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201JE2YHS1992MULTI-ONEH122,530978450JA2DLJ JR2JVR JE... 
202JL2AQX1988SO HP 15M122,026252194  
203JE2TFR1979SO HP ALL121,720298170  
204JA2CUS2003SO LP ALL121,72026417923.2  
205JA2VQF1997SO HP ALL120,142300127  
206JA2IU1979SO HP ALL119,394287162  
207JF2SKV/21996SO LP 20M119,274253193  
208JA2AXB2008SO HP ALL117,76824516813.9 [Cert]
209JA2QVP2006SO LP ALL114,84024118015.0  
210JA2KVB2010SO LP 15M (T)113,22328821925.3 [Cert]
211JA2WB1979SO HP ALL111,339298139  
212JA2EJI1992SO HP ALL109,704224168  
213JA2EJI1989SO HP 20M108,388247158  
214JA2QVP1999SO HP ALL (T)107,709220161  
215JA2PFO2006SO LP 40M (T)107,30818713915.5  
216JA2KKA2012SO LP ALL105,55421217813.3 [Cert]
217JA2DN1989SO HP 20M104,949234169  
218JA2DN1990SO HP 20M104,748228174  
219JA2VZL2004SO LP ALL (T)103,18022415417.2  
220JK2VOC1996SA LP ALL103,040252184  
221JA2DN1992SO LP 20M102,306212177  
222JH7IMX/21983SO QRP 20M101,574237171  
223JA2DN1987SO QRP 20M100,800233180  
224JA2GHP2012SO LP ALL100,62523717516.5 [Cert]
225JH2FXK2012SA HP ALL100,30019517010.0 [Cert]
226JA2PFO2009SO LP 40M (T)99,21619514410.6 [Cert]
227JQ2FFS1997SO LP ALL96,792206148  
228JA2QVP1998SO HP ALL94,864207154  
229JK2VOC1995SO LP ALL94,828292157  
230JA2VZL2009SO LP ALL (T)93,48021915210.2 [Cert]
231JF2FIU1999SO HP ALL (T)92,960215160  
232JE2KPM1980SO HP 15M91,784249154  
233JK2VQR2013SO LP ALL (T)89,60025216014.0 [Cert]
234JE2HVC2006SO HP 40M87,352132122  
235JF2VDY1981SO HP 10M87,200234160  
236JH2UVL1979SO HP 20M86,853256131  
237JA2GTW2011SO LP 40M86,78414012813.6 [Cert]
238JA2FSM2011SA HP ALL86,44521215310.6 [Cert]
239JQ2OUL2012SO LP ALL86,42422615620.9 [Cert]
240JK2VOC2011SA LP ALL85,82425914913.1 [Cert]
241JH2NWP1995SO LP ALL85,544190148  
242JH2OMM2000SO LP 20M85,020205156  
243JA2DN1984SO QRP 20M84,597215163  
244JE2HCJ2002SO LP 10M84,16820016710.7  
245JK2VOC1992SO LP 15M83,936229172  
246JA2XYO2007SO HP ALL82,79517914529.9 [Cert]
247JA2PFO2010SO LP 40M (T)82,7052121399.9 [Cert]
248JA2QVP2012SO LP ALL82,31519916310.0 [Cert]
249JA2GTW2012SO LP 40M80,6401271209.2 [Cert]
250JA2IU1997SO LP ALL80,509177143  
251JA2ATE2012SO HP ALL80,26417915814.6 [Cert]
252JA2AXB2010SO HP ALL80,04118313113.0 [Cert]
253JA2QVP2011SO LP ALL (T)80,02825017117.0 [Cert]
254JF2OZH2010SO LP ALL (T)78,81021914210.6 [Cert]
255JH2JEV1980SO HP ALL78,603263133  
256JA2OJ1992SO LP 20M77,924185161  
257JA2VHO2010SO HP ALL77,70020114013.0 [Cert]
258JE2UFF2011SO QRP 15M77,64423118820.6 [Cert]
259JA2DN1994SO LP 20M77,600192160  
260JA2QVP2009SO LP ALL (T)77,46319815114.1 [Cert]
261JA2MOG2009SO LP ALL77,41822115312.1 [Cert]
262JI2MWH2011SO LP ALL76,75224216412.2 [Cert]
263JF2SKV2008SA HP ALL76,42823313218.2 [Cert]
264JA2FSM2009SO HP ALL75,47724713913.4 [Cert]
265JA2AXB2011SO LP ALL75,11818914212.9 [Cert]
266JE2UFF2012SO QRP 40M74,7321311198.7 [Cert]
267JF2IWL2012SA HP 20M74,59220914810.9 [Cert]
268JA2DN1983SO QRP 20M74,176181152  
269JA2FSM2012SA HP ALL74,0021911639.8 [Cert]
270JA2KPV1989SO HP ALL73,876192146  
271JA2GHP2013SO LP ALL73,81422616716.3 [Cert]
272JK2VOC2008SA LP ALL73,56926713712.8 [Cert]
273JA2KKA2006SO LP ALL73,29619814413.3  
274JG2LGM1989SO HP ALL72,144192144  
275JK2VOC2002SA LP ALL71,55019915011.9  
276JA2QVP2000SO HP ALL (T)70,890180139  
277JA2AXB2013SA HP ALL70,2811651376.2 [Cert]
278JA2ZJW1996SO HP ALL69,600162120JH2CMI 
279JR2IGV1988SO HP ALL69,560185148  
280JQ2EHD2002SO HP ALL69,29618214221.5  
281JA2KKA2013SO LP 15M67,15018717011.9 [Cert]
282JA2KPV1999SO LP 15M (T)66,440176151  
283JR2MIO/22013SO LP ALL65,85021615018.2 [Cert]
284JA2MYA1979SO HP ALL64,505212125  
285JA2DHF2011SO HP ALL64,44821115212.2 [Cert]
286JK2VOC2003SO LP ALL64,11619713710.3  
287JA2KPW2012SO LP ALL63,97318513318.3 [Cert]
288JA2BQX1999SO LP ALL63,036184153  
289JA2BQX2013SO HP ALL62,6431941579.0 [Cert]
290JA2AXB1998SO HP ALL60,878174122  
291JH2JEV1979SO HP ALL60,402172114  
292JA2DHF2008SO HP ALL60,12918913110.9 [Cert]
293JA2PFO2007SO LP 40M (T)58,99515011514.2 [Cert]
294JA2GTW2010SO LP 40M58,65011910217.6 [Cert]
295JA9DDF/21997SO LP ALL58,580175145  
296JK2VOC2013SA LP ALL56,6581711334.7 [Cert]
297JA2PFO2004SO LP ALL (T)55,77515811513.0  
298JE2DOD2013SO LP ALL (T)55,44014712610.1 [Cert]
299JA2VZL2006SO LP ALL55,44014512631.6  
300JA2XI1989SO HP ALL55,216161119  
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.