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201N8LM2001W8SO LP ALL (T)745,78473340425.6  
202N8BJQ2013W8SO HP 40M738,10859240415.7 [Cert]
203KV8Q1991W8SO HP ALL732,592748422  
204K8HV1981W8MULTI-ONE HP725,040853343K8HV WD8MOV 
205W8BI2014W8SA LP ALL723,52062944828.0KD8SAV[Cert]
206K2UOP/82006W8SO HP ALL716,03069137121.5  
207K8MP2009W8SO HP ALL715,73780745114.2 [Cert]
208KE8M2015W8SA QRP ALL713,21061336529.9 [Cert]
209W8UPH1999W8SO LP ALL709,710679410  
210KV8O1992W8SO LP ALL703,392744431  
211W1NN2017W8SO LP ALL (T)700,40076040022.0 [Cert]
212K8AJS2017W8SA HP ALL700,04065443012.0 [Cert]
213KV8Q2014W8SO LP ALL (T)698,88869643917.7 [Cert]
214K1LT/82012W8SO HP ALL (T)698,8626244339.2 [Cert]
215WB8JUI2015W8SO LP ALL697,36869739225.5 [Cert]
216K8LX1979W8SO HP 20M689,196871316  
217WD8LLD1991W8SO HP 15M680,944695424  
218K8GL2010W8SO HP ALL679,37465841414.2 [Cert]
219NF8R2008W8SO HP ALL675,61564136516.6 [Cert]
220K3JT/82014W8SO HP ALL658,62363039719.1 [Cert]
221NF8R1990W8MULTI-ONE HP655,018886427NF8R WD8AUB 
222N8II1979W8SO HP ALL651,147758307  
223KT8K2015W8SO QRP ALL (T)650,70263537732.9 [Cert]
224NE8P2009W8SO HP ALL (T)646,64671641817.7 [Cert]
225N6FS/82013W8SO HP ALL644,87572938522.8 [Cert]
226NR8I2014W8SO LP ALL636,75064337526.1 [Cert]
227K2UOP/82002W8SO HP ALL635,74861437221.6  
228N8BJQ1984W8SO HP ALL631,332738342  
229N8II1993W8SO LP 20M631,120667392  
230K8IR2002W8SO LP ALL (T)626,23264338824.3  
231WB3KKX/81990W8SO HP ALL620,544722404  
232WB8TLI2015W8SO LP ALL (T)619,75255037218.5 [Cert]
233N8BJQ1991W8SO HP ALL612,963648403  
234K8CW1980W8SO HP ALL612,300709325  
235NE8P2010W8SO HP ALL (T)611,04085440221.2 [Cert]
236KV8Q1997W8SO LP ALL (T)610,144587368  
237K8OQL1995W8SO HP ALL607,002649374  
238KQ8M2007W8SA HP ALL601,38063739024.8  
239K8AJS2008W8SO HP ALL599,62163836120.0 [Cert]
240N8AA1991W8SO HP 20M590,648607404  
241K8JQ2004W8SO HP ALL587,36671537734.2  
242N8BJQ1993W8MULTI-MULTI584,766569273N8BJQ + packet 
243KE8M2014W8SA QRP ALL584,60055637030.5 [Cert]
244N8II2016W8SO HP 15M584,24061843611.3 [Cert]
245N8LXS1993W8SO HP ALL583,128641364  
246K2UOP/82004W8SO HP ALL576,55556635718.0  
247KU8E1984W8SO HP ALL573,756735349  
248KT8Y2016W8SO HP ALL571,66663038613.1 [Cert]
249K8JQ2011W8SO HP ALL570,57084039029.8 [Cert]
250NF8R2007W8SO HP ALL566,49061334519.4  
251K3JT/82011W8SO HP ALL563,88274536117.8 [Cert]
252ND5S/81998W8SO HP ALL (T)558,480513358  
253W1NN/82009W8SO LP ALL (T)557,00454034917.0 [Cert]
254K8MR2001W8SO HP ALL (T)554,16261432233.4  
255W8TM2012W8SO LP ALL551,55151337715.4 [Cert]
256K8BL2011W8SA LP ALL (T)551,50260937815.0 [Cert]
257ND8L2014W8SA HP ALL543,7844914049.1 [Cert]
258K5IID/82002W8SO LP ALL540,54058836417.5  
259K3JT/82003W8SO LP ALL538,01666639118.6  
260WB8TLI2014W8SO LP ALL (T)537,35852035818.3 [Cert]
261WB8TLI2004W8SO LP ALL (T)537,28054536528.3  
262N8PW2006W8SO HP ALL (T)535,69557235513.2  
263K8IR2003W8SO LP ALL (T)532,53267936423.8  
264W8IQ2014W8SO LP 20M (T)532,50756243928.7 [Cert]
265W8VSK1988W8SO QRP ALL528,504605366  
266N8VV2017W8SA LP ALL522,87354236913.0 [Cert]
267WS8O1995W8SO LP ALL518,752671377N8LXS 
268K8GT2000W8SO LP ALL517,624537356  
269NF8R2017W8SO HP ALL510,49653134419.1 [Cert]
270W8PN2002W8SO LP ALL (T)508,71559735524.9  
271N8VV2010W8SO LP ALL (T)506,68871234821.6 [Cert]
272NO8DX1999W8SO HP ALL (T)506,344554334K8MR 
273KE8M2017W8SA HP ALL504,75059437519.6 [Cert]
274K8MFO1992W8SO HP 40M502,740502342  
275W8IQ1990W8SO HP ALL499,369549359  
276KT8K2013W8SO QRP ALL (T)493,98264936730.8 [Cert]
277K8IR2004W8SO LP ALL490,75362735927.9  
278WD8AUB1988W8SO HP ALL485,739641279  
279N8II1988W8SO HP 15M484,704607306  
280NN8UU2015W8SO LP ALL482,14853635410.1N8VW[Cert]
281W8IQ1991W8SO HP 20M480,400578400  
282WY8DX2014W8SA LP ALL480,05151337326.7K8GT[Cert]
283K8MP2017W8SO HP ALL (T)479,71063738512.2 [Cert]
284K8BL2015W8SA LP ALL (T)472,69649136712.4 [Cert]
285NC8C2014W8SO HP ALL468,3305193355.6K8MR[Cert]
286WA8WV1997W8SO LP ALL468,048480336  
287NF8R2010W8SO HP ALL468,00053231218.0 [Cert]
288K8DD2008W8SO HP ALL466,55060235012.9 [Cert]
289N8BJQ1995W8SA HP ALL459,792560372  
290N8VV2011W8SO LP ALL459,54064834520.1 [Cert]
291W8PN2012W8SO LP ALL (T)458,08453135921.8 [Cert]
292K9ALP/82006W8SO LP ALL451,88152733322.3  
293K8HV1980W8SO HP 20M451,129635289  
294WB8JUI2008W8SO LP ALL449,50667031723.8 [Cert]
295W8IQ2012W8SO LP 20M (T)447,72050841020.1 [Cert]
296KV8Q1985W8SO HP 40M447,580539322  
297N8BJQ1987W8SO HP ALL447,125613365  
298N8BJQ1983W8SO HP ALL445,368612308  
299WB8TLI2009W8SO LP ALL (T)443,85644833622.3 [Cert]
300NO8DX2015W8SO HP ALL (T)443,3685193536.8K8MR[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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