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2701M0BGR2008GSO QRP ALL36120192.6 [Cert]
2702EX8BN2011EXSO QRP ALL36012122.5 [Cert]
2703N6AZE1996W6SO QRP ALL3601918  
2704NF8M2006W8SO QRP ALL33618163.4  
2705KK7C1986W7SO QRP ALL3363515  
2706IO7W2014ISO QRP ALL33023222.0IK7LVE[Cert]
2707WX4RM2011W4SO QRP ALL32513131.9 [Cert]
2708DL1HSI2017DLSO QRP ALL32418180.6 [Cert]
2709VA7CPC2007VE7SO QRP ALL32411926.5  
2710OK/DL2DXA/P2017OKSO QRP ALL31515151.7 [Cert]
2711AD0BI2016W0SO QRP ALL (T)31515154.6 [Cert]
2712SM6BSM1993SMSO QRP ALL3151615  
2713KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)30814142.6 [Cert]
2714JE1ILP2012JA1SO QRP ALL288980.9 [Cert]
2715JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL28614132.0 [Cert]
2716K7MK2017W7SO QRP ALL28015140.8 [Cert]
2717IW2NRI2013ISO QRP ALL (T)27313130.5 [Cert]
2718VA3RKM2008VE3SO QRP ALL26011100.8 [Cert]
2719VE3DTI2013VE3SO QRP ALL25010103.3 [Cert]
2720JE1ILP2013JA1SO QRP ALL24211113.6 [Cert]
2721PY1CMT2010PYSO QRP ALL23413136.0 [Cert]
2722WB8MWR1985W8SO QRP ALL2342926  
2723KA0KKV1988W0SO QRP ALL2282319  
2724PA3AFF1985PASO QRP ALL2251515  
2725JG1BGT2015JA1SO QRP ALL22010101.0 [Cert]
27264D1N2009DUSO QRP ALL22013113.7 [Cert]
2727KB0KFX/92016W9SO QRP ALL20911111.2 [Cert]
2728IZ2ZPH2014ISO QRP ALL20813132.0 [Cert]
2729JG1BGT2014JA1SO QRP ALL20414121.3 [Cert]
2730AC9DN/82014W8SO QRP ALL19811112.2 [Cert]
2731N8AXA1991W8SO QRP ALL198109  
2732KE3KD2017W3SO QRP ALL19614141.7 [Cert]
2733SM7BNG1980SMSO QRP ALL1921212  
2734WB6HVH2013W6SO QRP ALL (T)176982.3 [Cert]
2735Y21DH/P1982DMSO QRP ALL1761211  
2736JR6KBF2015JA6SO QRP ALL16513112.3 [Cert]
2737UT5MB2005UTSO QRP ALL1651311  
2738K9XB2017W9SO QRP ALL16010101.7 [Cert]
2739RZ4AA2012UA-4SO QRP ALL160880.4 [Cert]
2740WB8SDA2008W8SO QRP ALL15614121.5 [Cert]
2741JG1BGT2017JA1SO QRP ALL15412111.3 [Cert]
2742W1SGC/42013W4SO QRP ALL (T)144991.5 [Cert]
2743EA1BYA2008EASO QRP ALL14311110.7 [Cert]
2744NV1W2017W1SO QRP ALL13213122.6 [Cert]
2745SV1OCN2014SVSO QRP ALL (R)126992.2 [Cert]
2746Y24DG1985DMSO QRP ALL12699  
2747IK1DQW2016ISO QRP ALL117991.7 [Cert]
2748DG3SBM2014DLSO QRP ALL11010100.8 [Cert]
2749YO4ATW2014YOSO QRP ALL102660.7 [Cert]
2750N6XI/22004W2SO QRP ALL999925.4  
2751JE1ILP2016JA1SO QRP ALL98774.4 [Cert]
27527M2KXI1995JA1SO QRP ALL9887  
2753KC7FCW2017W7SO QRP ALL96981.7 [Cert]
2754KV6T2003W6SO QRP ALL917724.4  
2755JG1BGT2016JA1SO QRP ALL901191.7 [Cert]
2756JE1ILP2014JA1SO QRP ALL9055 [Cert]
2757PA1B2016PASO QRP ALL (T)88880.8 [Cert]
2758HI7/AD8J2006HISO QRP ALL805525.2  
2759OZ1JFK2017OZSO QRP ALL77770.7 [Cert]
2760PY2ZQ2015PYSO QRP ALL72880.9  
2761W2JEK2017W2SO QRP ALL70771.0 [Cert]
2762UR3QOD2015URSO QRP ALL (R)66661.1 [Cert]
2763RA4UAT2010UA-4SO QRP ALL66660.5 [Cert]
2764RZ4AA2010UA-4SO QRP ALL60660.5 [Cert]
2765EA1DVY1990EASO QRP ALL6076  
2766WJ1R2016W1SO QRP ALL (T)54660.7 [Cert]
2767JA1POS2016JA1SO QRP ALL50551.0 [Cert]
2768IS0/IZ8SAR2012ISSO QRP ALL (T)451131.2 [Cert]
2769KZ5OM/62015W6SO QRP ALL (T)40551.3 [Cert]
2770AB8DF2001W8SO QRP ALL364424.3  
2771KC2RZZ2016W2SO QRP ALL35551.3  
2772JG1BGT2012JA1SO QRP ALL32440.6 [Cert]
2773IQ1TG2012ISO QRP ALL (T)30931.2IZ1GJH[Cert]
2774VA3RKM2009VE3SO QRP ALL30330.1 [Cert]
2775UC2WBP1986EUSO QRP ALL3033  
2776IT9CEL/CT32014CT3SO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 [Cert]
2777IW1FV/EA92014EA9SO QRP ALL (T)27610.8 [Cert]
2778IZ1GXA/3V20143VSO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 [Cert]
2779IZ1GZT/EA82014EA8SO QRP ALL (T)27610.8 [Cert]
2780IZ1SGO/CN82014CNSO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 [Cert]
2781IZ1XRS/IT92012IT9SO QRP ALL (R)20821.1 [Cert]
2782DH0JAE2010DLSO QRP ALL20441.1 [Cert]
2783LU7HZ2010LUSO QRP ALL18330.8 [Cert]
2784LA1PHA2004LASO QRP ALL164424.3  
2785V85AN2017V8SO QRP ALL15430.3 [Cert]
2786IS0/IZ8SAR2014ISSO QRP ALL (T)9610.9 [Cert]
2787IZ1MHA/9H20149HSO QRP ALL (T)961 [Cert]
2788KJ4UZX2010W4SO QRP ALL (T)9330.2 [Cert]
2789K2JF2017W2SO QRP ALL633 [Cert]
2790NA1DX2017W3SO QRP ALL (T)422 [Cert]
2791DG8MG2014DLSO QRP ALL (T)331 [Cert]
2792DJ5MN2014DLSO QRP ALL (T)3310.7 [Cert]
2793K6MI2005W6SO QRP ALL31125.9  
2794JA1POS2017JA1SO QRP ALL2220.6 [Cert]
2795DG3SBM2015DLSO QRP ALL2220.6 [Cert]
2796LZ2LE2007LZSO QRP ALL0  24.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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