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301JO3PSJ2017JA3SA LP 20M116,09526221730.7 [Cert]
302JA3UWB1998JA3SO LP ALL115,920260184  
303JF3KCH2017JA3SO HP ALL115,16640217820.4 [Cert]
304JK3GWT2002JA3SA HP ALL115,1342451867.3  
305JA3HC2000JA3SO LP 15M (T)114,723227189  
306JA3HTT1982JA3SO HP ALL114,015283165  
307JA3ARM1989JA3SO HP ALL113,774266163  
308JA3AVO2006JA3SO LP ALL113,35522916516.0  
309JA3DAY2015JA3SO HP 20M (T)113,09821819320.4 [Cert]
310JN3SAC1995JA3SO HP ALL113,022246189  
311JH3WKE2015JA3SO LP ALL (T)112,13224319414.9 [Cert]
312JE3MCC1979JA3SO HP 40M111,280216130  
313JA3MIB2016JA3SO LP ALL (T)111,07829819819.0 [Cert]
314JR3XEX1979JA3SO HP ALL110,572310154  
315JE3UHV2017JA3SO LP ALL110,52623816917.6 [Cert]
316JF3IYW2017JA3SO LP 20M110,46028921011.0 [Cert]
317JA3DAY2016JA3SO HP 20M (T)108,94123119725.0 [Cert]
318JF3BFS2010JA3SO LP 15M108,49829021422.8 [Cert]
319JF3PNQ2016JA3SA HP 40M108,09314813710.8 [Cert]
320JA3IKG2011JA3SO LP 15M105,28825221415.3 [Cert]
321JF3IYW2010JA3SO LP 20M104,72129820121.6 [Cert]
322JA3HBF2013JA3SO LP ALL (T)104,5802451807.5 [Cert]
323JE3EDJ2017JA3SO LP ALL102,67623119314.9 [Cert]
324JH3PRR2016JA3SO HP 40M102,5291601516.4 [Cert]
325JA3DAY2012JA3SO HP 20M (T)102,48620818620.2 [Cert]
326JA3DAY2014JA3SO HP 20M (T)101,72221018124.1 [Cert]
327JH3JYS1986JA3SO HP ALL101,640260165  
328JA3HBF2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)101,5492121638.2 [Cert]
329JA3PYC2010JA3SA LP ALL100,67821714213.1 [Cert]
330JO3PSJ2015JA3SO LP 20M100,36021019334.6 [Cert]
331JR3XEX1981JA3SO HP ALL100,215258153  
332JR3NZC2010JA3SO HP ALL99,54821616411.6 [Cert]
333JA3AVO2010JA3SO HP ALL98,59624115717.6 [Cert]
334JN3TSY2014JA3SO LP ALL (T)98,02221518617.7 [Cert]
335JG1EIQ/32013JA3SA HP ALL (T)97,9832131717.8 [Cert]
3367J3AOZ2013JA3SA HP ALL (T)97,90029117816.3 [Cert]
337JA3ARM1986JA3SO HP 20M97,328250176  
338JR3XEX2004JA3SO HP ALL96,21624115218.1  
339JA3DAY2005JA3SO HP 20M96,12019818020.5  
340JG3SVP2015JA3SO LP 15M96,0682211887.9 [Cert]
341JH3JYS1983JA3SO HP ALL95,916255148  
342JA3HBF2016JA3SO HP ALL95,7652111797.9 [Cert]
343JK3NSD2014JA3SA HP ALL (T)95,35219317411.3 [Cert]
344JF3BFS2009JA3SO LP 15M95,34829519715.9 [Cert]
345JH3BYX2012JA3SO LP ALL95,12823118823.6 [Cert]
346JH3JYS1987JA3SO HP ALL93,942235153  
347JR3XEX1995JA3SO HP ALL93,408220168  
348JA3QOS2012JA3SO HP ALL92,53820415924.0 [Cert]
349JA3JND2017JA3SO LP ALL92,50225016218.3 [Cert]
350JR3BOT1987JA3SO HP 15M89,775267175  
351JE3ZFS1984JA3SO HP 15M89,324239163JI3JGJ 
352JR3RWB2001JA3SO QRP 10M88,50021417725.0  
353JA3ARM1990JA3SO HP ALL87,828220156  
354JG3NKP1989JA3SO HP ALL86,424200156  
355JR3RWB2010JA3SO QRP 20M85,54023918827.8 [Cert]
356JA3IKG2009JA3SO LP ALL84,4091891519.6 [Cert]
357JL3OXR1997JA3SO LP 20M83,028202148  
358JA3GN2014JA3SA QRP ALL82,65619216415.9 [Cert]
359JR3RWB1989JA3SO HP 10M82,521219159  
360JH3PTC2008JA3SO LP ALL81,39623713315.3 [Cert]
361JO3PSJ2016JA3SA LP 20M80,88920017730.3 [Cert]
362JR3XEX1996JA3SO HP 20M80,828200167  
363JA3ARM1985JA3SO HP 20M80,359215163  
364JR3XEX2001JA3SO HP ALL80,186200163  
365JH3PTC2007JA3SO LP ALL80,13726712724.1  
366JA3YQD1981JA3MULTI-ONE HP79,344247116JE2HOI JE3EPK JF3PLF JR3... 
367JL3RDC2016JA3SA HP ALL (T)78,48922015317.9 [Cert]
368JA3ARM1988JA3SO HP ALL77,562215139  
369JR3NDM2014JA3SO LP ALL77,4251951639.3 [Cert]
370JA3JND2015JA3SO LP ALL76,96018616016.1 [Cert]
371JA3DAY2010JA3SO HP 20M (T)76,46619517324.9 [Cert]
372JF3SAD2011JA3SA LP ALL (T)75,40521916519.0 [Cert]
373JA3AVO2008JA3SO HP ALL75,26819712416.0 [Cert]
374JR3NDM2000JA3SO LP ALL75,152202154  
375JL3MCM2010JA3SO LP 40M (T)74,80315412722.6 [Cert]
376JG3GQA1980JA3SO HP ALL74,786247122  
377JE3UHV1995JA3SO LP ALL74,060209140  
378JA3DAY2006JA3SO HP 20M (T)73,31217615821.6  
3798N3U/32011JA3SO LP ALL72,99634915418.1JA3XOG[Cert]
380JG3CQJ2011JA3SO LP ALL72,85021015510.0 [Cert]
381JE3CXJ2015JA3SO LP ALL72,00021715017.7  
382JA5UBW/32009JA3SO LP 20M71,79520317320.3 [Cert]
383JA3DAY2017JA3SO HP 20M (T)71,16218616118.8 [Cert]
384JN3IWQ2017JA3SA HP 20M (T)70,92821817615.6 [Cert]
385JH3JYS1984JA3SO HP ALL70,560203140  
386JH3CCT1998JA3SO LP 15M70,400211176  
387JR3RWB1988JA3SO HP 10M70,350202175  
388JA3AVO2011JA3SO HP ALL69,21220614310.3 [Cert]
389JG3FEA2008JA3SA LP ALL68,96118112727.6 [Cert]
390JS3CGH2014JA3SO LP ALL68,3701761598.5 [Cert]
391JG3SVP2011JA3SA LP ALL (T)68,20024215510.7 [Cert]
392JH3BYX2014JA3SO LP ALL68,10119115115.1 [Cert]
393JR3RWB2011JA3SO QRP 20M67,89420416629.2 [Cert]
394JF3IYW2016JA3SO LP 20M67,60021416910.3 [Cert]
395JH3PTC2016JA3SO LP ALL67,36523913513.4 [Cert]
396JF3PLF2013JA3SA LP ALL (T)66,6541701384.3 [Cert]
397JG3CQJ2009JA3SO LP ALL66,60019315014.4 [Cert]
398JG3FEA2010JA3SA LP ALL66,44520713723.4 [Cert]
399JH3EQP2015JA3SA HP ALL66,36019315812.4 [Cert]
400JF3LOP2017JA3SA LP 40M65,4721371249.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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