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201OS0S2013ONSA LP 15M58,9891951598.8 [Cert]
202OX5T2014OXSA LP 15M57,6801561407.3 [Cert]
203DF4WC2015DLSA LP 15M (T)57,1521721528.9 [Cert]
204AE5XQ2016W5SA LP 15M56,78018116715.4HK1A[Cert]
205IK0FUX2012ISA LP 15M55,6221561374.9 [Cert]
2069A3R20179ASA LP 15M (T)55,08022418019.3 [Cert]
207UR2VA2009URSA LP 15M54,61520916520.6 [Cert]
208YO9BXC2010YOSA LP 15M54,18019317218.6 [Cert]
209W9IL/42014W4SA LP 15M (T)53,2681461385.0 [Cert]
210EA3NO2014EASA LP 15M (T)50,9761501443.4 [Cert]
211UX0FF2015URSA LP 15M47,9521661445.2 [Cert]
212UY7IQ2014URSA LP 15M (T)45,45714213116.4 [Cert]
213DF7XH2016DLSA LP 15M45,15118116310.0 [Cert]
214BH3PTL2016BYSA LP 15M44,5201981409.7 [Cert]
215EA1FCH2016EASA LP 15M44,2401921587.3  
2169V1XX20179VSA LP 15M43,62423013310.1 [Cert]
217US9IGA2013URSA LP 15M43,1461601413.0 [Cert]
218JR9NVB1997JA9SA LP 15M42,900144130  
219SP6DMI2011SPSA LP 15M41,89118616315.5 [Cert]
220G9V2013GSA LP 15M41,6011661477.5M0PCB[Cert]
221KF0IQ2012W0SA LP 15M40,94812311616.0 [Cert]
222NO8C2014W8SA LP 15M40,7041461282.8 [Cert]
223VK4FJ2011VKSA LP 15M39,90012811417.5 [Cert]
224K8MEG2012W8SA LP 15M39,8941371225.7 [Cert]
225BH1LHS2014BYSA LP 15M39,6251321257.0 [Cert]
226OQ4B2010ONSA LP 15M (T)39,07217014811.3ON4BHQ[Cert]
227N6EE2011W6SA LP 15M38,2161461367.4 [Cert]
228LY3X2016LYSA LP 15M37,2401731405.3  
229RZ9U2015RA9SA LP 15M35,67012712317.9 [Cert]
230F8CRS2012FSA LP 15M34,5741261183.3 [Cert]
231IW5EIJ2012ISA LP 15M33,4391221198.4 [Cert]
232DL9GWA2014DLSA LP 15M32,6201501408.9 [Cert]
233F4FEP2013FSA LP 15M32,56812711811.3 [Cert]
234UA3YFL2010UA-3SA LP 15M32,5581751469.7 [Cert]
235ED5W2012EASA LP 15M32,5081461293.5EA5DWS[Cert]
236EA1DAV2017EASA LP 15M32,4691611376.7 [Cert]
237RK9UE2014RA9SA LP 15M32,4311171132.2 [Cert]
238JJ3DJS/82014JA8SA LP 15M32,0581241176.7 [Cert]
239W5BM2016W5SA LP 15M29,86912811912.5 [Cert]
240EW1FM2014EUSA LP 15M (T)29,78512911512.4 [Cert]
241JI3FSI2015JA3SA LP 15M29,1041131079.2 [Cert]
242VU2CDP2012VUSA LP 15M29,0001061006.0 [Cert]
243OM7RM2015OMSA LP 15M28,79213211815.4 [Cert]
244RW0LD2015RA0SA LP 15M28,1841101044.9 [Cert]
245IK0XBX2016ISA LP 15M (T)28,0721461213.8 [Cert]
246SP7LIE2015SPSA LP 15M27,621103995.3  
247BA4SD2013BYSA LP 15M27,5721211139.4 [Cert]
248JL3MCM2014JA3SA LP 15M (T)27,1921101037.3 [Cert]
249PY1NB2015PYSA LP 15M26,602100943.1 [Cert]
250EA3AGB2017EASA LP 15M26,16414412411.3 [Cert]
251BH4TVU2015BYSA LP 15M25,7581211069.0 [Cert]
252WB2BXO2003W2SA LP 15M (T)25,6471121038.8  
253OK7MT2013OKSA LP 15M (T)25,568103945.2 [Cert]
254ED5W2016EASA LP 15M (T)24,7041461282.6EA5BB[Cert]
255CT3FW2015CT3SA LP 15M23,940969011.4 [Cert]
256EA3NO2011EASA LP 15M (T)23,27697926.4 [Cert]
257KK6XN2012W6SA LP 15M22,5601099610.1W6KY[Cert]
258JA4AQR2014JA4SA LP 15M (T)22,355968510.4 [Cert]
259J49C2013SV9SA LP 15M (T)21,408100965.3SV9COL[Cert]
260YC9GWR2016YBSA LP 15M (T)21,141958713.2 [Cert]
261RV0AE2011RA0SA LP 15M21,0121111033.7 [Cert]
262PU5SVE2016PYSA LP 15M20,900979513.6 [Cert]
263SQ3R2015SPSA LP 15M20,15293888.4SQ3HMM[Cert]
264PS8BR2014PYSA LP 15M19,68895929.1 [Cert]
265JA2KPV2013JA2SA LP 15M19,688101928.6 [Cert]
266PY4LH2016PYSA LP 15M (T)19,51390794.1  
267RM5P2012UA-3SA LP 15M (T)19,313908913.5 [Cert]
268PA2REH2017PASA LP 15M19,31113112310.5 [Cert]
269JA4AQR2015JA4SA LP 15M (T)19,06885845.3 [Cert]
270BH4TVU2016BYSA LP 15M18,655147919.1 [Cert]
271JI3FSI2014JA3SA LP 15M18,50987839.0 [Cert]
272SP2MHC2016SPSA LP 15M17,9801301167.4  
273BH3QZZ2014BYSA LP 15M17,80294868.7 [Cert]
274BY2UDL2009BYSA LP 15M17,340205858.5BG2RJE[Cert]
275YU5C2017YUSA LP 15M17,280110964.8 [Cert]
276YC8ROP2015YBSA LP 15M16,709827714.3 [Cert]
277BH4BFS2017BYSA LP 15M15,5401438410.1 [Cert]
278SP9RQH2015SPSA LP 15M14,78480776.3 [Cert]
279VU2MUD2013VUSA LP 15M14,773827911.3 [Cert]
280PA0MIR2010PASA LP 15M (T)14,208108963.6 [Cert]
281LZ1ZP2015LZSA LP 15M14,14569694.6 [Cert]
282SM6IQD2015SMSA LP 15M13,416908612.2 [Cert]
283DO4DXA2010DLSA LP 15M13,386109977.5 [Cert]
284JG1APX2014JA1SA LP 15M13,200807512.7 [Cert]
285YB2ERL2014YBSA LP 15M12,85269689.2 [Cert]
286R5ACQ2011UA-3SA LP 15M (T)12,513105976.5 [Cert]
287KF0IQ2013W0SA LP 15M12,39782779.7 [Cert]
288VE5KS2014VE5SA LP 15M12,21066663.3 [Cert]
289PY1JR2016PYSA LP 15M12,15969637.6 [Cert]
290US4L2010URSA LP 15M12,125107974.7 [Cert]
291HS8JYX2017HSSA LP 15M11,988114749.9 [Cert]
292JE2HXL2011JA2SA LP 15M11,218877910.3 [Cert]
293VY1EI2013VE8SA LP 15M (T)11,088757210.9 [Cert]
294SV4FFL2014SVSA LP 15M (T)10,03386794.6 [Cert]
295JL6USD2014JA6SA LP 15M (T)9,91863577.0 [Cert]
296PY7AHA2011PYSA LP 15M (T)9,558645914.8 [Cert]
297KF0IQ2014W0SA LP 15M9,34857579.3 [Cert]
298PY2KC2016PYSA LP 15M9,12058577.5 [Cert]
299JI1BDQ2011JA1SA LP 15M (T)8,905666512.7 [Cert]
300EI3CTB2016EISA LP 15M (T)8,288757411.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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