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2301JQ1CON2014JA1SO QRP ALL (T)51015152.2 [Cert]
2302JG1FGL2000JA1SO LP ALL5071313  
23037K1CPT2008JA1SO QRP ALL50420180.6 [Cert]
2304JA1GYO2003JA1SO LP 15M496171625.8  
2305JA1ISJ2005JA1SO HP ALL (T)49517153.9  
2306JA1AIU1990JA1SO HP 80M4801716  
2307JO1WIZ2008JA1SO LP 20M (T)48020201.1 [Cert]
2308JE1ILP2015JA1SO QRP ALL47615143.2 [Cert]
2309JG1LUD1990JA1SO HP ALL4752625  
2310JA1XPU1992JA1SO LP 10M4561919  
2311JA1POS1994JA1SO LP 20M4562119  
2312JA1BBC2015JA1SO HP 80M45016151.9 [Cert]
2313JG1BUG2000JA1SO LP ALL4501110  
2314JN1BBO2010JA1SO LP ALL44814142.3 [Cert]
2315JA1AAV1984JA1SO HP ALL4401010  
23167N4KQM2016JA1SA LP ALL43723194.4 [Cert]
2317JA1IKA2012JA1SO LP ALL43515153.5 [Cert]
2318JE1SPY2014JA1SO LP 160M43222183.9 [Cert]
2319JA1AJA1988JA1SO HP 15M4291313  
2320JH1NXU1994JA1SO LP 15M4291313  
2321JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M42018154.4  
2322JH1EYS2015JA1SA LP 15M41421233.7 [Cert]
2323JA1XPU1996JA1SO LP 40M41499  
2324JS1KQQ2015JA1SA HP 15M (T)40812121.4 [Cert]
2325JA1AAT1980JA1SO HP 10M4081212  
2326JQ1QNV2014JA1SO LP 20M40313132.3 [Cert]
2327JI1FYC1992JA1SO QRP 15M4031313  
2328JQ1PPH/11986JA1SO HP 40M3961211  
2329JM1NKT2008JA1SO LP 160M (T)37821145.4 [Cert]
2330JG1BGT2013JA1SO QRP ALL37815141.9 [Cert]
2331JA1DM2013JA1SO HP ALL37212121.9 [Cert]
2332JF1WQC2008JA1SO QRP 20M36819163.6 [Cert]
2333JQ1EPD2017JA1SA LP 20M36414144.1 [Cert]
2334JK1LUY2005JA1SO HP 20M364141325.6  
2335JR1AHP2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)36311110.6 [Cert]
2336JI1BDQ2015JA1SA LP 15M36012122.6 [Cert]
2337JA1DDZ2011JA1SO LP ALL35211110.7 [Cert]
2338JJ1YSU1992JA1SO LP 15M3511313  
2339JM1SMY1985JA1SO HP 10M3503125  
2340JE1XAD2014JA1SO LP 15M34812121.9 [Cert]
2341JH1OES/12012JA1SO QRP 20M34219184.2 [Cert]
2342JA1LPV2005JA1SO LP 20M3411111  
2343JO1WIZ2009JA1SO LP ALL (T)33620143.1 [Cert]
2344JA1LIH1992JA1SO LP 40M33587  
2345JK1LUY2016JA1SO HP 20M33016150.9 [Cert]
2346JA1XZF2014JA1SO HP ALL33011112.5 [Cert]
2347JH1ADR1988JA1SO HP ALL3301211  
2348JA1AAT2002JA1SO LP 10M3251313  
2349JF1ELQ2016JA1SO LP 15M32516131.4 [Cert]
2350JE1SPY2011JA1SO LP 160M32219145.1 [Cert]
2351JA1AAT1998JA1SO LP 10M3201916  
2352JA1POS2012JA1SO QRP 20M32016163.5 [Cert]
2353JA1AAT2007JA1SO LP 10M3151515  
2354JG1WKM2011JA1SO LP 15M31515151.8 [Cert]
2355JH1CFV2013JA1SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 [Cert]
2356JG1FZG1980JA1SO HP 20M306129  
23577K1SLY2016JA1SO LP ALL306991.5 [Cert]
23587K2PBB2000JA1SO LP 10M3001312  
23597L4IOU2015JA1SA LP ALL29711111.2 [Cert]
2360JA1LKY2017JA1SA LP 15M28818162.8 [Cert]
2361JG1FGL1998JA1SO LP 20M2881212  
2362JE1ILP2012JA1SO QRP ALL288980.9 [Cert]
2363JO1WIZ2016JA1SO LP 10M (T)28515152.4 [Cert]
2364JA1AAT1994JA1SO HP 15M2801210  
2365JK1LUY2015JA1SO LP 15M28010101.1 [Cert]
2366JI1LAI2009JA1SO LP 15M28010100.8 [Cert]
2367JM1DSC2010JA1SO LP ALL28014143.1 [Cert]
2368JI1UDD2013JA1SO LP ALL27313130.8 [Cert]
2369JH1RRP2014JA1SO LP ALL2701091.1 [Cert]
2370JO1LDY1987JA1SO QRP 15M2552117  
2371JH1APK2012JA1SA HP 40M (T)252770.8 [Cert]
2372JN1RQV2014JA1SA HP ALL252990.8 [Cert]
2373JA1LIH1987JA1SO HP 40M25277  
2374JQ1KRT2011JA1SO LP 10M25213122.4 [Cert]
2375JK1NSR2015JA1SO LP 15M2521090.7 [Cert]
2376JA1XPU1994JA1SO LP 15M2501110  
2377JH1APK2015JA1SA HP 20M (T)243992.7 [Cert]
2378JA1AJA1984JA1SO HP 15M243279  
2379JL1NIE2012JA1SO LP 20M243991.9 [Cert]
2380JA1AAT2005JA1SO LP 10M2421211  
2381JM1IXB1999JA1SO LP 15M2421211  
2382JE1ILP2013JA1SO QRP ALL24211113.6 [Cert]
2383JA1AAT1987JA1SO HP 15M2401010  
2384JQ1VDJ/12013JA1SO LP 15M24010100.9 [Cert]
2385JA1FRQ2011JA1SO LP ALL24010101.3 [Cert]
2386JH1BUB1992JA1SO LP 15M2281712  
2387JE1SPY2004JA1SO LP 160M2281912  
2388JE1SPY2001JA1SO LP 160M2281412  
2389JK1FUP2016JA1SA LP 20M (T)225998.5 [Cert]
2390JR1LLD2014JA1SA QRP 15M225991.5 [Cert]
2391JR1BVP2016JA1SO LP ALL225990.2 [Cert]
2392JJ4NZO/12010JA1SO LP 40M22415141.1 [Cert]
2393JA1GO1984JA1SO HP 10M2201010  
2394JI1LNR1990JA1SO HP 15M2201010  
2395JH1CNN1984JA1SO HP ALL2201111  
2396JA1PTO2003JA1SO QRP 10M22012112.7  
2397JG1BGT2015JA1SO QRP ALL22010101.0 [Cert]
2398JA1POS1991JA1SO HP ALL2161212  
2399JA1CSN2017JA1SO LP ALL216991.6 [Cert]
2400JI1BHO2017JA1SO LP ALL216990.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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