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3301YO2AQBYOSO LP 10M2,19347436.4 [Cert]
3302VY2LIVEYSO LP ALL (T)2,18733276.3 [Cert]
3303N3UA/4W4SO LP 10M2,18449397.5 [Cert]
3304EA1CSEASO LP 20M2,18442421.8 [Cert]
3305AB0WRW0SO LP ALL2,16030273.7 [Cert]
3306SM5CNQSMSO LP ALL2,14238345.7 [Cert]
3307UA3LIAUA-3SO HP 20M2,13329272.3 [Cert]
3308PY2XCPYSA LP 10M2,12831286.8 [Cert]
3309JH3JYSJA3SO LP ALL2,10033302.1 [Cert]
3310EA4/DH1TWEASA LP 20M2,08832291.0 [Cert]
3311DN7DXDLSA LP 80M2,04834321.2 [Cert]
3312GM4UBJGMSO QRP 10M2,00944418.3 [Cert]
3313JQ2OULJA2SO LP ALL1,97530255.1 [Cert]
3314AN1CBXEASO LP ALL1,95232322.2 [Cert]
3315DF0UKDLMULTI-ONE HP1,94733331.3DF1MA DB1CA DK7FG[Cert]
3316VR2EHVRSO LP 80M1,94434274.0UA3QJC[Cert]
3317UU2JQURSA HP ALL1,88135331.3 [Cert]
3318OK1DCOKSO HP ALL1,87238360.9 [Cert]
3319W9INDW9SO HP 160M1,86047304.6 [Cert]
3320UU5JQVURSO LP 10M1,82437326.4 [Cert]
3321KK6TVW6SO QRP ALL1,820513510.2 [Cert]
3322PT4CPYSO LP 15M1,80927276.6PY4XX[Cert]
3323K2RNYW2SO LP ALL1,79232322.1 [Cert]
3324PU8TEPPYSO LP ALL1,76733314.1 [Cert]
3325RA6AAWUA-6SO LP ALL1,75028256.0 [Cert]
3326PY1ZVPYSO LP ALL1,72831275.7 [Cert]
33277N2JNNJA1SO LP 20M1,68031288.2 [Cert]
3328AH6NFKH6SA LP 40M1,67418184.8 [Cert]
3329UN7CHUNSO LP 160M1,67219194.0 [Cert]
3330DL4SUNDLSO LP ALL (T)1,66428263.7 [Cert]
3331LZ06ANTLZSO HP 15M1,62036366.2LZ3SM [Cert]
3332PY2KJPYSO HP 40M1,59020151.9 [Cert]
3333UA9SAWRA9SO LP 10M1,58627260.7 [Cert]
3334NA6GW6SA LP ALL1,56036303.5 [Cert]
3335IZ4DYXISO LP 10M1,56045393.5 [Cert]
3336RX4AWUA-4SO LP 40M1,54022223.6 [Cert]
3337JA7ZPJA7SA HP ALL1,53929272.2 [Cert]
3338PU5ATXPYSO QRP ALL1,53730297.2 [Cert]
3339VK6HZVKSO HP 20M1,51224244.5 [Cert]
3340N6WGW6SO QRP 10M1,50844297.2 [Cert]
3341ES8/OH6CSESSO LP 20M (T)1,48831312.1 [Cert]
3342F6IRGFSO LP 10M1,46245343.7 [Cert]
3343SC3ASMSA LP 80M1,43128273.8SM3WMU[Cert]
3344N7BTW7SO LP ALL1,41031302.1 [Cert]
3345DL3YDYDLSA LP ALL1,40036357.8 [Cert]
3346JF2FIUJA2SO LP ALL1,40030252.0 [Cert]
3347JH7YHDJA7SO LP 10M1,37633322.8JA7WSZ[Cert]
33489A8MM9ASO QRP 20M1,37633320.8 [Cert]
3349YU1SZYUSO LP 20M1,350333014.1 [Cert]
3350ES1CRESSO QRP 15M1,34432288.3 [Cert]
3351KQ6HEW6SO QRP ALL1,32025222.6 [Cert]
3352LU5EMLUSO QRP ALL1,29223196.7 [Cert]
3353DJ3GEDLSO QRP 160M1,27427262.8 [Cert]
3354F2AIFSO QRP 20M1,26036363.2 [Cert]
3355KZ5OM/6W6SO HP 20M1,24223232.4K6III[Cert]
3356DL2MLUDLSA LP ALL1,22427242.3 [Cert]
3357DL8TGDLSO QRP 10M1,22435343.9 [Cert]
3358JH2FXKJA2SO HP 160M1,188232219.7 [Cert]
3359KB1NRBW1SO LP ALL (R)1,18827275.6 [Cert]
3360YR9FYOSO QRP 10M1,17630281.5YO9FNP[Cert]
3361OH2BNOHSA LP 20M1,17323232.6 [Cert]
3362F6FTBFSO LP 10M1,16032291.2 [Cert]
3363UA0CMGRA0SO LP 10M1,13137298.9 [Cert]
3364XL3RAVE3SO LP 10M1,10425241.8 [Cert]
3365RA4LKUA-4SO LP 20M1,10220194.9 [Cert]
3366HC2AHCSO HP 40M1,08018182.5 [Cert]
3367W3IZ/1W1SO LP 20M1,05021210.8 [Cert]
3368UA4NCUA-4SO HP ALL1,03628284.8 [Cert]
3369IK4AUYISO LP ALL1,03523232.4 [Cert]
3370OK1DRXOKSO LP 10M1,02433321.4 [Cert]
3371JE7SOGJA7SA HP 20M1,02021201.4 [Cert]
3372HA3RJHASO QRP 10M1,02036308.8 [Cert]
3373JA1POSJA1SO QRP ALL1,02022206.7 [Cert]
3374ZL4CRZLSO LP ALL97514133.2 [Cert]
3375ON3ADONSO QRP ALL97527254.2 [Cert]
3376JR3XEXJA3SO LP 20M96919190.5 [Cert]
3377HP1RISHPSO LP 10M96621214.8 [Cert]
3378WI4RW4SO LP 160M96234266.8 [Cert]
3379UT1ABURSO QRP ALL96025241.6 [Cert]
3380NA4M/5W5SO LP 15M (T)95228283.0 [Cert]
3381N2NS/6W6SO HP 20M95028251.3 [Cert]
3382WB5NMZ/4W4SO LP ALL90222223.8 [Cert]
3383OK1KZOKSO LP 10M896292810.7 [Cert]
3384K7EIQW7SO LP ALL (T)88222212.4 [Cert]
3385IT9LNHIT9SA LP ALL87423193.5 [Cert]
3386JP1GVCJA1SO QRP 40M86413120.8 [Cert]
3387DL2MIHDLSO LP 80M85822221.4 [Cert]
3388JO3EVMJA3SO LP 20M83619192.8 [Cert]
3389N8NXW8SO LP ALL82526250.9 [Cert]
3390PA9CCPASO LP ALL79222223.0 [Cert]
3391EA3FHPEASO LP 20M77525252.7 [Cert]
3392RA9SASRA9SO LP ALL76820161.3 [Cert]
3393OH8MJOHSO HP 80M76020200.4 [Cert]
3394XE1EEXESA LP ALL74119192.3 [Cert]
3395HB9BGFHBSO LP ALL73624233.4 [Cert]
3396SP0PGCSPSO LP 40M73118170.2SP2JFB[Cert]
3397EA7GVEASO LP 10M72632220.9 [Cert]
3398K4WIW4SO LP 160M72527251.8 [Cert]
3399JH1MTR/4JA4SO LP 10M72030242.7 [Cert]
3400UR4MCKURSO QRP 10M72025243.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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