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2901W7CF2008W7SO LP 20M (R)1,65036333.1 [Cert]
2902EA3BCK2016EASO LP 20M (R)1,63826262.4 [Cert]
2903DL1APX2005DLSO LP 20M1,638403927.6  
2904W0PAN/72011W7SO LP 20M1,62837376.6 [Cert]
2905W4HZD1995W4SO LP 20M1,6204536  
2906UA0A2016RA0SO LP 20M1,57525251.1 [Cert]
2907JA1XPU1998JA1SO LP 20M1,5752925  
2908EW6MM2006EUSO LP 20M1,566302926.0  
2909G4NXG/M2017GSO LP 20M1,55032315.8 [Cert]
2910ES8/OH6CS2009ESSO LP 20M (T)1,48831312.1 [Cert]
2911W8RTU1997W8SO LP 20M1,4843528  
2912DK0XB2011DLSO LP 20M (T)1,47929290.5 [Cert]
2913DL1JFF2017DLSO LP 20M1,47036351.4 [Cert]
2914JK1LUY1997JA1SO LP 20M1,4522322  
2915VE3XAT2006VE3SO LP 20M1,449232325.9  
2916BD4QA2011BYSO LP 20M1,44342374.0 [Cert]
2917PT2AW1997PYSO LP 20M1,4302322  
2918RU0AT2008RA0SO LP 20M1,42624232.4 [Cert]
2919UR6AJ2012URSO LP 20M (T)1,40822222.4 [Cert]
2920OH5PA2000OHSO LP 20M1,4032323  
2921N6JM1994W6SO LP 20M1,3652221  
2922KE9EX1999W9SO LP 20M1,3642222  
2923RW6AML2012UA-6SO LP 20M (T)1,35226265.1 [Cert]
2924YU1SZ2009YUSO LP 20M1,350333014.1 [Cert]
2925NX4N2017W4SO LP 20M1,33335310.3 [Cert]
2926OH6XG2017OHSO LP 20M1,32637342.6 [Cert]
2927YT1MN2011YUSO LP 20M1,32033332.0 [Cert]
2928N7EIE2007W7SO LP 20M1,312363226.5  
2929JL3RDC2008JA3SO LP 20M (T)1,30525455.9 [Cert]
2930IK5OJB2003ISO LP 20M1,30531294.1  
2931VE3XAT2008VE3SO LP 20M1,29823220.5 [Cert]
2932SQ3LLR2010SPSO LP 20M1,29538353.9 [Cert]
2933HA0DW2007HASO LP 20M1,271333126.1  
2934RN4LP2000UA-4SO LP 20M1,2713331  
2935JH1UES1995JA1SO LP 20M1,2692927  
2936PY7GK2008PYSO LP 20M1,26024302.1 [Cert]
2937N0KOE/42014W4SO LP 20M1,25433336.3 [Cert]
2938SP6STS1995SPSO LP 20M1,2543633  
2939XE1SVT2016XESO LP 20M1,24223231.7 [Cert]
2940LA6PB2017LASO LP 20M1,22436345.5 [Cert]
2941AJ9C2010W9SO LP 20M1,21831291.4 [Cert]
2942UT4UJQ2015URSO LP 20M1,21527275.0 [Cert]
2943JI7OED/72014JA7SO LP 20M1,21025221.6 [Cert]
2944PA3CLQ2008PASO LP 20M1,18838363.9 [Cert]
2945UA9MQR2003RA9SO LP 20M1,18822225.9  
2946VE2OWL2001VE2SO LP 20M1,176212125.5  
2947W9JJC/82007W8SO LP 20M (R)1,170262625.0  
2948RA4L2017UA-4SO LP 20M (T)1,15634341.5 [Cert]
2949VU3DJQ2008VUSO LP 20M1,14422223.8VU3DJQ[Cert]
2950JK1SDQ2010JA1SO LP 20M1,12029281.8 [Cert]
2951JR3GVH2008JA3SO LP 20M1,10729274.0 [Cert]
2952RA4LK2009UA-4SO LP 20M1,10220194.9 [Cert]
2953AF6N2016W6SO LP 20M1,10025255.3 [Cert]
2954ON4TTT2006ONSO LP 20M (R)1,092282626.9  
2955JJ5IZX2013JA5SO LP 20M (R)1,08020205.6 [Cert]
2956JE1CAC2005JA1SO LP 20M (T)1,080202026.8  
2957F/JE3SOY1992FSO LP 20M1,0803330  
2958DL1AWC2016DLSO LP 20M1,07526251.9 [Cert]
2959JA4CES2016JA4SO LP 20M1,05027253.0 [Cert]
2960W3IZ/12009W1SO LP 20M1,05021210.8 [Cert]
2961JK2AQT2016JA2SO LP 20M1,03523233.5 [Cert]
2962UA0AKY2016RA0SO LP 20M1,02620191.0 [Cert]
2963DL9ZWG2010DLSO LP 20M1,02627271.1 [Cert]
2964WA0WHT/42005W4SO LP 20M1,026191925.3  
2965DL9ZWG2013DLSO LP 20M1,01529291.3 [Cert]
2966KR0SS2010W0SO LP 20M1,01530291.1OH6KZP[Cert]
2967CE6VMO2011CESO LP 20M1,00020204.9 [Cert]
2968LZ1MC2015LZSO LP 20M98723211.3 [Cert]
2969JR3XEX2009JA3SO LP 20M96919190.5 [Cert]
2970JA4AQR1994JA4SO LP 20M9621413  
2971K7AMS2011W7SO LP 20M96025241.9 [Cert]
2972PT7BL/VE32017VE7SO LP 20M94524213.1  
2973EG3VFE2011EASO LP 20M94528271.7 [Cert]
2974PP2RON2006PYSO LP 20M93119193.3  
2975TA3BN2001TASO LP 20M9181918  
2976KE3O2015W3SO LP 20M (T)90320213.7 [Cert]
2977OZ6KS2017OZSO LP 20M (T)90026254.4 [Cert]
2978N6BHX2011W6SO LP 20M85028253.3 [Cert]
2979VK4TT1998VKSO LP 20M8501817  
2980JO3EVM2009JA3SO LP 20M83619192.8 [Cert]
2981YO3FVR2014YOSO LP 20M82525252.9 [Cert]
29824S7KG20134SSO LP 20M81719195.0 [Cert]
2983SP9MDY1992SPSO LP 20M8161916  
2984LY3Z2013LYSO LP 20M81230280.7 [Cert]
2985W4OGG2008W4SO LP 20M81020181.1 [Cert]
2986EA3BCK2015EASO LP 20M80523234.4 [Cert]
2987N6DO2011W6SO LP 20M (T)80025254.8 [Cert]
2988AD3Y/22016W2SO LP 20M79219181.6 [Cert]
2989OE1EBC2017OESO LP 20M78431283.6 [Cert]
2990YT1MN2016YUSO LP 20M78428284.2 [Cert]
2991JA3HPD1999JA3SO LP 20M7841716  
2992VY1EI2006VE8SO LP 20M77921197.4  
2993Y23BF1992DLSO LP 20M7791919  
2994EA3FHP2009EASO LP 20M77525252.7 [Cert]
2995SP4AAZ2011SPSO LP 20M77024221.6 [Cert]
2996JG3WCZ1997JA3SO LP 20M7681616  
2997UA4PBZ1992UA-4SO LP 20M7682726  
2998N4NTO2017W4SO LP 20M75927231.5 [Cert]
2999JM2LHB2011JA2SO LP 20M75620185.0 [Cert]
3000K8GU/VE52013VE8SO LP 20M74120191.0 [Cert]

Page 30 of 32

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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