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2701US4IXT2009URSO LP ALL (T)8,10056546.9US0ITU[Cert]
2702GW3VQO2008GWSO LP ALL (T)8,02476682.1 [Cert]
2703DL5BCF2007DLSO LP ALL (T)7,95686786.8  
2704EA7TG1996EASO LP ALL (T)7,9067959  
2705N4DXI2008W4SO LP ALL (T)7,86966615.7 [Cert]
2706VE7BGP2017VE7SO LP ALL (T)7,86668578.8 [Cert]
2707KM4FO2015W4SO LP ALL (T)7,80081756.4 [Cert]
2708EA3CWT2005EASO LP ALL (T)7,78863596.8  
2709UA9OV2017RA9SO LP ALL (T)7,78344438.0  
2710PY2AER2000PYSO LP ALL (T)7,7505150  
2711KY0W/62004W6SO LP ALL (T)7,68677618.2W6ZZZ 
2712NA6E2002W6SO LP ALL (T)7,656695827.3  
2713K6UM/72005W7SO LP ALL (T)7,59060552.3  
2714JO1WIZ2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)7,56074546.3 [Cert]
27154K9W20174JSO LP ALL (T)7,55052507.9 [Cert]
2716AA4QE2017W4SO LP ALL (T)7,52491766.3 [Cert]
2717G3VQO2008GSO LP ALL (T)7,47489746.6 [Cert]
2718KT3Q/62014W6SO LP ALL (T)7,30059502.2DF8DX[Cert]
2719W1MJ2008W1SO LP ALL (T)7,28060562.6 [Cert]
2720K2RD/KH62004KH6SO LP ALL (T)7,216524427.3  
2721OK7N2007OKSO LP ALL (T)7,14056515.6  
2722W9LYA2005W9SO LP ALL (T)7,089585126.7  
2723PY4PW2006PYSO LP ALL (T)7,003534710.1  
2724WB4JFS2016W4SO LP ALL (T)6,955816516.1 [Cert]
2725K3GW2007W3SO LP ALL (T)6,94468562.9  
2726N6NM2007W6SO LP ALL (T)6,94477622.9  
2727K1EP2003W1SO LP ALL (T)6,808504626.4  
2728SP1MWN2011SPSO LP ALL (T)6,79071708.4 [Cert]
2729KM2L2015W2SO LP ALL (T)6,76849472.1 [Cert]
2730KG6HAF2007W6SO LP ALL (T)6,72068605.8  
2731JI1RWG2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,43260486.5 [Cert]
2732DL9ZWG2007DLSO LP ALL (T)6,40272664.9  
2733KS4X2017W4SO LP ALL (T)6,38460564.6 [Cert]
2734AD6Z2001W6SO LP ALL (T)6,3648574  
2735N2WKS2001W2SO LP ALL (T)6,33648482.1  
2736WA0MHJ2001W0SO LP ALL (T)6,302504625.7  
2737YU1RA2013YUSO LP ALL (T)6,26461543.3 [Cert]
2738DF5AU2003DLSO LP ALL (T)6,25062504.0  
2739WA4MIY2011W4SO LP ALL (T)6,21659569.1 [Cert]
2740K0IO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)6,15661543.0 [Cert]
2741JA1CRJ2015JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,07248463.7 [Cert]
2742WW6D2016W6SO LP ALL (T)6,05060553.8 [Cert]
2743JH1DVG2007JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,04872546.6  
2744IZ7DMT2014ISO LP ALL (T)6,03266584.4 [Cert]
2745N6GL/KY72017W7SO LP ALL (T)5,90065509.1 [Cert]
2746JF1DAJ2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,83064539.4 [Cert]
2747ON4KVA2001ONSO LP ALL (T)5,814555112.1  
2748US5EEK2010URSO LP ALL (T)5,74262581.8 [Cert]
2749JE1SHW2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,73456476.5 [Cert]
2750HB9WDY2011HBSO LP ALL (T)5,640616010.3 [Cert]
2751KI6OY2015W6SO LP ALL (T)5,529705714.2 [Cert]
2752WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP ALL (T)5,45251473.7 [Cert]
2753SM0OY2005SMSO LP ALL (T)5,45059503.1  
2754EH8DDC2013EA8SO LP ALL (T)5,41848432.7 [Cert]
2755LY2N2017LYSO LP ALL (T)5,23250482.1 [Cert]
2756K9FO2013W9SO LP ALL (T)5,23257482.3 [Cert]
2757NT6K2013W6SO LP ALL (T)5,22566553.5K6KYJ[Cert]
2758RA6AR2006UA-6SO LP ALL (T)5,15051502.2  
2759JA1CCX2013JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,12449427.2 [Cert]
2760IK2IKW2011ISO LP ALL (T)5,09659562.9 [Cert]
2761N7NT2008W7SO LP ALL (T)5,07463593.0 [Cert]
2762N6AJR2009W6SO LP ALL (T)5,02956472.6 [Cert]
2763KU6W2011W6SO LP ALL (T)5,00560552.2N6GQ[Cert]
2764DK2LO2009DLSO LP ALL (T)5,00052506.2 [Cert]
2765JH8DBI2011JA8SO LP ALL (T)4,96846463.3 [Cert]
2766W6ZZZ2006W6SO LP ALL (T)4,96866547.1  
2767YC2MDU2016YBSO LP ALL (T)4,95347397.7 [Cert]
2768UT5EDU2011URSO LP ALL (T)4,95054504.5 [Cert]
2769JE1GZB2015JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,88862525.4 [Cert]
2770KE7DX2008W7SO LP ALL (T)4,80254498.9 [Cert]
2771XE1FZE2011XESO LP ALL (T)4,76044403.4 [Cert]
2772JF1GZZ2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,69258517.8 [Cert]
2773CC4A2001CESO LP ALL (T)4,674433825.1CE4USW 
2774KN0W/72016W7SO LP ALL (T)4,64862568.3 [Cert]
27756I2RC2007XESO LP ALL (T)4,6014743XE2RC 
2776AA4H2011W4SO LP ALL (T)4,51249485.9 [Cert]
27777N4CPT2011JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,36849395.6 [Cert]
2778OO9O2006ONSO LP ALL (T)4,35055502.1ON7SS 
2779DG7RO2012DLSO LP ALL (T)4,32448476.4 [Cert]
2780DJ3HW2009DLSO LP ALL (T)4,32450464.4 [Cert]
2781KT6V/42008W4SO LP ALL (T)4,29045391.1K9VV[Cert]
2782ON6LO2014ONSO LP ALL (T)4,25659567.6 [Cert]
2783K9HCK2007W9SO LP ALL (T)4,21259523.3  
2784JJ1WWL/12012JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,20042402.6 [Cert]
2785RV4CO2013UA-4SO LP ALL (T)4,15844421.6 [Cert]
2786VA7MM2009VE7SO LP ALL (T)4,13038352.4 [Cert]
2787JA1MZM2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)3,99641371.9 [Cert]
2788N1YX2010W1SO LP ALL (T)3,96957494.4 [Cert]
2789GM1C2014GMSO LP ALL (T)3,91047462.7GM1BSG[Cert]
2790JE1SHW2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)3,90642423.9 [Cert]
2791K1VSJ2005W1SO LP ALL (T)3,9004139  
2792UA3NFI2016UA-3SO LP ALL (T)3,86442422.4 [Cert]
2793NJ8J/42014W4SO LP ALL (T)3,83841381.8  
2794SV7CUD2014SVSO LP ALL (T)3,82244425.8 [Cert]
2795JN1UEP/42000JA4SO LP ALL (T)3,8113837  
2796IK3TPP2015ISO LP ALL (T)3,79249482.8 [Cert]
2797OZ1JFK2013OZSO LP ALL (T)3,78444432.2 [Cert]
2798DV1UBY2010DUSO LP ALL (T)3,776393211.5 [Cert]
2799W3FQE2003W3SO LP ALL (T)3,77440345.4  
2800JL3PPN2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,73558454.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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