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201JR4VGD1986JA4SO HP 20M35,264145116  
202JM4WUZ2004JA4SO LP ALL34,6681241079.9  
203JI4SEU1995JA4SO LP ALL34,65611696  
204JA4ETH2000JA4SO LP 10M32,832132114  
205JA4BFL1981JA4SO HP 15M32,550124105  
206JM4WUZ2010JA4SO HP 15M30,9881591227.8 [Cert]
207JR4ISK1981JA4SO HP 15M30,858134111  
208JH1MTR/42013JA4SO LP 15M30,82113611913.1 [Cert]
209JR4VGD1987JA4SO HP 20M30,800140110  
210JA1XCZ/41990JA4SO HP 20M30,780128114  
211JR4GPA2007JA4SO LP 20M30,4951411077.8  
212JM4WUZ2015JA4SO HP 10M30,3801501249.6 [Cert]
213JA4BDY2014JA4SO LP ALL (T)29,4001121053.1  
214JE4JPQ1999JA4SO LP 15M28,92511989  
215JR4ISK1988JA4SO HP 15M27,700111100  
216JA4BDY2009JA4SO LP ALL (T)27,6421241026.4 [Cert]
217JA4AQR2000JA4SO LP ALL27,26510495  
218JA4DWG2015JA4SO LP 15M26,6751039710.3 [Cert]
219JH1GUO/42008JA4SO LP ALL25,680116808.2 [Cert]
220JI4JGD2011JA4SO LP ALL (T)24,9321549212.4 [Cert]
221JA4AQR2012JA4SO LP 15M (T)24,70099959.3 [Cert]
222JH4FUF2017JA4SO LP 40M (T)24,682116868.4 [Cert]
223JA4AQR1998JA4SO LP ALL (T)24,57010091  
224JJ4PPK1999JA4SO HP ALL24,3199383  
225JA4AQR2009JA4SO LP 20M (T)24,25299946.5 [Cert]
226JH4UTP2011JA4SA HP ALL (T)23,6901361034.1 [Cert]
227JK4USW2012JA4SA HP ALL23,100978411.9 [Cert]
228JI4JGD2004JA4SO LP ALL22,995887315.1  
229JA4AQR2014JA4SA LP 15M (T)22,355968510.4 [Cert]
230JA4HIX1995JA4SO LP ALL21,6667969  
231JA4GXS1986JA4SO HP ALL20,93510379  
232JA4BDY2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)20,93597793.4  
233JA4GQD2016JA4SO LP ALL20,2521338312.9 [Cert]
234JH4WBY1996JA4SO LP ALL20,0209677  
235JA4GQD2017JA4SO LP ALL19,188117827.3 [Cert]
236JA4AQR2015JA4SA LP 15M (T)19,06885845.3 [Cert]
237JH4RUF2016JA4SO HP ALL18,906896911.7 [Cert]
238JA4AQR2007JA4SO LP ALL (T)18,49681686.8  
239JH4RUF2011JA4SO HP ALL18,432887212.6 [Cert]
240JA4TUJ2015JA4SO LP 15M (T)17,63086866.6 [Cert]
241JA4BDY2007JA4SO LP ALL (T)17,612111747.0  
242JA1XCZ/41989JA4SO HP 10M17,3349281  
243JJ4ESI2012JA4SO LP 40M (T)16,380706525.5 [Cert]
244JJ4PPK2005JA4SO LP ALL16,3538479  
245JH4DRB1983JA4SO HP 20M15,9398869  
246JH4PHW2015JA4SA LP ALL (T)15,84099906.8 [Cert]
247JM4WUZ2009JA4SO HP 80M15,81387634.3 [Cert]
248JA4HIX1994JA4SO LP 40M15,7946353  
249JI4WHS2013JA4SO LP 15M15,480938612.7 [Cert]
250JO4CFV2017JA4SA HP ALL15,37672622.2 [Cert]
251JR4FLW/42010JA4SO LP 15M13,600102859.6 [Cert]
252JA4BDY2012JA4SO LP ALL (T)13,53279683.4 [Cert]
253JI4JGD2010JA4SO LP ALL13,390117659.0 [Cert]
254JA4JKD1981JA4SO QRP ALL13,2937463  
255JR4ISK1987JA4SO HP ALL13,1608170  
256JH4RUF2015JA4SO HP ALL13,06573656.6 [Cert]
257JA4AVO2016JA4SA LP ALL13,038918211.2 [Cert]
258JJ4NZO2013JA4SO LP ALL12,88088709.0 [Cert]
259JA4FMS1986JA4SO HP 20M12,8057365  
260JI4WHS2010JA4SO LP ALL12,5061077420.9 [Cert]
261JH4DRB1979JA4SO HP 20M12,3428951  
262JH4FUF2015JA4SO LP 15M (T)11,85883776.0 [Cert]
263JH4BTI2011JA4SO LP ALL11,618827410.7 [Cert]
264JR4URW2008JA4SO LP 40M (T)11,50160533.8 [Cert]
265JI4JGD2008JA4SO LP ALL (T)10,96265543.3 [Cert]
266JA4GQD2015JA4SO LP ALL10,80074607.2 [Cert]
267JF3GPS/41982JA4SO QRP 20M10,3628066  
268JH1GUO/42007JA4SA LP ALL (T)10,20074504.7  
269JH4XKW1990JA4SO HP 10M10,1509070  
270JA4FMS1985JA4SO HP 20M10,1327668  
271JR4CTF2017JA4SO HP ALL9,83476666.5 [Cert]
272JA4UDN2011JA4SO LP ALL9,610696214.1 [Cert]
273JA4AQR2016JA4SO LP ALL9,52061563.7 [Cert]
274JA4TUJ2013JA4SO QRP 20M9,52072688.8 [Cert]
275JR4ISK1986JA4SO HP 20M9,4387066  
276JR4FLW/42011JA4SO LP 15M9,38480688.9 [Cert]
277JH4LBE2014JA4SO LP 40M8,86243424.3 [Cert]
278JH1MTR/42015JA4SO LP 20M8,85060595.8 [Cert]
279JE4SDB1997JA4SO LP ALL8,6525742  
280JJ4PPK2004JA4SO LP ALL8,6426158  
281JR4CTF2016JA4SO HP ALL8,418726110.2 [Cert]
282JH4DRB1980JA4SO HP 20M7,9385649  
283JE4CIL1984JA4SO HP 20M7,0217159  
284JL4LWL2004JA4SO HP ALL6,71649467.4  
285JR4ISK1991JA4SO HP 15M6,7005450  
286JA4RWN2016JA4SO LP ALL6,40057505.5 [Cert]
287JA4RTX1992JA4SO LP ALL6,3944546  
288JA4ETH1991JA4SO HP 10M6,3006150  
289JR4DZM1979JA4SO HP ALL6,1605744  
290JA5MCO/41992JA4SO LP ALL6,1054343  
291JJ4CDW2012JA4SO LP 10M6,069565112.2 [Cert]
292JA4AQR2013JA4SA LP 15M (T)5,52048464.0 [Cert]
293JR4ISK1984JA4SO HP 15M5,4524847  
294JH4CES2016JA4SA LP 40M5,43031302.4 [Cert]
295JH1MTR/42012JA4SO LP 10M5,32857487.7 [Cert]
296JK4DUJ2012JA4SO LP ALL5,29057468.2 [Cert]
297JA4FMA1983JA4SO HP 20M5,2484841  
298JH4VUI1989JA4SO HP ALL5,0753835  
299JA4AVO2010JA4SO LP 40M4,93236365.5 [Cert]
300JA4ETH2003JA4SO LP 10M4,8365552  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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