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301WB8JBM1981W8SO HP 15M440,020625298WD8IJP 
302WT8P1999W8SO HP ALL (T)436,680550360  
303WA8Y2016W8SA HP ALL (T)435,60252435331.4  
304WB8JUI2009W8SO LP 40M435,01547231519.1 [Cert]
305N4ZR/81998W8SO HP ALL434,016449288  
306N4ZR/82004W8SO HP ALL430,4754933359.2  
307K8GT2015W8SA LP ALL428,89244234721.4 [Cert]
308N8AA2010W8SO HP ALL422,8075373239.4 [Cert]
309W8GOC2005W8SO LP ALL420,67250831322.7  
310K8MEG2009W8SO LP ALL420,66047834222.2 [Cert]
311K8MP2012W8SO HP ALL419,5804823157.0 [Cert]
312W8PN2001W8SO HP ALL418,60054632221.9  
313W8PN2006W8SO HP ALL (T)417,37555831523.5  
314K8JQ2008W8SO HP ALL413,27576330526.2 [Cert]
315WB8TLI2003W8SO LP ALL (T)412,44650631821.0  
316KU8E1983W8SO HP ALL410,831611311  
317WA8WV2009W8SO QRP ALL408,64054332023.6 [Cert]
318K3JT2017W8SO HP ALL408,28061534614.7 [Cert]
319K3JT/81998W8SO HP ALL407,225518325  
320NR8I2006W8SO LP ALL405,30055130030.8  
321N8BC1988W8SO HP ALL405,262489286  
322WA8RCN2012W8SO HP ALL405,08346434316.1 [Cert]
323W8IQ2009W8SO LP ALL (T)402,20340140119.1 [Cert]
324WB8JUI2013W8SO LP ALL398,31052033020.8 [Cert]
325N8VV2009W8SO LP ALL398,25052435418.2 [Cert]
326N8II2011W8SO LP 20M398,18449737612.3 [Cert]
327K8BL2013W8SA LP ALL (T)396,60339739716.1 [Cert]
328W8MET2015W8SO LP ALL392,73045231819.5 [Cert]
329K8FL2009W8SO HP ALL392,46439930421.3 [Cert]
330K8MEG2014W8SA LP ALL392,36046034018.6 [Cert]
331WA8WV2005W8SO QRP ALL390,72047129619.7  
332NA8V2011W8SO LP 40M386,55947030917.9 [Cert]
333K8MEG2013W8SA LP ALL385,65853032622.5 [Cert]
334NC8C2013W8SO HP ALL (T)383,0404663209.6K8MR[Cert]
335NG9T/82009W8SO LP 20M382,66051138015.6K8IR[Cert]
336KV8Q2004W8SO LP 20M382,13052337135.3  
337AA8IA2011W8SA LP ALL (T)380,16362130118.9 [Cert]
338K8OQL2002W8SA HP ALL379,73151031123.9  
339WN8R2015W8SO HP ALL378,67248032217.2 [Cert]
340G4AAQ/KR81981W8MULTI-ONE HP378,144660288G4AAQ N8BJQ 
341W8VSK1989W8SO QRP 20M376,648478356  
342WX3M/81994W8MULTI-ONE HP375,585545343WX3M WX3L N8RHV K8CC 
343NS8O2009W8SO HP ALL (T)375,41052034620.2 [Cert]
344W8VSK1986W8SO QRP ALL372,157486313  
345K8AJS2013W8SA LP ALL370,98449031622.5 [Cert]
346N8FU1993W8SO LP ALL369,738565334  
347K8MP2011W8SO HP ALL368,59255133612.3 [Cert]
348K3WA/82006W8SO HP ALL368,4244413068.2  
349KE8M1999W8SO HP 15M365,190460282  
350W8OHT2009W8SO HP ALL362,89455232223.4 [Cert]
351KT8K2014W8SO QRP ALL362,67248630429.0  
352K8GL2002W8SO LP ALL362,14145631319.8  
353NC8C2012W8SO HP ALL (T)361,7844453285.9K8MR[Cert]
354N8AA1997W8SO HP ALL (T)358,800400300  
355WB8TLI2008W8SO LP ALL (T)358,80045531221.8 [Cert]
356W8GXT2009W8SO HP ALL358,15553931526.1 [Cert]
357KT8K2009W8SO QRP ALL357,55751133728.2 [Cert]
358WD8ALG1980W8SO HP ALL355,880683248  
359WA8WV1998W8SO LP 40M354,548456302  
360WB8PHI1989W8SO HP ALL352,224519288  
361W8OHT2008W8SA HP ALL (T)350,60257531724.1 [Cert]
362W8PN2005W8SO HP ALL350,42850829318.7  
363KD8V1981W8SO HP ALL349,936578273  
364K8GT2012W8SA LP ALL342,91241130423.2 [Cert]
365N8TN1981W8SO HP ALL341,088548264  
366K8CV1988W8SO HP ALL339,552464262  
367WN8PEE1992W8SO HP ALL336,540495316WA8ZDT 
368NE8P2011W8SO HP 15M (T)335,73855134922.2 [Cert]
369W8VE2004W8SO QRP ALL334,45846730628.6  
370NF8R1993W8SO HP 20M333,270481345  
371K8MEG2015W8SA HP ALL331,86739730717.2 [Cert]
372K8DD2002W8SO LP ALL330,61644528615.2  
373K8AJS2015W8SA HP ALL328,23040731511.4 [Cert]
374N8BC1985W8SO HP ALL326,522419281  
375W8IQ2016W8SO LP 20M (T)326,31045536520.0 [Cert]
376K8BTU2013W8SO LP ALL (T)323,73056932725.6 [Cert]
377WB8TLI2013W8SO LP ALL (T)322,36841129215.9 [Cert]
378W8DN1999W8SO QRP ALL321,480438282  
379WI8A2008W8SO HP ALL317,81447129415.0 [Cert]
380W8TM2015W8SO LP ALL314,39837823811.7 [Cert]
381WT8P1997W8SO LP ALL (T)310,365405285  
382W8UPH1996W8SO LP ALL309,964423314  
383KC8C1981W8SO HP ALL309,420460270  
384K8EP1999W8SO LP ALL (T)309,132393277  
385KE8G2017W8SO LP ALL308,84448127610.0 [Cert]
386W9KB/82011W8SA HP ALL306,14452428831.1 [Cert]
387W8UPH1988W8SO HP ALL305,244453278  
388W8IQ2013W8SO LP 20M304,32846434922.7 [Cert]
389KW8J1983W8SO HP 20M304,180542268  
390N8BJQ1989W8SO QRP ALL303,659452283  
391N9AUG/82010W8SO LP ALL298,18649326618.7 [Cert]
392WA8DXB1985W8SO HP 40M297,264329264  
393W8GOC2009W8SO LP ALL (T)295,80042529020.5 [Cert]
394N8BC1986W8SO HP ALL294,816424296  
395K8IR2001W8SO LP ALL (T)294,22439928412.3  
396K8MP2013W8SO HP ALL292,0204453109.0 [Cert]
397N9AUG/82011W8SO LP ALL291,87044328214.9 [Cert]
398K8EE2008W8SO LP ALL290,90452327616.6 [Cert]
399W8GOC2008W8SO LP ALL (T)290,29641927719.7 [Cert]
400KK8U2009W8SO LP ALL (T)289,87047228710.4K8MM[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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