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3801VK6MABVKSO LP ALL (R)31911112.2 [Cert]
3802JH1CFVJA1SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 [Cert]
3803KB1ZBUW1SO QRP ALL (R)30814142.6 [Cert]
3804IZ2JNNISO LP 20M30017152.5 [Cert]
3805DN7DXDLSA LP 15M28812120.3 [Cert]
3806II7UISO QRP 15M28613131.6 [Cert]
3807NX2PXW2SA QRP ALL28010101.3 [Cert]
3808JI1UDDJA1SO LP ALL27313130.8 [Cert]
3809IW2NRIISO QRP ALL (T)27313130.5 [Cert]
3810LU7DWLUSO HP 40M266771.3 [Cert]
3811JP2MRDJA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 [Cert]
3812VE3DTIVE3SO QRP ALL25010103.3 [Cert]
3813UU2JQURSA HP ALL2481081.0 [Cert]
3814OM8CMOMSO LP 15M24713134.3 [Cert]
3815BG4HYKBYSO LP ALL (T)24713131.2 [Cert]
3816DL5JRADLSO LP ALL24211110.4 [Cert]
3817JE1ILPJA1SO QRP ALL24211113.6 [Cert]
3818F4FDAFSA LP ALL24011102.6 [Cert]
3819JQ1VDJ/1JA1SO LP 15M24010100.9 [Cert]
3820RU3VVUA-3SO LP 10M (T)2341091.4 [Cert]
3821JO3RCKJA3SO LP 10M (T)23111117.3 [Cert]
3822JJ0ACAJA0SO LP 15M23111110.8 [Cert]
3823N5ZCW5SO HP ALL22010101.5 [Cert]
3824JA0NFPJA0SO LP 10M22010102.3 [Cert]
3825PY2KPPYSO HP ALL216881.0 [Cert]
3826UX3ITURSO LP ALL216661.1 [Cert]
3827W7DRAW7SO HP 160M21010102.8 [Cert]
3828JR0BULJA0SA QRP 15M20911112.1 [Cert]
3829JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M20816132.9 [Cert]
3830JG7UVOJA7SO QRP 20M207992.6 [Cert]
3831IZ1MHYISO QRP 40M20010100.4 [Cert]
3832K1QW/5W5SO LP ALL192881.1 [Cert]
3833K4JAZW4SO LP ALL18928276.6 [Cert]
3834JO7GVCJA7SO LP 10M18213130.8 [Cert]
3835VK1FOC/6VKSA QRP ALL (T)18010100.5VK2IA[Cert]
3836K2JFW2SO LP ALL180990.5 [Cert]
3837WB6HVHW6SO QRP ALL (T)176982.3 [Cert]
3838EU1OIDEUSO LP ALL17010101.7 [Cert]
3839EA1BYAEASO QRP 20M16812120.7  
3840DL1SVADLSA LP ALL15411111.2 [Cert]
3841PV8DXPYSA QRP 10M153990.6 [Cert]
3842CE6VMOCESO LP 20M152883.5 [Cert]
3843JE8KGH/7JA7SO LP ALL (T)144990.6 [Cert]
3844W1SGC/4W4SO QRP ALL (T)144991.5 [Cert]
3845DJ9KHDLSO LP 10M1351191.5 [Cert]
3846YV5ENYVSA LP ALL133770.4 [Cert]
3847UA4FTAUA-4SO LP ALL128880.6 [Cert]
3848IT9ATQIT9SO LP ALL12111110.6 [Cert]
3849VK6WXVKSA LP 20M120882.4 [Cert]
3850CT2JBDCTSO HP ALL120881.2  
3851IZ4AKOISO LP 80M120880.9 [Cert]
3852JI3FSIJA3SO LP 15M119770.9 [Cert]
3853UA3DCEUA-3SO LP 80M108999.0 [Cert]
3854JA2HBKJA2SO QRP 10M105771.2 [Cert]
3855MX0IRNGSO HP ALL104880.1 [Cert]
3856LA9OSALASO LP ALL (R)104882.1 [Cert]
3857KA1KUW1SO LP ALL102761.6 [Cert]
3858W7KHZW7SO LP ALL (T)102661.2 [Cert]
3859RW0BGRA0SO HP 15M10010100.3 [Cert]
3860DV1UBYDUSO LP ALL (T)100551.0  
3861IO7KISA QRP 40M98770.4 [Cert]
3862UT2IYURSO HP 10M96660.2 [Cert]
3863UA0ZCRA0SA LP ALL90660.5 [Cert]
3864SM6MISSMSO LP 40M9010102.7 [Cert]
3865KS0AAW0SA LP ALL84661.0  
3866K3TW/4W4SO QRP 160M81991.3 [Cert]
3867DG4MKGDLSO LP ALL77770.7 [Cert]
3868JA2KCY/1JA1SO LP ALL77770.2 [Cert]
3869K9FHW9SO LP 40M75550.4 [Cert]
3870BH4SQE/5BYSO LP 15M72990.8 [Cert]
3871JG2QUMJA2SO LP 15M66662.1 [Cert]
3872K0TNTW0SA LP ALL65550.2 [Cert]
3873JE2FJIJA2SO LP 20M65556.2 [Cert]
3874BG5OABYSA LP ALL64883.4 [Cert]
3875OK2NAOKSA QRP 10M64880.2 [Cert]
3876KC7YEW7SO LP ALL631191.8 [Cert]
3877N4PUW4SO LP ALL56771.3N4EWT[Cert]
3878JL1KLKJA1SO LP ALL55550.7 [Cert]
3879JK1TCVJA1SO QRP 10M55550.7 [Cert]
3880VU2ABSVUSA LP 40M (T)54330.6 [Cert]
3881W2CCCW2SO LP 160M54330.5K2CS[Cert]
3882RM4RUA-4SO HP 20M48660.1 [Cert]
3883PA3DTRPASO LP 10M (T)48440.7 [Cert]
3884JL1IBLJA1SO LP ALL48440.6 [Cert]
3885VK2IA/6VKSA LP 10M (T)40440.1 [Cert]
3886PY7OOPYSA LP 15M40440.3 [Cert]
3887YT1CIYUSA QRP 10M40652.2 [Cert]
3888K2HT/0W0SO LP 10M36440.3 [Cert]
3889JA2NGNJA2SO LP 15M35550.2 [Cert]
3890N9KY/4W4SA QRP ALL (T)32440.2 [Cert]
3891JO1JKHJA1SO LP 20M (T)25550.2 [Cert]
3892NC6QW6SO LP ALL25550.6 [Cert]
3893AE6SFW6SO LP ALL24440.3 [Cert]
3894NQ0IW0SO HP ALL21330.3 [Cert]
3895HK6PHKSO LP 15M21330.2 [Cert]
3896JA1YNEJA1SO LP 15M21330.2 [Cert]
3897N4HAW4SO LP ALL21330.6 [Cert]
3898JG3EHDJA3SO QRP 15M21330.8 [Cert]
3899AD0ABW0SO HP ALL (T)16441.9  
3900JR2AAN/2JA2SO LP 15M16440.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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