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201WA8REI2016W8SO QRP 40M40,80015112010.6  
202YO4AAC1993YOSO QRP 40M39,600145110  
203DL5CL2005DLSO QRP 40M39,4321601245.9  
204NE6M2012W6SO QRP 40M39,42413311217.6 [Cert]
205OK1DCP1979OKOMSO QRP 40M39,424158112  
206RA3XEV2010UA-3SO QRP 40M38,5201461208.7 [Cert]
207UR5FCM2010URSO QRP 40M37,99614511814.5 [Cert]
208KU7Y1999W7SO QRP 40M37,968151113  
209N2PEB1996W2SO QRP 40M37,184124112  
210NT4D2007W4SO QRP 40M36,81097903.6  
211F/OM2ZA2017FSO QRP 40M36,1101191156.3  
212DQ5Q2011DLSO QRP 40M36,0841611243.1DJ2RG[Cert]
213IW3ILM2010ISO QRP 40M35,50214512219.1 [Cert]
214YO4DCF1985YOSO QRP 40M34,59212094  
215JA2HUN2000JA2SO QRP 40M34,13111893  
216Y26EI/P1981DMSO QRP 40M34,020169105  
217AA6XX1990W6SO QRP 40M33,600113100  
218NS2X/42011W4SO QRP 40M (T)32,9461321147.5 [Cert]
219K3TW2010W3SO QRP 40M32,7001001007.3 [Cert]
220N2JNZ2007W2SO QRP 40M (T)32,63413011114.2  
221WA2ASQ/42012W4SO QRP 40M31,82412310211.8 [Cert]
222AA2U1983W2SO QRP 40M31,744168128  
223UV3DFL1988UA-3SO QRP 40M31,620130102  
224IV3AOL2009ISO QRP 40M31,24012611029.4 [Cert]
225IW3ILM2012ISO QRP 40M31,08813811618.4 [Cert]
226N2PEB1995W2SO QRP 40M30,992130104  
227YO6CFB2010YOSO QRP 40M30,9561291098.9 [Cert]
228UR3QNV2012URSO QRP 40M30,91012411010.9 [Cert]
229W8QZA/61998W6SO QRP 40M30,488112103  
230NE6M2009W6SO QRP 40M30,07612710320.2 [Cert]
231NU4B2007W4SO QRP 40M29,716101929.4  
232UA9CDJ2005RA9SO QRP 40M29,716836810.8  
233YV2BE1989YVSO QRP 40M29,6487768  
234YU5RY2016YUSO QRP 40M29,43211610414.0 [Cert]
235W0NV2008W0SO QRP 40M29,37012811013.5 [Cert]
236YO6KNW1982YOSO QRP 40M29,30917579S_Bolgar 
237JA2HUN1999JA2SO QRP 40M29,2749082  
238W0NV2013W0SO QRP 40M28,8901241078.3 [Cert]
239N2JNZ2004W2SO QRP 40M28,53111210310.6  
240Y26JD1982DMSO QRP 40M28,27215293  
241DJ2MX2016DLSO QRP 40M28,0131131092.6 [Cert]
242UT5UQV2001URSO QRP 40M27,742101978.4  
243UA3VLZ1985UA-3SO QRP 40M27,41612092  
244W8QZA/61992W6SO QRP 40M26,894126113  
245JA6GCE1990JA6SO QRP 40M26,70010589  
246KG7A1982W7SO QRP 40M26,12813392  
247K5LG2005W5SO QRP 40M25,66592876.5  
248NE6M2013W6SO QRP 40M25,6621149418.2 [Cert]
249UA1CUR2017UA-1SO QRP 40M24,1281241045.6 [Cert]
250DJ3GE2015DLSO QRP 40M23,6531291096.7 [Cert]
251SA2E2006SMSO QRP 40M22,800109956.2SM2EKA 
252NE6M2006W6SO QRP 40M22,5281038816.6  
253YO6FGN1992YOSO QRP 40M21,7089981  
254W8QZA/61996W6SO QRP 40M21,58210699  
255UA1ZFT1985UA-1SO QRP 40M21,580260114  
256DL1DQY1992DLSO QRP 40M21,57611293  
257W8QZA/61995W6SO QRP 40M21,420113105  
258OK2PAW1983OKOMSO QRP 40M21,32012982  
259OK2BMA1979OKOMSO QRP 40M20,75012083  
260HA3RF1980HASO QRP 40M20,64012586  
261PY4ZO1990PYSO QRP 40M20,2926457  
262UR3QNV2010URSO QRP 40M20,14596856.1 [Cert]
263N1AFC1992W1SO QRP 40M19,7208268  
264SP6CJZ1980SPSO QRP 40M18,83412773  
265RM3G2013UA-3SO QRP 40M18,656100887.3 [Cert]
266NE6M2014W6SO QRP 40M18,648937411.2  
267YO5COJ1988YOSO QRP 40M18,24010980  
268W8QZA/61997W6SO QRP 40M18,0809180  
269KB1DH1984W1SO QRP 40M17,6649792  
270W8QZA/61991W6SO QRP 40M17,5208173  
271YO3AIS1991YOSO QRP 40M16,8728576  
272VK2CCC2009VKSO QRP 40M16,61059557.4 [Cert]
273DD0VS2016DLSO QRP 40M16,5541008912.6 [Cert]
274OK1IOA1987OKOMSO QRP 40M16,52410581  
275OZ1BIZ1990OZSO QRP 40M16,2809474  
276YO5KAP1986YOSO QRP 40M16,0608173Csaba 
277N2JNZ2010W2SO QRP 40M (T)15,8241058610.5 [Cert]
278IW3ILM2011ISO QRP 40M15,74493827.3 [Cert]
279DD0VS2013DLSO QRP 40M15,4881048812.1 [Cert]
280UT5UQV2004URSO QRP 40M15,19277726.3  
281IK3RET2014ISO QRP 40M14,352997813.8 [Cert]
282Y23TL1990DMSO QRP 40M13,6628569  
283N1DZ2013W1SO QRP 40M13,32854495.0 [Cert]
284JM1XTB2016JA1SO QRP 40M13,24874649.5 [Cert]
285JM1XTB2017JA1SO QRP 40M13,13281679.0 [Cert]
286YO3MS1985YOSO QRP 40M12,9708263  
287UB5KAG1984URSO QRP 40M12,89610562  
288AA8S1983W8SO QRP 40M12,0128777  
289JM1NKT1983JA1SO QRP 40M11,6606353  
290JH0ILL2017JA0SO QRP 40M11,11059554.3 [Cert]
291YO3AWD1981YOSO QRP 40M10,9627763  
292JA5CDL1999JA5SO QRP 40M10,6706355  
293ER1NT1994ERSO QRP 40M10,353103119  
294W8ILC1982W8SO QRP 40M10,2409080  
295NE6M2005W6SO QRP 40M10,126646111.3  
296OK1IOA1988OKOMSO QRP 40M9,7287864  
297W8NNC2016W8SO QRP 40M9,45386696.7 [Cert]
298UB5FDM1983URSO QRP 40M9,4407759  
299W1CVE2003W1SO QRP 40M9,34858575.6  
300JM1XTB2015JA1SO QRP 40M9,04857528.3JM1XTB/QRP[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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