JA3SO HP 40M15,4566056  
565JA3JM2007JA3SA LP ALL15,080796529.8  
566JG3SVP2010JA3SO LP ALL (T)14,852142795.6 [Cert]
567JG3MGG2013JA3SO QRP ALL14,840927015.2 [Cert]
568JR3RWB1991JA3SO QRP 10M14,52510083  
569JF3LOP2010JA3SO HP 80M14,32284624.5 [Cert]
570JA3HC2003JA3SO LP 15M14,25080758.1  
571JH3PTC2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)14,07092678.0 [Cert]
572JH3AIU1982JA3SO HP ALL13,9108565  
573JA3AVO1996JA3SO LP 20M13,7527372  
574JA3HBF2009JA3SO LP ALL13,60866633.3 [Cert]
575JA3EGE2014JA3SO LP 10M13,54277746.6 [Cert]
576JK3RHX2016JA3SA HP ALL13,26091786.0 [Cert]
577JA3AVO2004JA3SO LP ALL13,20065604.7  
578JF3IYW/31998JA3SO LP 40M13,1086558  
579JE3ECD2017JA3SO LP ALL12,55886698.8 [Cert]
580JA3HBF2011JA3SO LP ALL (T)12,40875662.3 [Cert]
581JR3WRB1990JA3SO QRP 10M12,3829582  
582JR3NDM2016JA3SO LP ALL12,27667663.6 [Cert]
583JA3UWB2011JA3SO LP 40M12,18075605.5 [Cert]
584JS3CTF2017JA3SA LP ALL12,09660566.8 [Cert]
585JF3GFH2015JA3SA LP ALL (T)11,67958514.8 [Cert]
586JE3TYJ1979JA3SO HP 15M11,5248467  
587JL3MCM2008JA3SO LP 10M (T)11,502847118.6 [Cert]
588JN3DMJ2014JA3SO QRP ALL11,352836621.6 [Cert]
589JL3DQX2016JA3SO LP ALL11,26492648.3 [Cert]
590JP3AYQ2016JA3SO HP 15M11,09697734.2 [Cert]
591JA3LKE2003JA3SO LP 20M (T)10,980666132.1  
592JO3FEU2006JA3SO LP ALL (R)10,716575730.3  
593JQ3EDK2013JA3SO LP ALL10,62061598.5 [Cert]
594JF3VAX2016JA3SO HP 20M10,59566654.5 [Cert]
595JR3RWB2003JA3SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
596JH3CUL2015JA3SO LP 15M10,48870692.8 [Cert]
597JF3LOP2016JA3SA HP 10M10,425907511.2 [Cert]
598JL3MCM2011JA3SO LP 10M (T)10,164937714.7 [Cert]
599JH3FYR1979JA3SO HP 10M10,0649774  
600JG3EHD1987JA3SO HP ALL9,6466353  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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