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2201JA1BBC2014JA1SO HP 80M92427213.6 [Cert]
2202JL1MWI2011JA1SO LP ALL92435333.7 [Cert]
2203JA1PTJ2014JA1SA HP ALL92020201.8 [Cert]
2204JR1CER1981JA1SO HP 10M9181817  
22057K2PBB2004JA1SO LP 10M91230245.0  
2206JF1OPL2017JA1SO HP ALL89724232.4 [Cert]
22077K2PBB1999JA1SO LP 10M8951715  
22087K2PBB2003JA1SO LP 10M88222213.7  
2209JA1MZM2016JA1SA LP 15M (T)88023200.7 [Cert]
2210JM1EKM2014JA1SA LP 15M86418181.7 [Cert]
2211JH8SEG/12011JA1SO LP 15M86429245.8 [Cert]
2212JP1GVC2009JA1SO QRP 40M86413120.8 [Cert]
2213JA1BIV2013JA1SA LP ALL86121213.1 [Cert]
2214JH1CFV2015JA1SO LP 15M85519194.3 [Cert]
2215JA1JAT1980JA1SO HP 15M8461918  
2216JA1STY2015JA1SO LP ALL84019212.5  
2217JA1XZF2016JA1SO HP ALL83317173.5 [Cert]
2218JA1UPO1980JA1SO HP 20M8252115  
2219JL1EJO1982JA1SO HP 15M8202120  
2220JG1MIJ2016JA1SO LP 15M81921215.6 [Cert]
2221JA1MZM2014JA1SO LP ALL81719191.3 [Cert]
22227K2PBB2001JA1SO LP 10M79820197.3  
2223JE1ALA2005JA1SO LP 10M79224227.1  
2224JH1XUM2017JA1SA HP ALL78016153.7 [Cert]
2225JP1QDH2013JA1SA LP ALL (T)78020202.0 [Cert]
2226JH1NHY1990JA1SO HP ALL7802512  
2227JL7FBV/12011JA1SO LP 15M77721212.5 [Cert]
2228JJ1ZEJ2010JA1MULTI-ONE HP77529251.0JR1TCY JL1HSD[Cert]
2229JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL (T)768161625.2  
2230JA1WWO2015JA1SO HP ALL76817162.4 [Cert]
2231JE1SPY2007JA1SO LP 160M76025205.7  
2232JE1SPY2016JA1SO LP 160M75933235.5 [Cert]
2233JJ1LRD2003JA1SO QRP ALL75620182.8  
2234JR1MEG/12013JA1SO LP 15M74822225.3 [Cert]
2235JJ1INO1981JA1SO QRP 40M7481817  
22367M4PJX2001JA1SO LP ALL74214140.5  
2237JE1HTV2016JA1SO LP 15M74021200.8 [Cert]
2238JJ1LRD/12017JA1SO LP 20M (T)72219192.2 [Cert]
2239JE1KDM1988JA1SO HP ALL7201716  
2240JH1LBR1987JA1SO QRP 10M7203930  
2241JM1KLO2014JA1SO LP ALL71422172.3 [Cert]
2242JF1KIG2013JA1SO HP ALL70418167.8 [Cert]
2243JN1BBO2009JA1SO LP 15M70319194.3 [Cert]
2244JM1TUY1985JA1SO HP 10M7024939  
2245JA1CCN2017JA1SO HP ALL70219181.0 [Cert]
2246JA1VVH2006JA1SO LP 40M70014140.9  
2247JA1UOA2013JA1SO HP ALL69321212.7 [Cert]
2248JE1SPY2012JA1SO LP 160M69329214.7 [Cert]
2249JA1ANF2015JA1SO LP ALL69321212.7 [Cert]
2250JA1AJA1985JA1SO HP 20M6901615  
2251JA1AB1994JA1SO LP ALL6881916  
2252JA1AAT1984JA1SO HP 15M6802017  
2253JH1TJM2014JA1SO LP 15M (R)68017174.7 [Cert]
2254JG1FZG1979JA1SO HP 20M6721816  
2255JI1LAI2012JA1SO LP 15M67216164.2 [Cert]
2256JQ1CON2016JA1SO LP ALL (T)66724234.1 [Cert]
2257JA1XPU1997JA1SO LP 15M6661918  
2258JE1HRC2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)66317171.9 [Cert]
2259JI1DSU2011JA1SO LP ALL66024222.5 [Cert]
22607N4CPT2008JA1SO LP ALL66018151.4 [Cert]
2261JA1AVI/12014JA1SO LP ALL65616163.5 [Cert]
2262JL1LNC2011JA1SO HP ALL (T)65123211.5 [Cert]
2263JG1GPY2013JA1SO QRP 40M64813121.5 [Cert]
2264JA1BDI1989JA1SO HP 10M6401616  
2265JE1SPY2009JA1SO LP 160M63827224.1 [Cert]
2266JO1JKH2016JA1SO LP 20M (T)63826223.7 [Cert]
2267JJ1WWL2014JA1SO HP 160M (T)63025218.1 [Cert]
2268JK1SDQ2012JA1SO LP ALL63022211.8 [Cert]
2269JJ8GFL/12007JA1SO LP ALL62922172.2  
2270JF1OVA2017JA1SO LP 10M62719194.4 [Cert]
2271JJ1JRH2004JA1SO LP 20M6252525  
2272JK1VOZ2013JA1SO QRP 10M62425246.3 [Cert]
2273JL1MWI1996JA1SO LP 15M6202420  
22747L3DGP2010JA1SO LP ALL62023203.0 [Cert]
2275JH1CWI2013JA1SO LP ALL61615143.7 [Cert]
2276JE1CAC2006JA1SO QRP 20M (T)61515151.1  
2277JH1CFV2016JA1SO LP 15M61219182.4 [Cert]
2278JA1LKY2016JA1SA LP 15M60924213.4 [Cert]
2279JO1JKH/12014JA1SO LP 15M (T)60817163.1  
2280JH1CFV2014JA1SO QRP 15M (R)60817165.6 [Cert]
2281JR1USU2012JA1SO QRP ALL60816166.7 [Cert]
2282JE1TSD2011JA1SO LP 80M60010101.0 [Cert]
2283JA1XUY2016JA1SA HP ALL59217160.6 [Cert]
2284JA1AAT1992JA1SO LP 10M5881414  
2285JI1DSU2015JA1SO HP ALL (T)57817173.0 [Cert]
2286JA1AVI/12013JA1SO LP ALL57616163.3 [Cert]
2287JH1OES2013JA1SA QRP 10M (T)57021193.7 [Cert]
2288JH1AHU2015JA1SO LP ALL57020191.4 [Cert]
2289JK1LUY1981JA1SO HP 20M5591513  
2290JN1HYU2008JA1SO LP 20M55819181.3 [Cert]
2291JK1SDQ2011JA1SO LP ALL55818181.3 [Cert]
2292JH1OES2014JA1SA LP ALL (T)55515155.5 [Cert]
2293JA1GTF2002JA1SO QRP 10M5551515  
2294JO1NZT1985JA1SO HP 10M5444532  
2295JG1TVK1995JA1SO LP 15M5441616  
2296JE1SPY2008JA1SO LP 160M52822164.4 [Cert]
2297JL7PVR/11994JA1SO LP 40M5281211  
2298JF1OPO2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)52718171.3 [Cert]
2299JM1KLO2012JA1SO QRP ALL52219182.0 [Cert]
2300JA1HGY2009JA1SO HP ALL52010101.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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