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301K2MK2010W2SA HP ALL862,28476739724.1 [Cert]
302N2NC2009W2SO HP 20M860,7008284758.0@N2RM[Cert]
303N2MM1981W2SO HP 20M859,320917372  
304W2EG2014W2SO LP 40M856,05062539018.0 [Cert]
305AB2E2014W2SA HP ALL (T)842,96067241012.8 [Cert]
306W2EG2010W2SO LP 40M841,75959137921.7 [Cert]
307N2WK2017W2SA HP ALL840,38568245520.7 [Cert]
308N2AZS1988W2SO HP ALL840,322824386  
309WK2G1997W2SO LP ALL (T)835,992791408  
310W2EG2011W2SO LP 40M831,43262940423.9 [Cert]
311NA2U2009W2SO HP 20M830,24885347217.8K2TTT[Cert]
312K2UF2010W2SO LP ALL830,07077540128.2 [Cert]
313K2UF2005W2SO LP ALL828,63672939822.5  
314W2GN2014W2SA HP ALL827,23577546526.7 [Cert]
315W2LK2007W2SA HP ALL820,84766840117.1  
316K2LE2006W2SO HP ALL (T)816,44267940714.6  
317AB2E1993W2SO HP ALL816,124776373  
318W2LE2005W2SA HP ALL (T)811,10469240819.7  
319N2ED2012W2SO HP ALL796,74075242011.8 [Cert]
320K3EL/22009W2SA HP ALL785,40064542032.5 [Cert]
321KI2P1987W2SO HP 20M782,273912419  
322W2TZ2001W2SO LP ALL781,83069836536.0  
323KW2J1996W2SO HP ALL777,777823429  
324NJ2L1987W2SO HP 20M772,952909424  
325K2UF2009W2SO LP ALL767,53368739127.0 [Cert]
326KR2Q1997W2SO QRP ALL766,206640378  
327W2AW2017W2SO LP 20M764,79675248922.9N2GM[Cert]
328NF2RS2015W2SO LP ALL (T)757,55268245220.9K2ZR[Cert]
329NR2H1990W2SO HP ALL755,298776394  
330K2MK2009W2SO HP ALL753,92068738018.5 [Cert]
331K2UF2003W2SO LP ALL753,30076240526.0  
332N2GM2006W2SO LP 20M744,14468844420.4  
333W2GD1992W2SO QRP ALL741,802670421  
334NX2X2010W2SO HP ALL (T)738,81578638525.2 [Cert]
335AA2U1992W2SO QRP ALL732,018668406  
336N2UN2012W2SA HP 15M730,35659848426.6 [Cert]
337W2LE2012W2SA HP ALL (T)728,30159743913.0 [Cert]
338KW2J1988W2SO HP ALL727,089791363  
339K2QMF1995W2SO HP ALL721,614591381  
340K2NV2017W2SO HP ALL720,7957074358.9 [Cert]
341N2GC2000W2SO HP ALL (T)720,295667355  
342KZ2S1984W2SO HP 40M716,870644343  
343K2SX2003W2SO HP ALL (T)715,38478840116.1  
344N2WLG1997W2SO HP ALL709,020598390  
345W2YC2004W2SA HP ALL (T)707,64463139820.2  
346W2GD1991W2SO QRP ALL701,055629405  
347W2LE2011W2SA HP ALL (T)700,33562239522.5 [Cert]
348KA2AEV1983W2SO HP ALL698,950831350  
349KA2MGE2002W2SO HP ALL (T)692,43770340926.0  
350AB2E2001W2SA LP ALL (T)691,79565137722.9  
351AB2E1997W2SA HP ALL690,426593363  
352K2CYE2012W2SA HP ALL (T)690,00054340012.6 [Cert]
353NA3D/22016W2SO HP 15M689,83273846826.3 [Cert]
354K2TTM2014W2SO LP ALL (T)687,46657538615.1 [Cert]
355AE2T1999W2SO LP ALL686,880685405  
356KE2D2015W2SO LP ALL (T)681,72061138018.0 [Cert]
357N2UU2015W2SO LP ALL (T)679,96064938214.4 [Cert]
358K2QMF2008W2SA HP ALL678,14460638415.2 [Cert]
359WB2Q1990W2SO HP 15M675,906805462  
360WQ2N2015W2SA HP ALL675,68057541011.6 [Cert]
361N2ED2013W2SO HP ALL671,92270841414.8 [Cert]
362WS9M/22016W2SO HP ALL666,90571841516.6 [Cert]
363KW2J1995W2SO HP ALL656,460834426  
364N1CC/21997W2SO HP ALL655,603630377  
365AB2E2002W2SA LP ALL (T)641,12467639627.1  
366NT2Y2006W2SO LP 20M633,95571141316.5  
367NR2H1992W2SO HP 40M631,414590379  
368WA2EYA2001W2SO LP ALL627,94664637422.1  
369N2UU2016W2SO LP ALL (T)627,62465337919.8 [Cert]
370KA2AEV1989W2SO QRP ALL625,504697352  
371WF2B2010W2SA HP ALL623,55869337715.9K2ONP[Cert]
372N2AA1994W2SO HP 20M622,654708433  
373W2HCA1999W2SO HP ALL621,918621349  
374WN2O2010W2SO HP ALL (T)618,37263535611.8N2GC [Cert]
375K5NA/21985W2SO HP ALL617,638521314  
376K2FU2010W2SO HP ALL616,83466235820.1 [Cert]
377WS9M/22009W2SO HP ALL615,11854837135.9 [Cert]
378AA2U1994W2SO QRP ALL613,470607390  
379KR2AA2011W2SO HP 20M608,84474045231.9 [Cert]
380N2ED1998W2SO LP ALL (T)601,500612375  
381W2HG1988W2MULTI-ONE HP601,092660354W2HG + packet 
382W2ZU1999W2SO HP ALL (T)599,760600360  
383W2OO2003W2SO HP ALL592,23360133924.1  
384W2LE2006W2SA HP ALL (T)591,13661137715.5  
385W2YC1997W2SO HP ALL589,248539372  
386N2LSK1996W2SO LP ALL (T)587,904643384  
387WK2G1998W2SO LP ALL584,610704390  
388WA2MCR2012W2SO LP ALL582,93060138120.5 [Cert]
389K2MK2008W2SO HP ALL582,75059833323.6 [Cert]
390W2LE2009W2SO HP ALL (T)580,95759537718.7 [Cert]
391W2LE2014W2SA HP ALL (T)574,45952039712.8 [Cert]
392W2TZ2004W2SO LP ALL570,02461937817.7  
393N2ED1997W2SO LP ALL (T)561,005545365  
395WF2B2011W2SA HP ALL557,23255137612.3K2ONP[Cert]
396K1TN/22010W2SO LP ALL (T)556,83060834517.5 [Cert]
397N2UU2013W2SO LP ALL (T)553,37860932919.5 [Cert]
398N1CC/21996W2SA HP ALL552,520600380  
399KQ2O1982W2MULTI-ONE HP552,448747332KQ2O K2BK 
400K2SX2005W2SO HP ALL (T)541,8565453289.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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