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101IK4OMU2014ISA QRP ALL (T)62,3901991708.1 [Cert]
102DL1EFW2014DLSA QRP ALL (T)61,5402131708.8 [Cert]
103DD1JN2017DLSA QRP ALL57,07221317418.3 [Cert]
104VE9BWK2017VE1SA QRP ALL57,0401581159.1 [Cert]
105YO2MBU2015YOSA QRP ALL50,19317714310.0  
106WA2NYY2015W2SA QRP ALL48,2401511206.8 [Cert]
107OK1SI2017OKSA QRP ALL48,0851951638.7 [Cert]
108M0HDF2015GSA QRP ALL46,29419215816.7 [Cert]
109NK5G2016W5SA QRP ALL43,14818613417.2 [Cert]
110EA1AER2017EASA QRP ALL41,40017013812.0 [Cert]
111W4JDS2013W4SA QRP ALL39,87516812523.3 [Cert]
112BG4AHK2014BYSA QRP ALL39,31215312615.6 [Cert]
113RZ9CJ2015RA9SA QRP ALL38,0251221174.3  
114VE3XT2017VE3SA QRP ALL37,16414811413.3 [Cert]
115SP2MHC2017SPSA QRP ALL36,4321601324.4  
116OK1DMP2016OKSA QRP ALL34,80012411618.0 [Cert]
117RV3DBX2013UA-3SA QRP ALL34,04814612813.9 [Cert]
118YO8WW2014YOSA QRP ALL33,7501331254.8  
119EC1DD2017EASA QRP ALL (T)33,0621551229.7 [Cert]
120IZ2QKG2015ISA QRP ALL (T)29,47515813120.6 [Cert]
121WA2NYY2013W2SA QRP ALL29,440116926.5 [Cert]
122EW5W2014EUSA QRP ALL (T)28,5361311232.1EW1IP[Cert]
123DL8ZAJ2014DLSA QRP ALL (T)27,0181271147.7 [Cert]
124K8ZT2014W8SA QRP ALL26,7241151029.5 [Cert]
125A61BK2014A6SA QRP ALL26,362111986.0 [Cert]
126DJ0MY2016DLSA QRP ALL26,1621261033.3 [Cert]
127NK5G2015W5SA QRP ALL24,832114978.7 [Cert]
128JA1KEB2013JA1SA QRP ALL24,70598818.6 [Cert]
129ZM3T2017ZLSA QRP ALL (T)24,648111788.4W3SE[Cert]
130YB7GRN2017YBSA QRP ALL22,041887913.9 [Cert]
131NN3U/42015W4SA QRP ALL20,32885842.6N4GU[Cert]
132WC7S2015W7SA QRP ALL19,760115958.2 [Cert]
133JG8IBY2016JA8SA QRP ALL19,5221658623.0 [Cert]
134N9IXD2013W9SA QRP ALL19,36014011021.5 [Cert]
135KC9LIF2015W9SA QRP ALL (T)19,3061239813.6 [Cert]
136VE3XD2017VE3SA QRP ALL19,23699849.0 [Cert]
137KU7Y2015W7SA QRP ALL (T)17,940105923.8 [Cert]
138NV1W2016W1SA QRP ALL17,30011610011.4 [Cert]
139N3HEE2017W3SA QRP ALL17,04081712.5 [Cert]
140OK1DMP2017OKSA QRP ALL16,590827910.6 [Cert]
141NQ2W2015W2SA QRP ALL (T)15,96082764.1 [Cert]
142DJ9MH2013DLSA QRP ALL15,08892824.5 [Cert]
143AH7U2017KH6SA QRP ALL (T)14,868916310.2 [Cert]
144VK2DX2016VKSA QRP ALL14,48456515.3 [Cert]
145I3/I2GPT2016ISA QRP ALL13,60094856.5 [Cert]
146W1CSM2013W1SA QRP ALL12,44454511.8 [Cert]
147DQ0X2016DLSA QRP ALL11,61099867.0DF7IS[Cert]
148OK2FD2015OKSA QRP ALL11,23653533.2 [Cert]
149RV3DBX2014UA-3SA QRP ALL10,29079709.1 [Cert]
150IZ1ANK2016ISA QRP ALL (T)9,89098869.3 [Cert]
151GM2Y2014GMSA QRP ALL (T)9,62090744.9MM0DXH[Cert]
152VR2UU2015VRSA QRP ALL8,83583575.9 [Cert]
153N5PJ2017W5SA QRP ALL7,772916712.6 [Cert]
154JG1SPS2015JA1SA QRP ALL (T)7,49371596.4 [Cert]
155UZ1RM2017URSA QRP ALL7,24550454.1 [Cert]
156DL1EFW2017DLSA QRP ALL7,00471683.2 [Cert]
157BD7PTS2014BYSA QRP ALL6,466736114.7 [Cert]
158A61BK2013A6SA QRP ALL6,13835333.4 [Cert]
159CT1GFQ2017CTSA QRP ALL6,120756810.1 [Cert]
160HB9FEU2017HBSA QRP ALL5,50054505.8  
161BH4DQS2017BYSA QRP ALL5,450695011.3 [Cert]
162NN4K2013W4SA QRP ALL5,03141397.8 [Cert]
163BA2BI2015BYSA QRP ALL4,88853474.9 [Cert]
164YB2ERL2015YBSA QRP ALL4,87944413.6 [Cert]
165KN4VV2017W4SA QRP ALL4,56069579.1 [Cert]
166EA3HCJ2017EASA QRP ALL4,536716314.4 [Cert]
167VR2UU2014VRSA QRP ALL (T)3,87669518.5 [Cert]
168RC3T2014UA-3SA QRP ALL3,82548451.2 [Cert]
169K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL3,72458497.6 [Cert]
170UR3QM2013URSA QRP ALL3,52846429.3  
171JG1SPS2016JA1SA QRP ALL (T)3,43236333.7 [Cert]
172WO9B2016W9SA QRP ALL3,40245425.7 [Cert]
1732E0NCN2017GSA QRP ALL3,22456525.8  
174ND0C2013W0SA QRP ALL (T)2,83530271.4 [Cert]
175YC0OSX2017YBSA QRP ALL2,32232274.1 [Cert]
176W6UB2015W6SA QRP ALL2,32030291.3 [Cert]
177JA1KEB2015JA1SA QRP ALL (T)2,08028262.9 [Cert]
178S53XX2015S5SA QRP ALL1,50036302.1 [Cert]
179IK2YSE2013ISA QRP ALL1,47930292.9 [Cert]
180IK3OII2013ISA QRP ALL (T)1,39224243.6 [Cert]
181VE5DLD2016VE5SA QRP ALL1,22228261.8 [Cert]
182N2TTA2017W2SA QRP ALL (T)1,10728272.8 [Cert]
183UT3IT2017URSA QRP ALL96020203.2 [Cert]
184DL8MF2017DLSA QRP ALL71423213.3 [Cert]
185EA1FA2017EASA QRP ALL57625240.3 [Cert]
186SQ9S2014SPSA QRP ALL49317170.7 [Cert]
187DL8MF2016DLSA QRP ALL28010101.3 [Cert]
188NX2PX2013W2SA QRP ALL28010101.3 [Cert]
189N9KY2017W4SA QRP ALL (T)24016152.4 [Cert]
190VK1FOC/62013VKSA QRP ALL (T)18010100.5VK2IA[Cert]
191JE6HID2016JA6SA QRP ALL1711291.7 [Cert]
192ON3DI2015ONSA QRP ALL72880.9 [Cert]
193N9KY/42013W4SA QRP ALL (T)32440.2 [Cert]
194IQ1TG/7X20147XSA QRP ALL (T)27610.9IZ1GJH[Cert]
195JS3CTQ/62016JA3SA QRP ALL16440.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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