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101E72W2011E7SO QRP 10M17,1761361139.7 [Cert]
102JH1LBR1989JA1SO QRP 10M17,0009385  
103RN4AO2012UA-4SO QRP 10M (T)16,95212110415.1 [Cert]
104HG5O2014HASO QRP 10M (T)16,40011610010.2 [Cert]
105JH1XUZ1988JA1SO QRP 10M15,9969286  
106HA0GK2000HASO QRP 10M15,83411291  
107DL2TM2016DLSO QRP 10M14,9601291109.2 [Cert]
108K2YGM2014W2SO QRP 10M14,77583757.6 [Cert]
109JR3RWB1991JA3SO QRP 10M14,52510083  
110N4AU2012W4SO QRP 10M13,77477717.6 [Cert]
111EA3EGV1985EASO QRP 10M13,68914781  
112DL8TG2012DLSO QRP 10M12,920101959.5 [Cert]
113K2CS2001W2SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
114OK1GSB2016OKSO QRP 10M12,39011910513.5 [Cert]
115JR3WRB1990JA3SO QRP 10M12,3829582  
116DL4EAX2008DLSO QRP 10M12,3421111026.4 [Cert]
117JQ1NGT2015JA1SO QRP 10M12,2461187816.8  
118EW6CU2003EUSO QRP 10M12,1941109111.8  
119HG7MW1992HASO QRP 10M12,1559085  
120DL2TM2011DLSO QRP 10M12,126110946.9 [Cert]
121RB5FO1991URSO QRP 10M11,88010188  
122YO2AQB1988YOSO QRP 10M11,3108578  
123SN8M2008SPSO QRP 10M11,0111059113.7SP8MI[Cert]
124N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M10,8907966  
125F8AKC2009FSO QRP 10M10,773131817.5 [Cert]
126N5US1990W5SO QRP 10M10,5789386  
127JR3RWB2003JA3SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
128W5GAI2011W5SO QRP 10M10,41979697.1 [Cert]
129OH3JF1989OHSO QRP 10M10,2909270  
130YO2AOB1989YOSO QRP 10M9,8287663  
131UU4JQR2008URSO QRP 10M9,4921078411.8UU4JQR[Cert]
132UR2OI1980ESSO QRP 10M9,14410872  
133JA1KFX1988JA1SO QRP 10M8,8207670  
134UA6BFE2017UA-6SO QRP 10M8,76093739.9 [Cert]
135G3WW2007GSO QRP 10M8,162987734.0  
136YO4KAK2012YOSO QRP 10M8,16072684.6YO4AH[Cert]
137PY2UJJ1989PYSO QRP 10M8,1505950  
138LA/LY5G2014LASO QRP 10M8,00884777.3 [Cert]
139WA3LFY1989W3SO QRP 10M7,8887458  
140EA1KC1989EASO QRP 10M7,8668969  
141EA3EGV1987EASO QRP 10M7,8669463  
142SP4TBM2007SPSO QRP 10M7,85488775.4  
143HA0GK1998HASO QRP 10M7,8127262  
144N4AU2013W4SO QRP 10M7,72261548.4 [Cert]
145PA0JED1995PASO QRP 10M7,4735547  
146UR5ZQV2005URSO QRP 10M7,210817014.8  
147K2GMY/62015W6SO QRP 10M7,19159516.4 [Cert]
148UA9SHO1981RA9SO QRP 10M7,1916651  
149JS1PWV1991JA1SO QRP 10M6,8678463  
150ZW2T2011PYSO QRP 10M6,43249485.0PY2TI[Cert]
151JR6LJO1982JA6SO QRP 10M6,2087464  
152EA3FHC1985EASO QRP 10M6,1369759  
153UR4CWQ2010URSO QRP 10M6,04570656.4 [Cert]
154UR5ZQV2006URSO QRP 10M6,032825210.7  
155PS2R2012PYSO QRP 10M6,03048456.6 [Cert]
156DK7QB1993DLSO QRP 10M6,0167864  
157OH6NPV2007OHSO QRP 10M5,9848268  
158DL9NEI2003DLSO QRP 10M5,86579699.9  
159RA3XEV2014UA-3SO QRP 10M5,85074655.4 [Cert]
160EA7GO2005EASO QRP 10M5,824605631.0  
161G4DBW2011GSO QRP 10M5,72774694.4 [Cert]
162NE5D2002W5SO QRP 10M5,47449465.1  
163JA1EF1980JA1SO QRP 10M5,2476253  
164LU1VK1998LUSO QRP 10M5,1985046  
165ZM2Y2012ZLSO QRP 10M5,12046402.0ZL2YL[Cert]
166SV5/DJ5AA2010SV5SO QRP 10M5,12071641.9 [Cert]
167LU9HUP1996LUSO QRP 10M5,0844341  
168PS2R2013PYSO QRP 10M4,91444426.3 [Cert]
169GM4UBJ2010GMSO QRP 10M (T)4,818756612.3 [Cert]
170YT2RX2013YUSO QRP 10M4,73847463.3 [Cert]
171DJ6TK1981DLSO QRP 10M4,7205540  
172DL2LFH2016DLSO QRP 10M (T)4,47371635.9 [Cert]
173KY5N1997W5SO QRP 10M4,4256659  
174YO5BEU1999YOSO QRP 10M4,4105145  
175HB9QA2008HBSO QRP 10M4,33165616.7 [Cert]
176RN4F2011UA-4SO QRP 10M4,320626012.0 [Cert]
177OK1DCP2000OKSO QRP 10M4,3206760  
178CT7AIX2016CTSO QRP 10M4,28454518.3 [Cert]
179OZ6OM2012OZSO QRP 10M (T)4,26353498.8 [Cert]
180L5F1995LUSO QRP 10M4,2554137LU1FNH 
181SP5ANX1993SPSO QRP 10M4,2326646  
182E73CV2014E7SO QRP 10M4,12560557.2  
183RV9YK2015RA9SO QRP 10M (T)3,97743415.6 [Cert]
184DL8MBS2015DLSO QRP 10M3,927615110.0 [Cert]
185UY5UP1989URSO QRP 10M3,8084934  
186SP5DDJ2009SPSO QRP 10M3,79256486.0 [Cert]
187K2GMY/62014W6SO QRP 10M3,78340396.7 [Cert]
188OK1AIJ2001OKSO QRP 10M3,7804845  
189OK1CZ1988OKOMSO QRP 10M3,7745651  
190GW0VSW2010GWSO QRP 10M3,62159516.7 [Cert]
191NX5M1998W5SO QRP 10M3,6194947  
192OK2NA2008OKSO QRP 10M3,55056502.3 [Cert]
193W4PJ1998W4SO QRP 10M3,4565448  
194RV9YK2016RA9SO QRP 10M (T)3,40244424.9 [Cert]
195VU2LYX2015VUSO QRP 10M3,26839385.0 [Cert]
196JA2HBK2012JA2SO QRP 10M2,96440385.4 [Cert]
197RA0JD1990RA0SO QRP 10M2,9605337  
198OK1DKW1987OKOMSO QRP 10M2,8804532  
199JA6VZB1990JA6SO QRP 10M2,8504238  
200DL8TG2013DLSO QRP 10M2,68044406.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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