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301JA1BPA2012JA1SA LP 20M (T)97,42720518713.6 [Cert]
302SV2BFL2008SVSA LP 20M97,35631924413.6 [Cert]
303PW5A2017PYSA LP 20M97,1802021727.2 [Cert]
304PD7RB2015PASA LP 20M96,90024322814.5 [Cert]
305WB2AA2010W2SA LP 20M96,55525020514.1 [Cert]
306EA1WX2017EASA LP 20M95,3702742555.6 [Cert]
307LI3LJA2014LASA LP 20M95,36129423917.0LA3LJA[Cert]
308BD4UJ2017BYSA LP 20M94,95430119714.2 [Cert]
309RA3ID2013UA-3SA LP 20M94,52728724317.2 [Cert]
310K6GHA2016W6SA LP 20M (T)93,93324721317.4 [Cert]
311RG3B2017UA-3SA LP 20M93,79026022618.4 [Cert]
312CF2CZ2017VE2SA LP 20M93,42024618014.4VA2CZ[Cert]
313JE1XCZ1997JA1SA LP 20M92,752228176  
314DK3WW2011DLSA LP 20M91,9382502318.1 [Cert]
315UA1ZLN2014UA-1SA LP 20M91,53727323913.1 [Cert]
316SP2UKB2009SPSA LP 20M91,4002452009.6 [Cert]
317R4FA2016UA-4SA LP 20M90,63628224923.0 [Cert]
318EW7DK2017EUSA LP 20M90,0902382107.4  
319GM0LIR2017GMSA LP 20M89,41127524112.4 [Cert]
320UA3TEO2007UA-3SA LP 20M88,34428521628.3  
321OM7YC2011OMSA LP 20M87,91223822211.2 [Cert]
322IT9IZY2011IT9SA LP 20M (T)87,18524923517.0 [Cert]
323PD7RB2016PASA LP 20M85,8061931898.5 [Cert]
324K2RK/32016W3SA LP 20M (T)85,43418817410.4 [Cert]
3255W1SA20175WSA LP 20M (T)83,88422313420.9 [Cert]
326IK8SEU2015ISA LP 20M83,33225625120.5 [Cert]
327YB1AR2015YBSA LP 20M81,16217616719.9 [Cert]
328JO3PSJ2016JA3SA LP 20M80,88920017730.3 [Cert]
329SP6AB2017SPSA LP 20M (T)77,41123119911.7 [Cert]
330PA2F2008PASA LP 20M (T)76,93525522319.8 [Cert]
331RX4W2012UA-4SA LP 20M76,9232572313.1 [Cert]
332SP1C2015SPSA LP 20M74,4962151947.2 [Cert]
333EI2KC2013EISA LP 20M73,7452572159.1 [Cert]
334RX3DBG2013UA-3SA LP 20M73,35923520913.4 [Cert]
335YT1V2008YUSA LP 20M73,27826820710.5YT2AAA[Cert]
336IK8TEO2016ISA LP 20M72,5232572094.0 [Cert]
337NW3H2014W3SA LP 20M72,3841851748.3 [Cert]
338DL5AOJ2017DLSA LP 20M72,2072502138.6 [Cert]
339WR2G2017W2SA LP 20M70,5251841757.6 [Cert]
340KL2R2010KLSA LP 20M69,3121971526.9 [Cert]
341NP4G2011KP4SA LP 20M68,0802161488.1 [Cert]
342OK1FGD2017OKSA LP 20M62,74822518914.6 [Cert]
343SP5TAT2014SPSA LP 20M61,9521911769.4 [Cert]
344HA3OV2009HASA LP 20M61,8542071833.9 [Cert]
345N8HP2011W8SA LP 20M (T)60,69019517010.2 [Cert]
346JH2OMM2016JA2SA LP 20M60,64816815214.3 [Cert]
347JF6RIM2016JA6SA LP 20M60,26118415914.2 [Cert]
348RM5W2017UA-3SA LP 20M60,2251811656.5 [Cert]
349W5GZ2008W5SA LP 20M60,22521316520.2 [Cert]
350DM3F2013DLSA LP 20M (T)59,5031791577.4DH5FS[Cert]
351G4RQI2009GSA LP 20M59,40019318010.7 [Cert]
352OM7YC2013OMSA LP 20M59,24920017910.0 [Cert]
353OQ4B2013ONSA LP 20M (T)59,24820818411.5ON4BHQ[Cert]
354IT9CHU2013IT9SA LP 20M58,9042121999.0 [Cert]
355EW4C2017EUSA LP 20M58,82821519111.7 [Cert]
356YO2LCP2016YOSA LP 20M57,75019417512.1 [Cert]
357DF7XH2017DLSA LP 20M57,6721941789.4 [Cert]
358JE1LPZ2014JA1SA LP 20M57,16815614414.8 [Cert]
359UT1IM2015URSA LP 20M (T)54,9361741684.0 [Cert]
360W5GZ2007W5SA LP 20M54,89121117127.2  
361RL3T2013UA-3SA LP 20M53,5502271753.4 [Cert]
362GQ6OKU2012GSA LP 20M52,96219918212.7G6OKU[Cert]
363G4WGE2016GSA LP 20M52,26620818611.5 [Cert]
364RZ9CJ2011RA9SA LP 20M51,2911421395.5 [Cert]
365YO5OAG2010YOSA LP 20M50,73019717812.5 [Cert]
366YO5OAG2007YOSA LP 20M50,34319917322.8  
367RX3DBG2010UA-3SA LP 20M50,2252151758.0 [Cert]
368JE1LPZ2017JA1SA LP 20M49,80016815022.3 [Cert]
369IK8TEO2017ISA LP 20M48,9502441783.7 [Cert]
370UR5FCM2016URSA LP 20M48,83021419011.8 [Cert]
371AG6V2011W6SA LP 20M (R)48,21620716427.1 [Cert]
372UR7QM2009URSA LP 20M47,2611961676.1 [Cert]
373PR7AF2013PYSA LP 20M45,6251261256.8 [Cert]
374PY2VM2015PYSA LP 20M (T)45,3841321249.5 [Cert]
375RA3YZ2011UA-3SA LP 20M45,0661871748.1 [Cert]
376RA4HPI2011UA-4SA LP 20M43,56616615916.3 [Cert]
377K7FA2010W7SA LP 20M (T)43,49223316618.5 [Cert]
378UA1ZLN2013UA-1SA LP 20M43,47220417613.8 [Cert]
379LU5FF2017LUSA LP 20M (T)40,3561251143.7 [Cert]
380JO3PSJ2014JA3SA LP 20M40,17613612429.8 [Cert]
381VE2HLS2016VE2SA LP 20M39,2701261199.6  
382LY4G2012LYSA LP 20M37,9901461313.5 [Cert]
383OL9R2013OKSA LP 20M (T)37,6741441263.4OK6RA[Cert]
384OK/LZ3SF2014OKSA LP 20M37,5361491368.6 [Cert]
385ED7C2017EASA LP 20M37,4401771607.1EA7KJ[Cert]
386W8EH2012W8SA LP 20M (T)36,7711251195.2 [Cert]
387SP6EIY2008SPSA LP 20M36,5561631487.4 [Cert]
388RA0AM2009RA0SA LP 20M35,9381231195.2 [Cert]
389UA0W2012RA0SA LP 20M (T)35,8401181123.9 [Cert]
390PY4LH2017PYSA LP 20M (T)34,91712510311.2 [Cert]
391LY2LF2009LYSA LP 20M34,8271771415.1 [Cert]
392RC4R2016UA-4SA LP 20M (T)34,3621451389.6 [Cert]
393JH3LFL/12011JA1SA LP 20M34,1171401096.6 [Cert]
394YB0ANJ2017YBSA LP 20M33,96611510222.34F3JX[Cert]
395XE2B2014XESA LP 20M33,51612011412.7 [Cert]
396BD7IAL2017BYSA LP 20M33,14717912716.8 [Cert]
397N1QD2013W1SA LP 20M32,8181391227.8 [Cert]
398HL1VAU2017HLSA LP 20M32,7501281256.5 [Cert]
399NI5L/72010W7SA LP 20M (T)31,6241781345.3 [Cert]
400DL5GAC2016DLSA LP 20M (T)31,6021541385.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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