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501DL7AU2013DLSA HP 20M43,9771481072.7 [Cert]
502R7NK2017UA-6SA HP 20M41,3441531523.0 [Cert]
503OH6TN2017OHSA HP 20M40,5791391195.3 [Cert]
504WS9M/22010W2SA HP 20M39,62116614112.4 [Cert]
505DL4CF2003DLSA HP 20M39,5161631483.3  
506OZ1ADL2014OZSA HP 20M38,50314413911.0 [Cert]
507JR2WLQ2015JA2SA HP 20M38,25215213113.0 [Cert]
508RA0AM2001RA0SA HP 20M38,2321181187.7  
509JR2WLQ2016JA2SA HP 20M37,75214713217.5 [Cert]
5104B1EE2010XESA HP 20M (T)36,9601381207.4XE1EE[Cert]
511UA9UX2017RA9SA HP 20M (T)35,7221291062.9 [Cert]
512DL4YR2017DLSA HP 20M34,8271681412.7 [Cert]
513M4U2011GSA HP 20M (T)34,2001791506.4G0DVJ[Cert]
514TM5J2014FSA HP 20M33,7281311242.9F5TMJ[Cert]
515W7WW2011W7SA HP 20M (T)32,5121441286.8 [Cert]
516LY4XX2007LYSA HP 20M31,51019013726.0  
517KZ5OM/62011W6SA HP 20M31,5061231184.4K6III[Cert]
518UA9AU2016RA9SA HP 20M31,0001081003.8  
519OM3DX2017OMSA HP 20M (T)30,5001481255.1 [Cert]
520CX4SS2017CXSA HP 20M (T)28,8401151036.0 [Cert]
521G4RKO2017GSA HP 20M27,6751541356.0 [Cert]
522N8AGU2013W8SA HP 20M (T)27,451100974.4 [Cert]
523RA0AM2010RA0SA HP 20M27,168121966.4 [Cert]
524UA3RU2017UA-3SA HP 20M (T)27,1561411243.5 [Cert]
525JH1ACA2010JA1SA HP 20M26,48712210918.1 [Cert]
526KZ7X2013W7SA HP 20M (T)26,0701481101.2K6LL[Cert]
527SK2T2014SMSA HP 20M25,4141521311.0SM2LIY[Cert]
528R3YC2017UA-3SA HP 20M25,2521341185.9 [Cert]
529W4ANT2016W4SA HP 20M (T)25,12399979.8 [Cert]
530G0MTN2016GSA HP 20M (T)25,0101441222.8 [Cert]
531W8FAX2017W8SA HP 20M24,206103983.1 [Cert]
532RW4WZ2010UA-4SA HP 20M24,1301361276.3 [Cert]
533K5TRI/72016W7SA HP 20M23,76013311013.0 [Cert]
534JG7AMD2017JA7SA HP 20M22,44896926.7 [Cert]
535K9OSH/01996W0SA HP 20M21,960128122  
536TF4M2007TFSA HP 20M21,6721661262.2  
537HL1/WX8C2013HLSA HP 20M21,1501069411.9 [Cert]
538RA0AM2011RA0SA HP 20M20,91597891.3 [Cert]
539SP2KAC2011SPSA HP 20M20,7401301225.4 [Cert]
540SN2M2008SPSA HP 20M20,7001101156.7SP2XF[Cert]
541NQ5K2017W5SA HP 20M19,2931481093.5W5ASP[Cert]
542RT3D2013UA-3SA HP 20M19,178888612.7 [Cert]
543LZ1QZ2011LZSA HP 20M17,5381141112.7 [Cert]
544KG5VK2017W5SA HP 20M17,20598936.6 [Cert]
545EW1FM2012EUSA HP 20M (T)16,4801131038.4 [Cert]
546K0BX2010W0SA HP 20M16,47880773.8 [Cert]
547G3YJQ2017GSA HP 20M16,0231191099.8 [Cert]
548DL6EZ2009DLSA HP 20M16,01693883.8 [Cert]
549G3RVM2016GSA HP 20M15,93093901.9 [Cert]
550K0BX2009W0SA HP 20M15,54075703.7 [Cert]
551J49XF2011SV9SA HP 20M15,04211710910.4SV0XBN[Cert]
552SP9CVY2009SPSA HP 20M15,030989010.6 [Cert]
553PY2KJ2016PYSA HP 20M (T)14,91677662.7 [Cert]
554DK9TN2017DLSA HP 20M14,4841241022.0 [Cert]
555RA9LT2017RA9SA HP 20M14,23576735.5 [Cert]
556WM9Q2013W9SA HP 20M (T)13,27282793.0 [Cert]
557JJ5GSY2012JA5SA HP 20M (T)13,17673728.9 [Cert]
558YC8UP2017YBSA HP 20M13,03584553.4 [Cert]
559K7EIQ2010W7SA HP 20M (T)13,0201079310.7 [Cert]
560KK9V2017W9SA HP 20M (T)12,516101843.1 [Cert]
561RA3TT2017UA-3SA HP 20M11,65698942.4 [Cert]
562NA2U/72016W7SA HP 20M10,880100803.0 [Cert]
563G0MGM2017GSA HP 20M10,47278772.4 [Cert]
564R7NK2016UA-6SA HP 20M10,00569691.3 [Cert]
565LZ4RR2013LZSA HP 20M9,92087801.1 [Cert]
566VE6AO2010VE6SA HP 20M9,81572652.2VE6TC[Cert]
567EA3CEC2014EASA HP 20M9,70279773.9 [Cert]
568CT3DZ2014CT3SA HP 20M9,54060609.1 [Cert]
569NN6NN2013W6SA HP 20M9,27277762.2W6XK[Cert]
570JH1APK2017JA1SA HP 20M (T)8,96061567.6 [Cert]
571HS1JZT2017HSSA HP 20M7,80960577.9 [Cert]
572KZ5OM/62013W6SA HP 20M7,68060601.9K6III[Cert]
573K4EDI2009W4SA HP 20M7,22456563.7 [Cert]
574BG4WOM2017BYSA HP 20M7,00057565.5 [Cert]
575UN7QF2010UNSA HP 20M6,80059501.8 [Cert]
576DF9ZP2017DLSA HP 20M6,37254543.0 [Cert]
577K2MK/12016W1SA HP 20M6,34549470.8 [Cert]
578LY3I2016LYSA HP 20M6,34453522.3 [Cert]
579K4YYL2017W4SA HP 20M6,25147471.8 [Cert]
580W1EBI2010W1SA HP 20M6,03253520.7 [Cert]
581DJ1AA2017DLSA HP 20M5,86571692.4 [Cert]
582OF6GAZ2017OHSA HP 20M5,79648465.6 [Cert]
583RX4HX2017UA-4SA HP 20M (T)5,78068684.1 [Cert]
584UA0QBR2010RA0SA HP 20M (T)5,50248423.9 [Cert]
585HL5YI2017HLSA HP 20M (T)5,45458543.3 [Cert]
586OM8LA2017OMSA HP 20M5,20069654.5 [Cert]
587W9IIX2017W9SA HP 20M4,758656110.0 [Cert]
588KI7DG2016W7SA HP 20M (T)4,73059554.5 [Cert]
589OH9MM2010OHSA HP 20M (T)4,36666591.2 [Cert]
590RK9DM2012RA9SA HP 20M3,90040394.4 [Cert]
591JA0GCI2017JA0SA HP 20M3,69652488.0 [Cert]
592EA2AZ2009EASA HP 20M3,40850481.2 [Cert]
593UR4L2011URSA HP 20M3,26450481.8 [Cert]
594OM3DX2010OMSA HP 20M3,16252510.8 [Cert]
595N9NA/72013W7SA HP 20M3,08048448.2 [Cert]
596N1OPZ1995W1SA HP 20M2,8443636  
597JF2XGF2015JA2SA HP 20M2,79032312.7 [Cert]
598W9IIX2013W9SA HP 20M2,46046414.8 [Cert]
599AI6Z2017W6SA HP 20M (T)2,16028274.8 [Cert]
600K9OSH1997W9SA HP 20M1,3694237  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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