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401F6IFY1997FSA HP 20M202,909442287  
402DL2VM2016DLSA HP 20M201,01937932916.8 [Cert]
403SP4Z2014SPSA HP 20M200,5683472744.9 [Cert]
404KA5M2015W5SA HP 20M196,11230327210.7 [Cert]
405W6TKF1996W6SA HP 20M196,087415315  
406PA0MIR2017PASA HP 20M (T)194,81040332217.2 [Cert]
407IK8TEO2010ISA HP 20M192,7084423188.4 [Cert]
408OG2N2017OHSA HP 20M190,84841433619.7OH2BN[Cert]
409VY1EI2009VE8SA HP 20M180,92333523921.6 [Cert]
410EA3CKX1997EASA HP 20M178,712408251  
411BD0AAI2016BYSA HP 20M159,89631625334.5 [Cert]
412AA4VV2015W4SA HP 20M159,3842572325.6 [Cert]
413RZ4HC2012UA-4SA HP 20M157,58430826821.2 [Cert]
414W1CU2005W1SA HP 20M (T)157,0842502276.3  
415NC7J2013W7SA HP 20M (T)155,9993562575.2W7CT[Cert]
416DL4YR2016DLSA HP 20M155,1183142515.0  
417BD7LMD2017BYSA HP 20M154,98036725216.8 [Cert]
418OQ4B2009ONSA HP 20M146,74730125712.9ON4BHQ[Cert]
419RM6J2013UA-6SA HP 20M144,2433382799.7 [Cert]
420DJ9AO2017DLSA HP 20M (T)135,7523562398.3 [Cert]
421OH6RE2017OHSA HP 20M134,3984002986.0 [Cert]
422I1NVU2016ISA HP 20M133,38530525914.9 [Cert]
423RA9UN2010RA9SA HP 20M (T)127,0582572027.8 [Cert]
424RU6YJ2012UA-6SA HP 20M125,93029925714.3 [Cert]
425N3GJ2008W3SA HP 20M124,8182392139.7 [Cert]
426N2NS2017W6SA HP 20M124,1102442107.4 [Cert]
427IZ5NFD2012ISA HP 20M (T)123,19228323610.0 [Cert]
428R7HF2012UA-6SA HP 20M121,7562862449.6 [Cert]
429JH1ACA2017JA1SA HP 20M121,40825922427.4 [Cert]
430OH6RE2011OHSA HP 20M120,09628127811.2 [Cert]
431SM5D2017SMSA HP 20M (T)119,6002952609.8SM5DJZ[Cert]
432GK3MPD2016GSA HP 20M118,27229726422.1G3PLE[Cert]
433RZ4HC2011UA-4SA HP 20M113,53529226121.1 [Cert]
434YW4V2011YVSA HP 20M108,60020318115.8YV4DYJ[Cert]
435UT5ECZ2014URSA HP 20M106,3402662605.3 [Cert]
436R1DX2017UA-1SA HP 20M106,1822431534.9 [Cert]
437S58MU1996S5SA HP 20M104,424305229  
438TA3X2017TASA HP 20M104,1462111735.8 [Cert]
439DK1QH2010DLSA HP 20M103,33530924917.7 [Cert]
440RN0C2017RA0SA HP 20M103,31428920111.7 [Cert]
441OM7PY2014OMSA HP 20M100,08324021910.2 [Cert]
442RT8O2011RA9SA HP 20M94,7342281714.7 [Cert]
443K4LQ2015W4SA HP 20M90,4041951945.1  
444S51U2003S5SA HP 20M89,8702611906.7  
445UD0W2016RA0SA HP 20M (T)89,50018517925.5 [Cert]
446RM5P2014UA-3SA HP 20M (T)86,9402422109.3  
447UR5VR2009URSA HP 20M86,0002372159.8 [Cert]
448EA1CS2016EASA HP 20M85,6322482238.3  
449RW4WZ2012UA-4SA HP 20M (T)84,46022720611.0 [Cert]
450OO0A2008ONSA HP 20M82,00528523113.4 [Cert]
451RV1CC2015UA-1SA HP 20M79,2002071804.4 [Cert]
452JA9XBW1996JA9SA HP 20M77,588187163  
453LZ2015KM2015LZSA HP 20M77,1062772132.2  
454KC0EI1995W0SA HP 20M75,348226207  
455DK0DL2011DLSA HP 20M75,2132561835.9DH8VV[Cert]
456KB8NTY1996W8SA HP 20M74,907244203  
457F5NBX2012FSA HP 20M74,8242401883.7 [Cert]
458WR2G2010W2SA HP 20M74,6481851728.6 [Cert]
459JF2IWL2012JA2SA HP 20M74,59220914810.9 [Cert]
460UA9AU2014RA9SA HP 20M73,8721761443.0  
461DJ3CQ2017DLSA HP 20M73,7772392096.8 [Cert]
462LZ4AE2017LZSA HP 20M73,3362462064.7 [Cert]
463YU7KM2017YUSA HP 20M72,36522820521.6 [Cert]
464G6OKU2014GSA HP 20M72,16223921111.7 [Cert]
465LA0CX2017LASA HP 20M71,0702602063.8 [Cert]
466JN3IWQ2017JA3SA HP 20M (T)70,92821817615.6 [Cert]
467YE3AA2014YBSA HP 20M70,15216514812.1N1IP[Cert]
468JH8GEU2015JA8SA HP 20M69,55217816814.0 [Cert]
469RM1M2015UA-1SA HP 20M69,3442101763.3RO1B[Cert]
470N2NS/62013W6SA HP 20M68,0341961749.7 [Cert]
471RA4W2017UA-4SA HP 20M (T)66,8502051918.9 [Cert]
472DK4WW2011DLSA HP 20M66,0662001828.5 [Cert]
473YO8WW2016YOSA HP 20M63,6841971836.4 [Cert]
474EI2JD2011EISA HP 20M62,98819018116.1 [Cert]
475DK1QH2009DLSA HP 20M62,3202151906.6 [Cert]
476JH8GEU2016JA8SA HP 20M60,26418716215.2 [Cert]
477OM3CW2017OMSA HP 20M59,1572271894.0 [Cert]
478XE1EE2013XESA HP 20M (T)58,4461551536.3 [Cert]
479RW3XM2011UA-3SA HP 20M58,0932501935.4 [Cert]
480WA3AAN2007W3SA HP 20M (T)57,8761841597.0  
481K6III2013W6SA HP 20M55,5391621538.7 [Cert]
482RA0AM2017RA0SA HP 20M55,4761631382.7 [Cert]
483LB3RE2016LASA HP 20M (T)54,2802231842.6 [Cert]
484G4RKO2016GSA HP 20M (T)53,9122141847.9 [Cert]
485OG1D2013OHSA HP 20M53,2842061732.6OH1JD 
486JH1ACA2011JA1SA HP 20M50,89515914527.6 [Cert]
487JA9FAI2013JA9SA HP 20M (T)50,7651561437.4 [Cert]
488R7AT2016UA-6SA HP 20M50,5522051785.7 [Cert]
489AF4RK2015W4SA HP 20M50,51616414613.3 [Cert]
490VK7CW2017VKSA HP 20M (T)50,2181491198.2 [Cert]
491K0BX2014W0SA HP 20M50,1481351265.3 [Cert]
492VE6BBP2017VE6SA HP 20M49,2701881305.7 [Cert]
493NH2DX2017KH2SA HP 20M (T)47,6331531093.3KG6DX[Cert]
494WA2TIF1996W2SA HP 20M46,872146126  
495K0BX2011W0SA HP 20M46,7201321287.0 [Cert]
496RK9DM2011RA9SA HP 20M46,69814012918.4 [Cert]
497JR9GMS2010JA9SA HP 20M (T)45,93615213214.7 [Cert]
498JH5MXB2017JA5SA HP 20M45,40813613213.0 [Cert]
499N2YBB2011W2SA HP 20M45,2161611449.3 [Cert]
500UR2VA2017URSA HP 20M44,7561791676.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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