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2401JA1KAL1999JA1SO LP ALL216109  
2402JK1VOZ2015JA1SO QRP 10M21615124.4 [Cert]
2403JA1AAT1982JA1SO HP 15M209119  
2404JE1SPY2013JA1SO LP 160M20816132.9 [Cert]
2405JL1DUU2000JA1SO HP ALL20799  
2406JH1SGG2015JA1SO LP ALL207893.6 [Cert]
2407JG1BGT2014JA1SO QRP ALL20414121.3 [Cert]
2408JI1JPJ/72016JA1SO LP 15M20010101.9 [Cert]
2409JQ1OCR2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)20010100.7 [Cert]
2410JA1VVH2004JA1SO LP 80M1968725.7  
2411JA1AJA1983JA1SO HP 15M19288  
2412JG1UOT1985JA1SO HP 20M19288  
2413JE1GZB2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212120.6 [Cert]
2414JK1CYF2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212123.4 [Cert]
2415JA1AAT2001JA1SO LP 15M19288  
2416JR1AHP2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)192881.0 [Cert]
2417JG1SWV2011JA1SO LP 20M (R)189992.1 [Cert]
2418JE1SPY1980JA1SO HP 160M1821413  
2419JE1SPY2015JA1SO LP 160M18215142.5 [Cert]
2420JA1GZK2015JA1SO QRP 10M (T)18010101.6 [Cert]
2421JQ6PAQ/12009JA1SO QRP 15M18013120.9 [Cert]
2422JA1IZZ2003JA1SO LP 80M168661.9  
2423JR7HOD/12009JA1SO LP ALL168760.8 [Cert]
2424JH9HXF/11985JA1SO QRP 10M1682621  
2425JF1NZW1985JA1SO HP 160M162119  
2426JS1GHA1986JA1SO HP 40M16299  
2427JI1BDQ2010JA1SO LP 40M (T)162662.4 [Cert]
2428JA1OYB1984JA1SO HP 20M1601210  
2429JH1CFV2017JA1SO LP 15M16010101.6 [Cert]
2430JG1BGT2017JA1SO QRP ALL15412111.3 [Cert]
2431JS1PXE1986JA1SO QRP 15M15399  
2432JE1SPY2005JA1SO LP 160M15010101.9  
2433JL1MWI2012JA1SO LP 15M144880.8 [Cert]
2434JQ1KRT2010JA1SO HP 15M14311111.2 [Cert]
2435JL7FBV/12009JA1SO LP 10M14313117.8 [Cert]
2436JH1NXU2011JA1SO LP 20M14011100.7 [Cert]
2437JR1UMO2007JA1SO LP 20M133771.2  
2438JN1BBO2008JA1SO LP ALL133771.6 [Cert]
2439JK1REJ1989JA1SO QRP 20M13377  
2440JK1FZR2015JA1SA LP 10M12010104.9 [Cert]
2441JN1RQV2008JA1SO HP ALL120661.6 [Cert]
2442JE1HTV2017JA1SO LP 15M12012120.3 [Cert]
2443JA1POS2010JA1SO QRP 20M12010102.7 [Cert]
24447K2GMF1992JA1SO LP ALL1141312  
2445JA1YAG1987JA1SO HP 10M1121514  
2446JF1ABZ/12003JA1SO LP ALL1127724.9  
2447JA1XEM1999JA1SO HP 10M10866  
2448JI1LAI2011JA1SO LP 15M105770.9 [Cert]
2449JG1FGL2007JA1SO LP ALL10577  
2450JA1YAG1987JA1SO HP 80M1001210  
2451JA1VVH1994JA1SO LP 10M991311  
2452JR1AHH1982JA1SO HP 10M9877  
2453JA1AAV1998JA1SO LP 40M9877  
2454JE1ILP2016JA1SO QRP ALL98774.4 [Cert]
24557M2KXI1995JA1SO QRP ALL9887  
2456JG1DUZ2017JA1SO HP 40M96440.9 [Cert]
2457JO1WIZ2007JA1SO LP 15M (T)968824.8  
2458JA1KPF2006JA1SO QRP 15M968825.8  
24597K1CPT1997JA1SO QRP 15M9666  
2460JK1TCV2017JA1SO QRP 20M96880.9 [Cert]
2461JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M9187  
2462JF1OPO2015JA1SO LP 40M91870.7 [Cert]
2463JL3OXR/12011JA1SO QRP 10M91771.6 [Cert]
2464JA1LNZ2017JA1SA HP ALL90550.7 [Cert]
2465JL1LNC2014JA1SO HP ALL (T)90660.3 [Cert]
2466JN1RQV2012JA1SO HP ALL90661.5 [Cert]
2467JE1SPY2000JA1SO LP 160M (T)90109  
2468JG1BGT2016JA1SO QRP ALL901191.7 [Cert]
2469JE1ILP2014JA1SO QRP ALL9055 [Cert]
2470JE1SPY2006JA1SO LP 160M881083.2  
2471JA1AJA1981JA1SO HP 15M8477  
2472JJ1PTI2011JA1SO LP 15M (T)84772.1 [Cert]
2473JS1BXH2017JA1SO LP ALL84661.0 [Cert]
2474JR1UMO2011JA1SO LP ALL84661.4 [Cert]
2475JE1SPY1999JA1SO LP 160M80108  
2476JH1GTU2016JA1SO LP ALL (T)80552.6 [Cert]
2477JA2KCY/12013JA1SO LP ALL77770.2 [Cert]
2478JN1RQV2017JA1SO HP ALL76540.3 [Cert]
2479JK1TCV2009JA1SO QRP 20M75550.7 [Cert]
2480JI1KLL2016JA1SA HP ALL70771.3 [Cert]
2481JA1AJA1986JA1SO HP 15M6555  
2482JK1LUY2017JA1SO HP 20M65550.1 [Cert]
2483JA1IZZ2011JA1SO LP 20M65550.3 [Cert]
2484JE1ILP2017JA1SO LP ALL65651.0 [Cert]
2485JN1BBO2015JA1SO LP ALL65550.3  
2486JR1FVW2009JA1SO LP 15M60660.2 [Cert]
2487JI1LAI2007JA1SO LP 15M60661.7  
2488JQ1PCT2015JA1SO LP ALL55550.9 [Cert]
2489JL1KLK2013JA1SO LP ALL55550.7 [Cert]
2490JK1TCV2013JA1SO QRP 10M55550.7 [Cert]
2491JA1AAT1990JA1SO QRP 10M5555  
2492JR1FVW2010JA1SO LP 15M54660.5 [Cert]
2493JF1WCK2017JA1SO LP ALL541191.4 [Cert]
2494JA1POS2016JA1SO QRP ALL50551.0 [Cert]
2495JE1SPY2003JA1SO LP 160M49771.0  
2496JQ1AHZ2003JA1SO LP 15M486625.9  
2497JL1IBL2013JA1SO LP ALL48440.6 [Cert]
2498JA1GFD2011JA1SO LP ALL48660.3 [Cert]
24997L2OHM2011JA1SA LP 10M45550.3 [Cert]
2500JK1LUY2008JA1SO HP 20M45550.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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