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3401JN1BBOJA1SO LP 15M70319194.3 [Cert]
3402SP6BXMSPSO QRP 20M69625247.3 [Cert]
3403UV1GURSA LP 40M69015150.2 [Cert]
3404RW0AARA0SO LP 20M68017171.1 [Cert]
3405JE8CLTJA8SO LP 10M67226240.8 [Cert]
3406LW4DYILUSO QRP 15M67216162.2 [Cert]
3407VE5AEVE5SO QRP 20M66725237.6 [Cert]
3408DO3MEDLSO LP 15M63823224.9 [Cert]
3409JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M63827224.1 [Cert]
3410IT9IMJIT9SO HP 10M (T)62426244.1 [Cert]
3411W4WNTW4SO LP ALL62020201.9 [Cert]
3412UZ4LURSO HP ALL60819162.2 [Cert]
3413KI6FENW6SO LP ALL (R)60816164.1 [Cert]
3414JK3AHSJA3SO QRP 20M60824196.4 [Cert]
3415UA3MSSUA-3SO HP 10M59520172.7 [Cert]
3416AE5KMW5SO LP ALL (R)59420183.8 [Cert]
3417DD5FZDLSO LP ALL58020202.6 [Cert]
3418DF5BMDLSO LP 10M57524231.3 [Cert]
3419YY5EBVYVSO LP 40M (R)55011110.6 [Cert]
3420SM7RPUSMSO QRP 20M52923232.6 [Cert]
3421JA1HGYJA1SO HP ALL52010101.6 [Cert]
3422NO2D/0W0SO QRP ALL50022202.5 [Cert]
3423SP1RKTSPSA HP 15M48619181.3 [Cert]
3424G4AIUGSA HP 10M48321213.1 [Cert]
3425SP1GZFSPSO HP 10M48019161.0 [Cert]
3426RW3VZUA-3SO LP 10M (T)48020201.2 [Cert]
3427N7FGW7SO LP 20M (T)47617173.0 [Cert]
3428PW1WPYSO LP 20M47614141.9PY1WW[Cert]
3429IZ2CSXISO LP ALL47520194.1 [Cert]
3430DF5SFDLSO QRP 10M46222212.3 [Cert]
3431E77ARE7SO LP 10M46023202.4 [Cert]
3432YC2EUZYBSO LP ALL4591091.2 [Cert]
3433UA3LQQUA-3SO LP 20M42021203.8 [Cert]
3434RV0ALRA0SO LP ALL42013120.6 [Cert]
3435UN0CUNSO LP 20M41614131.7 [Cert]
3436PA0FEIPASO LP ALL41615132.3 [Cert]
3437ON5JDONSO LP ALL41418182.4 [Cert]
3438K4CQWW4SO LP 40M40017162.6 [Cert]
3439JI4JGDJA4SO LP ALL40022160.5 [Cert]
3440OK5SWLOKMULTI-ONE HP39214140.7OK2SWD[Cert]
3441G0MLYGSO LP 80M (T)39214141.2 [Cert]
3442W9WEW9SO LP 20M38020202.1 [Cert]
3443JG2CNS/3JA3SO QRP 40M37212122.2 [Cert]
3444JO1WIZJA1SO LP ALL (T)33620143.1 [Cert]
3445K7GIMW7SO LP ALL (T)33023223.5 [Cert]
3446UR6AJURSO LP ALL33011111.7 [Cert]
3447AI5GW5SO LP ALL31213132.3 [Cert]
3448JQ1AHZ/6JA6SO LP 15M28616132.1 [Cert]
3449JI1LAIJA1SO LP 15M28010100.8 [Cert]
3450UA6JFGUA-6SO HP ALL27612123.8 [Cert]
3451RA3SSUA-3SO LP 10M27613121.7 [Cert]
3452K4NVAW4MULTI-ONE HP27217161.3W2YE NQ4K[Cert]
3453S59EIJS5SO LP ALL27014101.1 [Cert]
3454S59TS5SO HP ALL26015102.0 [Cert]
3455PU3LYBPYSO LP 15M26011101.7 [Cert]
3456VA3RNJVE3SO LP 20M25311110.7 [Cert]
3457VE2DWAVE2SO LP 160M248982.5LU7DW [Cert]
3458DL1AZKDLSO LP 20M243990.5 [Cert]
3459N6MZ/7W7SO LP 20M23010100.2 [Cert]
3460VE3XATVE3SA LP ALL225991.2 [Cert]
34614D1NDUSO QRP ALL22013113.7 [Cert]
3462JR0BULJA0SO LP 10M20814135.4 [Cert]
3463WA7BMEW7SO LP 40M20412121.6 [Cert]
3464KI4MFXW4SO LP 20M20010101.5 [Cert]
3465S56DXS5SO LP ALL20013100.7 [Cert]
3466UA3YCXUA-3SO LP 10M19811111.6 [Cert]
3467PY7AEFPYSO LP ALL198993.6 [Cert]
3468S53DIJS5SO LP ALL1981290.6 [Cert]
3469KG9Z/8W8SO HP ALL196872.2 [Cert]
3470WR7QW7SO LP 20M19614142.1 [Cert]
3471JE2XBSJA2SO LP ALL (T)19515131.5 [Cert]
3472UR5FBKURSO LP 40M19212123.4 [Cert]
3473US3IPURSA LP ALL1891090.8 [Cert]
3474RK3DXBUA-3SA LP 40M180990.6 [Cert]
3475JQ6PAQ/1JA1SO QRP 15M18013120.9 [Cert]
3476LA8TIALASO LP 40M176881.0 [Cert]
3477KF0IQW0SO LP 20M16812123.1 [Cert]
3478JR7HOD/1JA1SO LP ALL168760.8 [Cert]
3479KJ4ITW4SO LP ALL15612121.4 [Cert]
3480UA3VQLUA-3SO LP 20M14412120.7 [Cert]
3481IZ8BFVISO LP 40M144991.2 [Cert]
3482JL7FBV/1JA1SO LP 10M14313117.8 [Cert]
3483US7IYURSA LP 80M136880.3 [Cert]
3484RA0ANORA0SA LP ALL128881.2 [Cert]
3485K3YGW3SO HP ALL85650.3 [Cert]
3486RU3OOUA-3SA HP ALL80881.4 [Cert]
3487XM2DWAVE2SO LP 20M78660.2DL7FER [Cert]
3488JK1TCVJA1SO QRP 20M75550.7 [Cert]
3489AC0OJW0SO LP ALL72980.7 [Cert]
3490UR5FAVURSO LP 10M64881.3 [Cert]
3491JR1FVWJA1SO LP 15M60660.2 [Cert]
3492W8KNOW8SO LP 10M54660.2 [Cert]
3493WD5BJTW5SO LP 160M (T)49771.1 [Cert]
3494PY2BRZPYSA LP 20M40550.5 [Cert]
34954S7NI4SSO LP 20M40440.2 [Cert]
3496RA3YCUA-3SA LP ALL36330.1 [Cert]
3497IZ3NVRISO LP 10M35551.0 [Cert]
3498VA3RKMVE3SO QRP ALL30330.1 [Cert]
3499JE4ICX/1JA1SO LP 20M27331.6 [Cert]
3500RA3AVUA-3SO LP 80M2422 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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