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201DK7HA1982DLSO QRP 10M2,6655041  
202PA1W2008PASO QRP 10M2,63247473.4 [Cert]
2034X1VF19994XSO QRP 10M2,5803030  
204LU1FNH1994LUSO QRP 10M2,5233029  
205ER0I2011ERSO QRP 10M2,50840384.1 [Cert]
206JR3RWB2004JA3SO QRP 10M2,448403411.1  
207DL2TM2001DLSO QRP 10M2,4184039  
208OK1LV2017OKSO QRP 10M2,39251463.3 [Cert]
209WA6FGV1998W6SO QRP 10M2,3184238  
210LZ2OQV2015LZSO QRP 10M2,30432329.6 [Cert]
211UR5YCS2014URSO QRP 10M2,28853528.8 [Cert]
212JF6LIU2014JA6SO QRP 10M2,277423310.8 [Cert]
213YO2AQB1987YOSO QRP 10M2,2145141  
214DF1DX2001DLSO QRP 10M2,20131316.8  
215PY4PW2003PYSO QRP 10M2,139313129.8  
216UB5KCW1984URSO QRP 10M2,0744234  
217M0CEF2010GSO QRP 10M (T)2,05043413.0 [Cert]
218UB5ZEL1988URSO QRP 10M2,0303329  
219GM4UBJ2009GMSO QRP 10M2,00944418.3 [Cert]
220G3VMY1982GSO QRP 10M2,0064434  
221DH8BQA2005DLSO QRP 10M1,96842415.0  
222UA3PGO1980UA-3SO QRP 10M1,9604035  
223DK3WW2003DLSO QRP 10M1,890434225.8  
224EA6VQ1987EA6SO QRP 10M1,8624938  
225VE6JY2001VE6SO QRP 10M1,84626263.5  
226JR0BUL2012JA0SO QRP 10M1,83031307.4 [Cert]
227N5NMX1993W5SO QRP 10M1,8203835  
228SP5ANX1995SPSO QRP 10M1,7854235  
229LY2BBF2007LYSO QRP 10M1,77638372.7  
2304L1FP20084LSO QRP 10M1,74227261.8 [Cert]
231DJ6TK1982DLSO QRP 10M1,6204030  
232UA6LPN2013UA-6SO QRP 10M1,56032302.3 [Cert]
233LY2BBF2010LYSO QRP 10M1,51239363.4 [Cert]
234N6WG2009W6SO QRP 10M1,50844297.2 [Cert]
235GM4UBJ2011GMSO QRP 10M (T)1,50540355.5 [Cert]
236LZ1KSP1987LZSO QRP 10M1,4884431Savi 
237WA6FGV1992W6SO QRP 10M1,4853027  
238OK2PXJ1991OKOMSO QRP 10M1,4403332  
239JA2ODV1989JA2SO QRP 10M1,2422423  
240DL8TG2009DLSO QRP 10M1,22435343.9 [Cert]
241YR9F2009YOSO QRP 10M1,17630281.5YO9FNP[Cert]
242PU2RSD2013PYSO QRP 10M1,06023201.7 [Cert]
243RA3XEV2013UA-3SO QRP 10M1,05626244.5 [Cert]
244GM4UBJ2008GMSO QRP 10M (T)1,026393810.1 [Cert]
245HA3RJ2009HASO QRP 10M1,02036308.8 [Cert]
246UR4IGP2008URSO QRP 10M1,01526292.3 [Cert]
247PY1WW2011PYSO QRP 10M1,01223233.2 [Cert]
248WD6DX2012W6SO QRP 10M98820194.4 [Cert]
249SP9NLI2010SPSO QRP 10M95027254.8 [Cert]
250YO6DDF1984YOSO QRP 10M9362424  
251DJ6TK1983DLSO QRP 10M9002320  
252UR2TBG1981ESSO QRP 10M9002020  
253G3LHJ2017GSO QRP 10M89931291.3 [Cert]
254UB5REN1987URSO QRP 10M8643227  
255JA7HMZ1981JA7SO QRP 10M8002120  
256WA6FGV1993W6SO QRP 10M7982421  
257JI3AUD1987JA3SO QRP 10M7924833  
258K2GMY/62016W6SO QRP 10M72219191.5 [Cert]
259UR4MCK2009URSO QRP 10M72025243.7 [Cert]
260JH1LBR1987JA1SO QRP 10M7203930  
261PY2FRW2003PYSO QRP 10M69717171.8  
262KE7TEK2015W7SO QRP 10M (T)68419193.2W9CF[Cert]
2639A4AA20119ASO QRP 10M66022201.3 [Cert]
264JA2HBK2011JA2SO QRP 10M66022224.9 [Cert]
265M0CEF2011GSO QRP 10M (T)64825241.2 [Cert]
266SP8MI2002SPSO QRP 10M6402020  
267VU2LYX2006VUSO QRP 10M630151425.6  
268JH6SQI1995JA6SO QRP 10M6302221  
269JK1VOZ2013JA1SO QRP 10M62425246.3 [Cert]
270EW6BN2006EUSO QRP 10M616242225.3  
271OK1DRQ1987OKOMSO QRP 10M6162322  
272SP4GFG2015SPSO QRP 10M60820194.8 [Cert]
273PV8DX2014PYSO QRP 10M60816160.7 [Cert]
274EA7FNJ2004EASO QRP 10M592231627.9  
275JA1GTF2002JA1SO QRP 10M5551515  
276W5NZ/42016W4SO QRP 10M (T)52515153.8 [Cert]
277YU7UX2016YUSO QRP 10M52522211.4 [Cert]
278R3WW2017UA-3SO QRP 10M49623164.5 [Cert]
279UA6BFE2016UA-6SO QRP 10M49515151.7 [Cert]
2804N7M1994YUSO QRP 10M4932717  
281YO4LHR2015YOSO QRP 10M48322234.4 [Cert]
282RV9YK2008RA9SO QRP 10M48015151.7 [Cert]
283VA3RJ2012VE3SO QRP 10M47614143.1 [Cert]
284DF5SF2009DLSO QRP 10M46222212.3 [Cert]
285DL2MIH2010DLSO QRP 10M44121211.1 [Cert]
286OX8E1981OXSO QRP 10M4291313  
287JA4GNK2014JA4SO QRP 10M41616162.7 [Cert]
288JK3ZQJ2003JA3SO QRP 10M40615142.1JG1EIQ 
289JA5XPD2014JA5SO QRP 10M40313131.7 [Cert]
290G3ZNR2015GSO QRP 10M (T)39924195.0 [Cert]
291L27D2014LUSO QRP 10M39214141.4LW5ER[Cert]
292YO4LHR2016YOSO QRP 10M38020201.1 [Cert]
293UT2AB2011URSO QRP 10M (T)36015158.8 [Cert]
294JR3RWB/21987JA2SO QRP 10M3402420  
295JR6LJO1980JA6SO QRP 10M3304611  
296VU2LYX2016VUSO QRP 10M32412121.4 [Cert]
297VU2LYX2010VUSO QRP 10M31214133.0 [Cert]
298PY2HE1992PYSO QRP 10M270109  
299DL1AQU/P2005DLSO QRP 10M256161628.2  
300K9MU2005W9SO QRP 10M24714131.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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