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301IK8UND2017ISO HP ALL (T)2,278,8001,73867531.1 [Cert]
302LY5W1998LYSO HP ALL (T)2,270,8981,730603LY1DR 
3039A4WY20109ASO HP ALL (T)2,268,4481,80365636.0 [Cert]
304N6CW2002W6SO HP ALL (T)2,259,9651,48963530.3  
305UA3ABJ2001UA-3SO HP ALL (T)2,250,5521,50363236.0  
306N3UM2006W3SO HP ALL (T)2,250,1441,29360127.3  
307OY1CT2004OYSO HP ALL (T)2,249,4962,47862834.7  
308N1WR/32011W3SO HP ALL (T)2,245,4461,37863932.6 [Cert]
309JA7DLE2003JA7SO HP ALL (T)2,227,4071,33559735.2  
310DL2MEH1996DLSO HP ALL (T)2,215,4001,728583  
311RA3UT2006UA-3SO HP ALL (T)2,208,5981,66872236.0  
312DF0BV2013DLSO HP ALL (T)2,201,5901,38668532.8DL1MAJ[Cert]
313LY2OX1998LYSO HP ALL (T)2,198,0101,651615  
314UX1UA1999URSO HP ALL (T)2,196,2121,579619  
315SW8WW2014SVSO HP ALL (T)2,194,7311,65469336.0 [Cert]
316KQ7M/02003W0SO HP ALL (T)2,191,2661,81665134.5N2WW 
317LY2MM2008LYSO HP ALL (T)2,189,1801,91666535.5 [Cert]
318ND5S/82000W8SO HP ALL (T)2,188,9141,389633  
319K4BAI2004W4SO HP ALL (T)2,188,0951,50763734.7  
320SM3C2015SMSO HP ALL (T)2,186,4701,45371534.3SM5CCT[Cert]
321S54K2008S5SO HP ALL (T)2,186,4261,77363835.7S51NZ[Cert]
322DL7ANR2006DLSO HP ALL (T)2,183,4361,53062128.0  
323K4PV2006W4SO HP ALL (T)2,176,0201,76262835.2  
324K4BAI2000W4SO HP ALL (T)2,164,4281,523588  
325LY2MM2011LYSO HP ALL (T)2,137,2781,76468935.9 [Cert]
326UA3AGW2000UA-3SO HP ALL (T)2,134,0341,565626  
327DK9IP1998DLSO HP ALL (T)2,132,2841,542602  
328NM5O2009W5SO HP ALL (T)2,128,7801,60565227.0N5NU[Cert]
329EA4NP2003EASO HP ALL (T)2,127,2371,56260935.6  
330RD4WA2006UA-4SO HP ALL (T)2,126,5561,66768436.0  
331LY5W1996LYSO HP ALL (T)2,120,5681,737593  
332RW3GU2004UA-3SO HP ALL (T)2,117,6461,77963935.9  
333G0MTN2004GSO HP ALL (T)2,104,3952,07258736.0  
334DL9FBS1997DLSO HP ALL (T)2,100,5531,438533  
335KF6T2008W6SO HP ALL (T)2,097,1861,89059835.9 [Cert]
336S58WW2000S5SO HP ALL (T)2,092,5121,718614  
337LY2MM2012LYSO HP ALL (T)2,084,1661,42571434.3 [Cert]
338N1WR/32009W3SO HP ALL (T)2,081,3401,24862032.3 [Cert]
339F5KEQ2012FSO HP ALL (T)2,067,5251,46167527.7F5MYK[Cert]
340BA4MY2016BYSO HP ALL (T)2,066,8401,42065233.0 [Cert]
341JA1YNE1998JA1SO HP ALL (T)2,056,8641,413544JP1OGL 
342UW8SM2010URSO HP ALL (T)2,054,7181,73063333.2 [Cert]
343OV3X2012OZSO HP ALL (T)2,046,7651,36270733.7OZ8AE[Cert]
344EV1R2007EUSO HP ALL (T)2,034,5761,80463936.0EU1PA 
345OE5CWL/62008OESO HP ALL (T)2,032,1071,85062735.4 [Cert]
346J48HW2010SVSO HP ALL (T)2,030,7202,00960836.0HA0HW [Cert]
347IN3QBR2005ISO HP ALL (T)2,029,2011,58560733.1  
348N2ED1999W2SO HP ALL (T)2,021,4181,338549  
349AA7V2015W7SO HP ALL (T)2,012,1001,38170626.7 [Cert]
350N6CW2003W6SO HP ALL (T)2,010,2801,37758032.4  
351VA2WDQ2006VE2SO HP ALL (T)2,006,6901,20454533.0  
352NA4K2011W4SO HP ALL (T)2,004,6951,53363533.7 [Cert]
353N3UM2009W3SO HP ALL (T)2,004,0801,20361129.3 [Cert]
354N6CW2004W6SO HP ALL (T)2,001,1441,38559735.5  
355UA6LJ2000UA-6SO HP ALL (T)1,999,1881,725642  
356N3UM2002W3SO HP ALL (T)1,995,8401,29857626.1  
357KZ5D2005W5SO HP ALL (T)1,994,8461,56062334.3  
358G0MTN2011GSO HP ALL (T)1,988,5801,77666035.9 [Cert]
359VA3QP2006VE3SO HP ALL (T)1,987,2541,25852231.5  
360G3XTT2008GSO HP ALL (T)1,986,1601,53861034.5 [Cert]
361DL5YM2004DLSO HP ALL (T)1,985,8621,51660632.4  
362LY2MM2013LYSO HP ALL (T)1,980,7041,51766235.5 [Cert]
363SP5WA2007SPSO HP ALL (T)1,979,2951,63463535.5  
364ES5MC1997ESSO HP ALL (T)1,976,1271,571579  
365KZ5D2003W5SO HP ALL (T)1,972,5001,64662532.7  
366W1MO/42003W4SO HP ALL (T)1,956,6361,49859429.4  
367N2GC2003W2SO HP ALL (T)1,952,1901,27954525.9  
368N2CU2001W2SO HP ALL (T)1,951,6701,29456922.4  
369S57M2007S5SO HP ALL (T)1,950,2081,50058636.0  
370KY0W/62009W6SO HP ALL (T)1,949,9701,49662728.5K6SRZ[Cert]
371F/G4BJM2013FSO HP ALL (T)1,945,0751,52164327.5G4BJM 
372RU3UR2009UA-3SO HP ALL (T)1,944,7831,49766926.2 [Cert]
373OK1EP2004OKSO HP ALL (T)1,944,3201,61162032.6  
374K2SX1999W2SO HP ALL (T)1,942,4641,310536  
375HA3LI2001HASO HP ALL (T)1,936,7071,47359136.0  
376OE2LCM2012OESO HP ALL (T)1,935,6901,34867820.8 [Cert]
377VA2WDQ2007VE2SO HP ALL (T)1,934,2001,20150935.9  
378KH6NF2004KH6SO HP ALL (T)1,932,7361,24940436.0  
379UP4L2006UNSO HP ALL (T)1,925,5321,21856717.5UN7LZ 
380NW6S/42000W4SO HP ALL (T)1,924,7731,277587  
381KQ8M2012W8SO HP ALL (T)1,921,3951,19860918.2 [Cert]
382OY1CT2005OYSO HP ALL (T)1,920,5481,92260734.0  
383N3UM2004W3SO HP ALL (T)1,917,2721,23258430.8  
384DF0FS2001DLSO HP ALL (T)1,916,8381,54959436.0DL1EKC 
385W6TK2014W6SO HP ALL (T)1,914,5671,20461924.2 [Cert]
386AA5B2007W5SO HP ALL (T)1,914,2041,67259333.2 @K5HAB 
387LA8OM2010LASO HP ALL (T)1,911,8401,78356935.9 [Cert]
388EU5C2016EUSO HP ALL (T)1,904,3961,40868925.9EW1I[Cert]
389AF6O2014W6SO HP ALL (T)1,900,2391,31864724.9 [Cert]
390K4PV2005W4SO HP ALL (T)1,895,4651,48560534.7  
391N4ZR/81996W8SO HP ALL (T)1,890,8001,229580  
392DL3YBM2003DLSO HP ALL (T)1,889,9251,53956535.8  
393HA1TNX2009HASO HP ALL (T)1,878,6001,35960036.0 [Cert]
394N3CZ/42009W4SO HP ALL (T)1,878,6001,29760629.5 [Cert]
395KF6T2009W6SO HP ALL (T)1,875,3571,39362721.1 [Cert]
396S55A2000S5SO HP ALL (T)1,871,2531,630589  
397NO4S2005W4SO HP ALL (T)1,867,2341,27256627.9K9OM 
398PF7M2009PASO HP ALL (T)1,862,2801,56363030.2 [Cert]
399EX2X2006EXSO HP ALL (T)1,860,4601,27954826.1  
400WQ5L2015W5SO HP ALL (T)1,859,8481,17760725.9 [Cert]

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