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3601LZ66PLZSO HP ALL37814140.3LZ1ZF[Cert]
3602UT2ABURSO QRP 10M (T)36015158.8 [Cert]
3603EX8BNEXSO QRP ALL36012122.5 [Cert]
3604EA5URVEASO LP 20M35721214.7EA5HFW[Cert]
3605JA1DDZJA1SO LP ALL35211110.7 [Cert]
3606KU7YW7SO QRP 40M (T)35216161.5 [Cert]
3607OZ6OMOZSA LP 10M34219193.9 [Cert]
3608RA3TUTUA-3SO LP ALL33615143.4 [Cert]
3609PY7YNPYSO LP 15M (R)32517134.3 [Cert]
3610WX4RMW4SO QRP ALL32513131.9 [Cert]
3611VE3AJVE3SA LP 20M32412120.7 [Cert]
3612JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M32219145.1 [Cert]
3613UY7ISURSO LP 20M31911112.5 [Cert]
3614WB2AIVW2SO LP 40M31912111.3 [Cert]
3615JG1WKMJA1SO LP 15M31515151.8 [Cert]
3616JF7VVLJA7SO LP 40M30013120.6 [Cert]
3617KD5JW5SO LP 10M29011100.9 [Cert]
3618YD3SWVYBSO LP 40M288881.8 [Cert]
3619UA0ZCRA0SO LP ALL28612111.0 [Cert]
3620PR7TWPYSO LP 15M28010101.7 [Cert]
3621DL2SHRDLSO QRP 15M28021203.4 [Cert]
3622JQ1KRTJA1SO LP 10M25213122.4 [Cert]
3623US5IIMURSO LP ALL25012105.7 [Cert]
3624VK7NETVKSO LP ALL25010102.8 [Cert]
3625W1/CT1AGFW1SO LP 20M24016151.2 [Cert]
3626JA1FRQJA1SO LP ALL24010101.3 [Cert]
3627TF3DCTFSO LP ALL24010101.2 [Cert]
3628KB9YGDW9SO LP ALL21014141.9 [Cert]
3629YU1AOTYUSA HP ALL20813130.6 [Cert]
3630JI7OED/7JA7SA LP 20M20010101.2 [Cert]
3631S56DXS5SO LP ALL20011100.2 [Cert]
3632JR2PAUJA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 [Cert]
3633SP8LXESPSO LP 15M19216162.5 [Cert]
3634JG1SWVJA1SO LP 20M (R)189992.1 [Cert]
3635N8SBEW8SO LP 20M176980.8 [Cert]
3636DL2MDUDLSO LP ALL16813120.7 [Cert]
3637JK6JABJA6SO QRP 15M16512112.2 [Cert]
3638PY1NSCPYSO LP 10M15412112.8 [Cert]
3639AJ9CW9SO LP 20M15411110.5 [Cert]
3640BA6QRBYSO QRP 10M15411111.5 [Cert]
3641BA4CWBYSO LP 20M153991.5 [Cert]
3642JA3NOJJA3SO LP ALL150761.4 [Cert]
3643IZ1GQIISO QRP 10M14413122.1 [Cert]
3644JH1NXUJA1SO LP 20M14011100.7 [Cert]
3645RV9CXRA9SO LP 20M133770.9 [Cert]
3646W7DRA/0W0SO LP 160M12112113.4 [Cert]
3647DK4EFDLSO LP ALL12111111.6 [Cert]
3648TF3SGTFSO LP ALL108993.5 [Cert]
3649JI1LAIJA1SO LP 15M105770.9 [Cert]
3650YU1BNYUSO LP 20M10010100.7 [Cert]
3651LA9FFALASO LP ALL99990.7 [Cert]
3652VE6DJTVE6SO LP 20M98770.6 [Cert]
3653DV1UBYDUSO QRP 40M96441.5 [Cert]
3654JL3OXR/1JA1SO QRP 10M91771.6 [Cert]
3655PY9BDAPYSO HP ALL84962.8 [Cert]
3656JJ1PTIJA1SO LP 15M (T)84772.1 [Cert]
3657JR1UMOJA1SO LP ALL84661.4 [Cert]
3658OH4KAOHSA LP 20M (T)8010101.3 [Cert]
3659JA0VTKJA0SO LP ALL75550.2 [Cert]
3660UA0OARA0SO LP 10M72981.1 [Cert]
3661E74TVE7SO QRP 40M72660.1 [Cert]
3662YO8BFCYOSO LP 10M70771.0 [Cert]
3663JE3EVIJA3SO LP 80M70870.5 [Cert]
3664LU6QILUSA HP ALL65551.2 [Cert]
3665JA1IZZJA1SO LP 20M65550.3 [Cert]
3666N7KQW7SO HP 160M641081.7 [Cert]
3667VK6DXIVKSA LP 80M (T)60440.2 [Cert]
3668AC0EW0SO HP ALL50550.6 [Cert]
3669BD3RTBYSO LP 20M49770.4 [Cert]
3670NV5MW5SO LP 15M48661.3 [Cert]
3671AD7JXW7SO LP ALL48660.7 [Cert]
3672JA1GFDJA1SO LP ALL48660.3 [Cert]
36737L2OHMJA1SA LP 10M45550.3 [Cert]
3674JN1BBOJA1SO LP 15M45550.7 [Cert]
36759M2/JI3QGQ9M2SO LP 15M (T)40441.9 [Cert]
3676IK0YUTISO LP 10M35550.2 [Cert]
3677RU9WZRA9SO LP 15M35550.9 [Cert]
3678N4SRW4SO LP ALL32440.7 [Cert]
3679DL8WJMDLSO QRP 40M32440.3 [Cert]
3680YO4CSLYOSA HP 40M30330.2 [Cert]
3681JO1LDY/1JA1SO LP 10M30650.4 [Cert]
3682DL1RIODLSO LP ALL (R)28440.5 [Cert]
3683UU1JOURSO HP 20M27330.1 [Cert]
3684E20YLMHSSO LP 80M (T)2733 [Cert]
3685VE3HGVE3SO QRP 40M2733 [Cert]
3686OH5TSOHSA HP 20M24440.1 [Cert]
3687K2JFW2SO LP ALL24330.3 [Cert]
3688LZ2FMLZSO LP 10M18431.0 [Cert]
3689G7TATGSO LP ALL (T)18330.5 [Cert]
3690R9RARA9SO QRP 15M16440.2 [Cert]
3691UP2FUNSA LP 15M (T)15330.2UN8FM[Cert]
3692KP4JRSKP4SO HP 10M (T)1222 [Cert]
3693SP9MDYSPSO LP ALL (T)12220.8 [Cert]
3694JA4CBXJA4SO LP 15M9330.9 [Cert]
3695IZ1MHYISO LP 10M8220.1 [Cert]
3696UU9CWURSO HP 80M6110.2 [Cert]
3697BA4QOBYSO LP 15M6220.2 [Cert]
3698JJ8GFLJA8SO LP ALL6220.1 [Cert]
3699KO9AW9SA LP 10M422 [Cert]
3700YY4ALKYVSO HP 15M (T)4220.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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