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2601IW2NRI2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,16624221.5 [Cert]
2602RX9CBS2014RA9SO QRP ALL1,16622223.0 [Cert]
2603N1JI2017W1SO QRP ALL1,15522211.2 [Cert]
2604KB7ST2011W7SO QRP ALL (T)1,15538338.9 [Cert]
2605F5VHP2015FSO QRP ALL (T)1,14829282.4 [Cert]
2606OK2SBJ1985OKOMSO QRP ALL1,1455746  
2607US0YA2008URSO QRP ALL1,14429262.5 [Cert]
2608DH0JAE2013DLSO QRP ALL1,14031302.8 [Cert]
2609AD4IE2015W4SO QRP ALL1,13421210.8 [Cert]
2610VK3JS2005VKSO QRP ALL1,13427214.7  
2611RX1CQ2017UA-1SO QRP ALL (T)1,12033322.5 [Cert]
2612MI6GTY2012GISO QRP ALL (T)1,09221214.6 [Cert]
2613PY2IAX2008PYSO QRP ALL1,09224214.3 [Cert]
2614AD7BN2005W7SO QRP ALL (R)1,092292827.9  
2615IZ7FLP2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,08021202.7 [Cert]
2616RW0LKA1998RA0SO QRP ALL1,0753325  
2617PX5E2004PYSO QRP ALL1,0712121  
2618W7TX2016W7SO QRP ALL1,06629261.6 [Cert]
2619PY4ZO2007PYSO QRP ALL1,064201925.1  
2620JA1POS2009JA1SO QRP ALL1,02022206.7 [Cert]
2621IK1VEK2013ISO QRP ALL1,01427263.2 [Cert]
2622ON3AD2009ONSO QRP ALL97527254.2 [Cert]
2623UT1AB2009URSO QRP ALL96025241.6 [Cert]
2624DH0JAE1996DLSO QRP ALL9432923  
2625NE6SW2014W6SO QRP ALL93625242.8 [Cert]
2626PA0RBO2005PASO QRP ALL93626266.0  
2627PY2XC2004PYSO QRP ALL93523175.4  
2628HS0GBI/22008HSSO QRP ALL93017152.2 [Cert]
2629W0IFL2002W0SO QRP ALL (R)90322215.3  
2630W2JEK1987W2SO QRP ALL9032321  
2631EA4CU2015EASO QRP ALL (T)90025254.0 [Cert]
2632SP5NOG1993SPSO QRP ALL9002625  
26339M2MDX20159M2SO QRP ALL (R)89318193.3  
2634G3XOB2014GSO QRP ALL88824245.3 [Cert]
2635US0YA2007URSO QRP ALL87525251.8  
2636AB5OU1994W5SO QRP ALL8745246  
2637OZ1DGQ2017OZSO QRP ALL86428272.6 [Cert]
2638K9OSH1994W9SO QRP ALL8642524  
2639NQ2W2010W2SO QRP ALL85822222.4 [Cert]
2640KE6CC2006W6SO QRP ALL (T)851232326.4  
2641AE3J2017W3SO QRP ALL84020202.7  
2642AC5ZQ2007W5SO QRP ALL (T)840242425.7  
2643JG7UVO2014JA7SO QRP ALL83317174.2 [Cert]
2644CT/LZ3ND2008CTSO QRP ALL82819181.2 [Cert]
2645WA4ZOF2014W4SO QRP ALL81018182.0 [Cert]
2646DL2TM2006DLSO QRP ALL79232244.8  
2647DK5RY1980DLSO QRP ALL7922522  
26489A/OZ8A20119ASO QRP ALL77724213.9 [Cert]
2649JQ2OUL/22010JA2SO QRP ALL76021203.5 [Cert]
2650VE7EKS1996VE7SO QRP ALL7602120  
2651YO3GLH2011YOSO QRP ALL75624213.5 [Cert]
2652JJ1LRD2003JA1SO QRP ALL75620182.8  
2653PA1B2014PASO QRP ALL (T)75427262.7 [Cert]
2654EA4OR2004EASO QRP ALL74822223.2  
2655YO4HHP2015YOSO QRP ALL74425241.9 [Cert]
2656VE7EKS1992VE7SO QRP ALL7382018  
2657PU5UAI2011PYSO QRP ALL (R)70417164.8 [Cert]
2658WQ2RP2008W2SO QRP ALL70423221.6N2CQ[Cert]
2659PA1B2013PASO QRP ALL (T)69023233.6 [Cert]
26605P8A2013OZSO QRP ALL68222223.9OZ8A[Cert]
2661N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL68017170.9 [Cert]
2662UW3WU2014URSO QRP ALL66519191.3 [Cert]
2663PY4CR2017PYSO QRP ALL66317172.5 [Cert]
2664VA7AD2015VE7SO QRP ALL66318174.0 [Cert]
2665SM7CZC1991SMSO QRP ALL6632017  
2666SP9RQH2011SPSO QRP ALL65122210.5 [Cert]
2667UA6WBZ1981UA-6SO QRP ALL6301615  
2668UA1CEE2016UA-1SO QRP ALL62020202.3 [Cert]
2669JR1USU2012JA1SO QRP ALL60816166.7 [Cert]
2670K5OI1998W5SO QRP ALL5982723  
2671VE9QRP2005VE1SO QRP ALL (T)59217162.5  
2672VU3PRH2015VUSO QRP ALL (T)56117171.5 [Cert]
2673W2DMZ/42014W4SO QRP ALL (T)54614141.5 [Cert]
2674AF6NI2012W6SO QRP ALL54021182.6 [Cert]
2675PA1W2010PASO QRP ALL54020202.8 [Cert]
2676DH6YMC2014DLSO QRP ALL53220190.8 [Cert]
2677W2JEK1986W2SO QRP ALL5281212  
2678JM1KLO2012JA1SO QRP ALL52219182.0 [Cert]
2679JQ1CON2014JA1SO QRP ALL (T)51015152.2 [Cert]
26807K1CPT2008JA1SO QRP ALL50420180.6 [Cert]
2681YO4CXD1990YOSO QRP ALL5042112  
2682NO2D/02009W0SO QRP ALL50022202.5 [Cert]
2683AB5OU1995W5SO QRP ALL5002625  
2684K3HX2017W3SO QRP ALL (T)49616164.8 [Cert]
2685DL3LQM2017DLSO QRP ALL49515150.7 [Cert]
2686WD6DX2013W6SO QRP ALL49320171.8 [Cert]
2687SP6AYP2002SPSO QRP ALL49214121.5  
2688JL6JNZ1992JA6SO QRP ALL486189  
2689KB1KXL2017W6SO QRP ALL48424226.7 [Cert]
2690N4OB2007W4SO QRP ALL480161625.5  
2691JE1ILP2015JA1SO QRP ALL47615143.2 [Cert]
2692K5OI1997W5SO QRP ALL4762017  
2693RZ9W/32015UA-3SO QRP ALL47519192.4 [Cert]
2694OH2BLU1985OHSO QRP ALL4472121  
2695LY2OU2013LYSO QRP ALL43422141.5  
26968J6P/62006JA6SO QRP ALL39613122.7  
2697RN1CW2017UA-1SO QRP ALL38412121.0  
2698WA5RML2014W5SO QRP ALL38419161.8 [Cert]
2699JG1BGT2013JA1SO QRP ALL37815141.9 [Cert]
2700W2JEK1982W2SO QRP ALL3742522  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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