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3501DL3FFDLSO LP 160M1,30027250.6 [Cert]
3502N6AJRW6SA HP ALL (T)1,27428262.1 [Cert]
3503NQ4KW4SO LP 40M1,25817170.9 [Cert]
3504E73MJE7SO LP ALL1,24227276.3 [Cert]
3505JA1QGTJA1SA HP 10M1,23031304.9 [Cert]
3506VA3RJVE3SO QRP 20M1,17324232.0 [Cert]
3507SP1RKTSPSA LP 15M1,16128271.2 [Cert]
3508SP6ZCSPSO LP ALL1,16021202.7 [Cert]
3509KB7STW7SO QRP ALL (T)1,15538338.9 [Cert]
3510YU8PSBYUSO LP ALL1,15224240.9 [Cert]
3511BD3BDBYSA HP 40M1,14422223.3 [Cert]
3512G0WHOGSO LP ALL1,12723231.0 [Cert]
3513UA4CCUA-4SO HP 10M1,12223222.1 [Cert]
3514WA2BMHW2SO LP ALL1,12020200.9 [Cert]
3515JJ0MPIJA0SA HP 15M1,100282514.8 [Cert]
3516UN8LWFUNSO HP 20M1,08319191.3UN9LAB[Cert]
3517W8KNOW8SO LP ALL1,05823231.1 [Cert]
35189A2XW9ASO LP 40M1,05026252.0 [Cert]
3519PA0WYSPASO LP ALL1,04026263.4 [Cert]
3520PY1WWPYSO QRP 10M1,01223233.2 [Cert]
3521US2MTURSO LP ALL1,00827212.3 [Cert]
3522EA3CECEASA HP 10M1,00026251.6 [Cert]
3523CE6VMOCESO LP 20M1,00020204.9 [Cert]
3524OY/PA2AMOYSO LP ALL98827263.8 [Cert]
3525BG6CQZBYSA LP ALL98427245.1 [Cert]
3526UX3IOURSA HP ALL96920192.9 [Cert]
3527IZ3NVRISO QRP 40M (T)96621211.1 [Cert]
3528IK2AUKISO LP ALL96227263.5 [Cert]
3529K7AMSW7SO LP 20M96025241.9 [Cert]
3530BV4VQBVSO LP ALL95736296.4 [Cert]
3531EW6FXEUSO LP ALL95732293.8 [Cert]
3532EG3VFEEASO LP 20M94528271.7 [Cert]
3533PY3GADPYSO LP 40M93620184.9 [Cert]
3534UA7GUA-6SO QRP 20M92525250.5 [Cert]
3535JL1MWIJA1SO LP ALL92435333.7 [Cert]
3536WA7SHPW7SO LP ALL90119172.5 [Cert]
3537NC6QW6SO LP ALL88826244.1 [Cert]
3538K6HTNW6SO LP ALL88428265.3 [Cert]
3539PY1CMTPYSO LP 10M88218182.2 [Cert]
3540SA5ACNSMSA LP ALL86829284.9 [Cert]
3541GM4UYZGMSA LP ALL86432322.9 [Cert]
3542RA0ANORA0SA LP ALL86419182.6 [Cert]
3543JH8SEG/1JA1SO LP 15M86429245.8 [Cert]
3544DL8CADLSO HP 15M85519190.8 [Cert]
3545N6BHXW6SO LP 20M85028253.3 [Cert]
3546VA6MMVE6SA LP 20M84024244.2 [Cert]
3547SP9DEMSPSO LP ALL84020200.6 [Cert]
3548S59EIJS5SA LP ALL82824230.4 [Cert]
3549W6IHG/4W4SA LP ALL81617171.8 [Cert]
3550YU1IZYUSO QRP 20M81232292.2 [Cert]
3551OZ4RTOZSO LP 40M81015151.0 [Cert]
3552AA9IVW9SO LP 80M805242319.1 [Cert]
3553N6DOW6SO LP 20M (T)80025254.8 [Cert]
3554HB0Y/DO2XXHB0SO LP 15M79226241.7 [Cert]
3555JL7FBV/1JA1SO LP 15M77721212.5 [Cert]
3556SN9KSPSO LP ALL (T)77721210.8SP9MDY[Cert]
35579A/OZ8A9ASO QRP ALL77724213.9 [Cert]
3558SP4AAZSPSO LP 20M77024221.6 [Cert]
3559JM2LHBJA2SO LP 20M75620185.0 [Cert]
3560YO3GLHYOSO QRP ALL75624213.5 [Cert]
3561HL1/WX8CHLSA HP 20M74826223.1 [Cert]
3562JE2SOYJA2SO LP 10M74825224.6 [Cert]
3563OH2BNOHSA HP 20M72525250.9 [Cert]
3564UU4JQEURSO LP ALL71421214.0 [Cert]
3565AI4SVW4SO QRP 20M71325235.9 [Cert]
3566PU5UAIPYSO QRP ALL (R)70417164.8 [Cert]
3567PY1KMPYSO LP 10M69325215.3 [Cert]
3568SQ8LSCSPSO LP ALL69321212.7 [Cert]
3569RZ3AULUA-3SO LP ALL68418180.6 [Cert]
3570ZL2GQZLSA LP 80M (R)68211112.1 [Cert]
3571S53DIJS5SO LP ALL67221210.7 [Cert]
3572DL2SWNDLSA LP 15M66519192.0 [Cert]
3573JI1DSUJA1SO LP ALL66024222.5 [Cert]
3574RA3BQ/3UA-3SO LP ALL66020202.5 [Cert]
35759A4AA9ASO QRP 10M66022201.3 [Cert]
3576JA2HBKJA2SO QRP 10M66022224.9 [Cert]
3577JL1LNCJA1SO HP ALL (T)65123211.5 [Cert]
3578XV4Y3WSO LP 10M (T)65124210.8 [Cert]
3579SP9RQHSPSO QRP ALL65122210.5 [Cert]
3580M0CEFGSO QRP 10M (T)64825241.2 [Cert]
3581IZ8JFLISO QRP 20M63823221.4 [Cert]
3582JE1TSDJA1SO LP 80M60010101.0 [Cert]
3583SQ9IAUSPSA HP 15M58919192.0 [Cert]
3584R3DAUUA-3SO LP ALL (T)56112110.9 [Cert]
3585JK1SDQJA1SO LP ALL55818181.3 [Cert]
3586KB4FBW4SA HP 20M (T)52717171.2 [Cert]
3587DL7VRGDLSO LP ALL51319191.5 [Cert]
3588JK3AHSJA3SO QRP 40M51323193.2 [Cert]
3589N4FYW4SO LP ALL (T)47614141.5 [Cert]
3590RN6DRUA-6SO LP ALL46516154.2 [Cert]
3591UT4VVURSO LP ALL45513131.4 [Cert]
3592DL3DRNDLSO LP ALL44220171.8 [Cert]
3593DK4USDLSA LP ALL43519153.4 [Cert]
3594RA1TVUA-1SO HP 20M40812120.3 [Cert]
3595JF2FIUJA2SO LP 40M40616140.5 [Cert]
3596JG3RPLJA3SO LP 10M (T)40017168.6 [Cert]
3597UR4IXMURMULTI-ONE HP39612120.3US6IPD[Cert]
3598JF9MJUJA9SO HP 20M39612123.5 [Cert]
3599UN3ZUNSO LP 10M (T)384161617.5 [Cert]
3600UA4PAQUA-4SO LP ALL38412120.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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