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1901OF3BCX2017OHSO LP 15M (T)72927271.2OH1ZAA[Cert]
1902TA8A2015TASO LP 15M72019182.8 [Cert]
1903JN1BBO2009JA1SO LP 15M70319194.3 [Cert]
1904DK9MH2016DLSO LP 15M68020200.6 [Cert]
1905JH1TJM2014JA1SO LP 15M (R)68017174.7 [Cert]
1906JI1LAI2012JA1SO LP 15M67216164.2 [Cert]
1907JA1XPU1997JA1SO LP 15M6661918  
1908YO4BXX2016YOSO LP 15M66520195.6 [Cert]
1909BD8BIN2012BYSO LP 15M66519193.7 [Cert]
1910K5MBA2012W5SO LP 15M65121211.7 [Cert]
1911U5EX2013URSO LP 15M64617172.9 [Cert]
1912DO3ME2009DLSO LP 15M63823224.9 [Cert]
1913JL1MWI1996JA1SO LP 15M6202420  
1914KL7FAP1992KLSO LP 15M6162222  
1915JH1CFV2016JA1SO LP 15M61219182.4 [Cert]
1916JO1JKH/12014JA1SO LP 15M (T)60817163.1  
1917RK3DSW2012UA-3SO LP 15M60020200.7 [Cert]
1918DJ6XB2006DLSO LP 15M60016151.7  
1919JL3IVX2001JA3SO LP 15M5941918  
1920EA5AFH1998EASO LP 15M5851615  
1921LU8DCF2017LUSO LP 15M (R)56017164.1  
1922YO4RHK2000YOSO LP 15M5601410  
1923JE4URN2016JA4SO LP 15M55127190.4 [Cert]
1924JG1TVK1995JA1SO LP 15M5441616  
1925KA3MYM1997W3SO LP 15M5401512  
1926DF8DX2012DLSO LP 15M52816161.1 [Cert]
1927KA1RFD2012W1SO LP 15M52518215.8 [Cert]
1928IT9CDU2014IT9SO LP 15M51319192.7 [Cert]
1929YE4IJ2016YBSO LP 15M50713132.3 [Cert]
1930K2TV2015W2SO LP 15M50414140.4 [Cert]
1931BV4VQ2014BVSO LP 15M49616163.5 [Cert]
1932JA1GYO2003JA1SO LP 15M496171625.8  
1933KA1VMG/T1999W1SO LP 15M4901414  
1934BD1EFO2012BYSO LP 15M (T)48113132.0 [Cert]
1935IZ0EUS2016ISO LP 15M48015152.2 [Cert]
1936BV4VQ2013BVSO LP 15M48016152.5 [Cert]
1937RN3QIS2012UA-3SO LP 15M48015150.9 [Cert]
1938RW4LQ2012UA-4SO LP 15M (T)47614141.9 [Cert]
1939NP3YL2017KP4SO LP 15M (T)45518130.9 [Cert]
1940SP2IHG1998SPSO LP 15M4482614  
1941WN7Y2017W7SO LP 15M44020201.0  
1942JH1NXU1994JA1SO LP 15M4291313  
1943YB1TIA2015YBSO LP 15M42015156.0 [Cert]
1944DU7RH2012DUSO LP 15M41613134.9 [Cert]
1945JA6RIL2013JA6SO LP 15M40516151.1 [Cert]
1946IZ0EUS2015ISO LP 15M38412121.9 [Cert]
1947JA5FOP2015JA5SO LP 15M37815142.2 [Cert]
1948JG3EHD2004JA3SO LP 15M37713132.5  
1949YC1ELP2017YBSO LP 15M36413132.0 [Cert]
1950JA6IP1998JA6SO LP 15M3612419  
1951CT7/CU8AS2010CTSO LP 15M36012121.6 [Cert]
1952PV8AA2008PYSO LP 15M36012120.6 [Cert]
1953JA6QDU1992JA6SO LP 15M3601212  
1954JJ1YSU1992JA1SO LP 15M3511313  
1955JE1XAD2014JA1SO LP 15M34812121.9 [Cert]
1956JG2KFI2012JA2SO LP 15M33813133.5 [Cert]
1957YC0OSX2016YBSO LP 15M33012110.3 [Cert]
1958BA6QY2012BYSO LP 15M33011111.6 [Cert]
1959JF1ELQ2016JA1SO LP 15M32516131.4 [Cert]
1960PY7YN2011PYSO LP 15M (R)32517134.3 [Cert]
1961PU8TFA2007PYSO LP 15M (R)32513130.2  
1962CO2GL2012CMSO LP 15M32412121.7 [Cert]
1963BA3QZ2016BYSO LP 15M32321195.6 [Cert]
1964JG1WKM2011JA1SO LP 15M31515151.8 [Cert]
1965BZ4DHI1993BYSO LP 15M3151715  
1966JI3ZOX2001JA3SO LP 15M3121413JL3IVX 
1967JA9XAT1993JASO LP 15M3001515  
1968JQ2OUL2007JA2SO LP 15M28812122.5  
1969KA1RFD2014W1SO LP 15M28615132.4 [Cert]
1970JQ1AHZ/62009JA6SO LP 15M28616132.1 [Cert]
1971JK1LUY2015JA1SO LP 15M28010101.1 [Cert]
1972PR7TW2011PYSO LP 15M28010101.7 [Cert]
1973JI1LAI2009JA1SO LP 15M28010100.8 [Cert]
1974DL6RCD2007DLSO LP 15M273131325.2  
1975JQ1AHZ/22004JA2SO LP 15M273131329.6  
1976V85ZX2012V8SO LP 15M2701092.9 [Cert]
1977PU3LYB2009PYSO LP 15M26011101.7 [Cert]
1978T91GJK2002E7SO LP 15M260101024.5T92T 
1979JK1NSR2015JA1SO LP 15M2521090.7 [Cert]
1980JA1XPU1994JA1SO LP 15M2501110  
1981OM8CM2013OMSO LP 15M24713134.3 [Cert]
1982JM1IXB1999JA1SO LP 15M2421211  
1983JQ1VDJ/12013JA1SO LP 15M24010100.9 [Cert]
1984JA5IDV2001JA5SO LP 15M24010101.6  
1985JJ0ACA2013JA0SO LP 15M23111110.8 [Cert]
1986JH1BUB1992JA1SO LP 15M2281712  
19875R8UI20175RSO LP 15M216991.8 [Cert]
1988UA6JQ2015UA-6SO LP 15M216990.5 [Cert]
1989JJ2SHW2000JA2SO LP 15M216108  
1990DO9MJ2014DLSO LP 15M (R)21015154.4 [Cert]
1991UB3AFJ2014UA-3SO LP 15M (R)21010102.8 [Cert]
1992PU3LYB2012PYSO LP 15M (R)21010104.6 [Cert]
1993JA4TUJ2017JA4SO LP 15M (T)20010100.5 [Cert]
1994JI1JPJ/72016JA1SO LP 15M20010101.9 [Cert]
1995SV9/R2DX2015SV9SO LP 15M20010100.7 [Cert]
1996JR3KAH2014JA3SO LP 15M19811113.3 [Cert]
1997DB1CP2012DLSO LP 15M19513130.7 [Cert]
1998JE1GZB2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212120.6 [Cert]
1999JK1CYF2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212123.4 [Cert]
2000SP8LXE2011SPSO LP 15M19216162.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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