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2901EB3CMLEASO LP 40M (R)1,30026265.0 [Cert]
2902VE3XATVE3SO LP 20M1,29823220.5 [Cert]
2903JJ3GRX/1JA1SO QRP ALL1,26930274.5 [Cert]
2904JM4WUZJA4SO HP 80M1,26024202.8 [Cert]
2905PY7GKPYSO LP 20M1,26024302.1 [Cert]
2906RA6YJUA-6SO LP 10M1,24829326.4 [Cert]
2907JF0ESV/0JA0SO LP 15M1,24839327.0 [Cert]
2908YT1HAYUSO LP ALL1,24832320.8 [Cert]
2909Z35GZ3SO LP ALL1,24834320.8 [Cert]
2910ON4ERMONSO LP ALL1,22541353.2 [Cert]
2911OM8HGOMSO LP 80M1,22226260.8 [Cert]
2912AD7BNW7SO LP ALL1,21926232.0 [Cert]
2913UA1OAMUA-1SA LP 80M1,20026251.6 [Cert]
2914PY2XCPYSA LP 10M1,18822221.9 [Cert]
2915PA3CLQPASO LP 20M1,18838363.9 [Cert]
2916VU3DJQVUSO LP 20M1,14422223.8VU3DJQ[Cert]
2917US0YAURSO QRP ALL1,14429262.5 [Cert]
2918RW9QARA9SA LP 10M1,12724231.4 [Cert]
29197J1ABDJA1SO HP ALL1,12533251.7 [Cert]
2920JR3GVHJA3SO LP 20M1,10729274.0 [Cert]
2921DJ1HFDLSO LP ALL1,09233284.0 [Cert]
2922PY2IAXPYSO QRP ALL1,09224214.3 [Cert]
2923JA1AATJA1SO LP 10M1,08124232.0 [Cert]
2924LZ2FMLZSO LP 10M1,03630281.4 [Cert]
2925GM4UBJGMSO QRP 10M (T)1,026393810.1 [Cert]
2926UR4IGPURSO QRP 10M1,01526292.3 [Cert]
2927W0PSSW0SO LP ALL98031284.2 [Cert]
2928W2IUCW2SO HP ALL96625232.7 [Cert]
2929HS0GBI/2HSSO QRP ALL93017152.2 [Cert]
2930PS8JNPYSO LP ALL90118172.2 [Cert]
2931RN4AMUA-4SO LP 10M89129271.4 [Cert]
2932EA5DCLEASO LP ALL89127274.6 [Cert]
2933WA4OSDW4SO LP ALL88430261.4 [Cert]
2934SP6EKSSPSO LP ALL (T)85827261.7 [Cert]
2935WA0IAFW0SO LP ALL85828261.6 [Cert]
2936S50DXS5SO LP 10M85126232.1 [Cert]
2937K3QC/4W4SO LP ALL83622223.1 [Cert]
2938CT/LZ3NDCTSO QRP ALL82819181.2 [Cert]
2939W4OGGW4SO LP 20M81020181.1 [Cert]
2940VK5SWVKSO LP ALL81018182.5 [Cert]
2941DL9AWIDLSO LP 10M78028260.5 [Cert]
2942DJ3GEDLSO QRP 160M76021202.5 [Cert]
2943DL2MIHDLSO LP 10M74425241.6 [Cert]
2944UA4FCOUA-4SA HP 80M74119190.4 [Cert]
2945W5WZW5SO LP 20M73522211.2 [Cert]
2946W5THTW5SO LP ALL73117170.7 [Cert]
2947K0UKW0SO LP 20M71322230.7 [Cert]
2948KB9YGDW9SO LP ALL70423223.7 [Cert]
2949WQ2RPW2SO QRP ALL70423221.6N2CQ[Cert]
2950RA4STUA-4SA HP ALL68816161.6 [Cert]
2951UV1GURSA LP 15M68223220.3UT7GX[Cert]
29527N4CPTJA1SO LP ALL66018151.4 [Cert]
2953YO7LYMYOSO LP ALL65131319.1 [Cert]
2954VA3PLVE3SO LP ALL62918171.4 [Cert]
2955IZ3NVRISO LP 10M60026241.1 [Cert]
2956KA6GDTW6SO LP ALL60021202.1 [Cert]
2957K9NW/8W8SO LP ALL59823230.5 [Cert]
2958JH3DMQJA3SO QRP 15M58823216.5 [Cert]
2959YO7LTQYOSO LP ALL58031297.3 [Cert]
2960JN1HYUJA1SO LP 20M55819181.3 [Cert]
2961SM6TOLSMSO LP ALL55224241.1 [Cert]
2962JF2MBFJA2SO QRP 80M55215121.0 [Cert]
2963JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M52822164.4 [Cert]
2964F4CUIFSO LP ALL (T)51017171.9F4CUI[Cert]
29657K1CPTJA1SO QRP ALL50420180.6 [Cert]
2966DJ3EFDLSO LP ALL48115131.8 [Cert]
2967JO1WIZJA1SO LP 20M (T)48020201.1 [Cert]
2968RV9YKRA9SO QRP 10M48015151.7 [Cert]
2969IZ2GMTISO LP 20M46515151.2 [Cert]
2970W8OWS/4W4SO LP ALL45016151.3 [Cert]
2971SP2MHCSPSO HP 15M39618180.4 [Cert]
2972JM1NKTJA1SO LP 160M (T)37821145.4 [Cert]
2973LZ2ZGLZSO HP 160M377141310.2 [Cert]
2974JF1WQCJA1SO QRP 20M36819163.6 [Cert]
2975M0BGRGSO QRP ALL36120192.6 [Cert]
2976PV8AAPYSO LP 15M36012120.6 [Cert]
2977UC0LAFRA0SO QRP 20M33617161.4 [Cert]
2978PE1MMZPASO LP 20M (T)31515150.8 [Cert]
2979UU2JQURSO HP ALL31010100.2 [Cert]
2980KF4MOUW4SO LP 40M30419194.5 [Cert]
2981I4JEEISO LP 80M26412120.5 [Cert]
2982VA3RKMVE3SO QRP ALL26011100.8 [Cert]
2983N3GEW3SO LP 40M25212121.4 [Cert]
2984YV5NWGYVSO LP ALL2481081.1 [Cert]
2985LA8TIALASO LP ALL22117173.0 [Cert]
2986OH4UOHSO LP ALL22113130.3OH3RM[Cert]
2987DL2SHRDLSO QRP 20M19614142.0 [Cert]
2988VK4BAAVKSO LP 80M1921681.2 [Cert]
2989UA4ARLUA-4SA LP ALL1801093.1 [Cert]
2990S59TS5SO LP ALL16512110.7 [Cert]
2991GX0SACGSO LP 15M15612121.0G4WGE[Cert]
2992WB8SDAW8SO QRP ALL15614121.5 [Cert]
2993EA1BYAEASO QRP ALL14311110.7 [Cert]
2994JN1BBOJA1SO LP ALL133771.6 [Cert]
2995IV3XZGISO LP ALL13212121.3 [Cert]
2996S53DIJS5SO LP ALL13010100.2 [Cert]
2997JN1RQVJA1SO HP ALL120661.6 [Cert]
2998S59EIJS5SO LP ALL12010101.0 [Cert]
2999MM0DFVGMSO QRP 20M1081090.5 [Cert]
3000CT1AGFCTSO LP 20M102760.7CT1AGF[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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