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101JH1FSF1999JA1SA HP 10M130,968268214  
102UY5QO2012URSA HP 10M130,50029725017.3 [Cert]
103YO3KIA2013YOSA HP 10M126,72028522025.8YO3GLH[Cert]
104EF5R2015EASA HP 10M (T)123,97033824514.5EA5BWR[Cert]
105R7KM2016UA-6SA HP 10M120,78236626216.1 [Cert]
106UA6EED2016UA-6SA HP 10M119,96634626616.2 [Cert]
107DL1BUG2016DLSA HP 10M119,43634026912.0 [Cert]
108DH8BQA2013DLSA HP 10M115,41930023725.9 [Cert]
109R9MC2013RA9SA HP 10M (T)113,6652491798.5 [Cert]
110JM4WUZ2013JA4SA HP 10M108,67626220215.1 [Cert]
111VE3CX2014VE3SA HP 10M107,00827117618.7 [Cert]
112S57S2013S5SA HP 10M105,45026922216.1 [Cert]
113UR2VA2011URSA HP 10M (T)103,41629724828.3 [Cert]
114S51AY1997S5SA HP 10M100,580388214  
115ES0DJ2014ESSA HP 10M94,62232524217.9  
116RL5A2016UA-3SA HP 10M92,4003172314.5 [Cert]
117OM3AG2011OMSA HP 10M91,80229723316.0 [Cert]
118NR6O2014W6SA HP 10M91,69626317616.4N6RO[Cert]
119EA1DX/52005EASA HP 10M89,66634521432.2EA5FID 
120RW0AR2015RA0SA HP 10M88,69020118111.5 [Cert]
121UZ5Q2011URSA HP 10M87,63027923018.8UY5QZ[Cert]
122OM3AG2009OMSA HP 10M86,90434020414.4 [Cert]
123SV2BOH2011SVSA HP 10M (T)85,03329921115.6 [Cert]
124LU3CW2015LUSA HP 10M83,7001951505.4 [Cert]
125SO5N2016SPSA HP 10M80,00430923610.0SP5BMU[Cert]
126LZ60RCP2013LZSA HP 10M75,90021116522.0LZ1CI[Cert]
1279A2AJ20179ASA HP 10M74,02530422525.5 [Cert]
128EA3NT2017EASA HP 10M73,80032020510.0 [Cert]
129DH8BQA2017DLSA HP 10M69,26430920822.9 [Cert]
130JA5FBZ2015JA5SA HP 10M68,60020017519.2 [Cert]
131TM7D2016FSA HP 10M66,4202912057.4F5NBX[Cert]
132LY2OU2015LYSA HP 10M62,12820617619.6 [Cert]
133PY2XC2016PYSA HP 10M61,06416613612.3 [Cert]
134F5NBX2014FSA HP 10M60,5362571885.8 [Cert]
135JA1BPA2016JA1SA HP 10M (T)59,48823716920.0 [Cert]
136OG55W2015OHSA HP 10M58,56224017812.2 [Cert]
137JA1BPA2014JA1SA HP 10M (T)56,98018015415.2 [Cert]
138SP5GH2016SPSA HP 10M56,58021120514.7 [Cert]
139R9IR2016RA9SA HP 10M56,5651551355.4 [Cert]
140M0ITY2008GSA HP 10M (R)56,4882821847.2 [Cert]
141LZ1NG2017LZSA HP 10M55,71425417818.4 [Cert]
142YO5PBW2012YOSA HP 10M54,81019517415.4 [Cert]
143DL7FG2013DLSA HP 10M54,21919415923.8 [Cert]
144YL2KO2015YLSA HP 10M54,0082121725.1  
145YO5PBW2011YOSA HP 10M52,15523718314.5 [Cert]
146DJ4KW2000DLSA HP 10M51,294200166  
147DK7AH2013DLSA HP 10M50,76817215217.5 [Cert]
148UA4CC2014UA-4SA HP 10M49,9101871618.0 [Cert]
149DL5YM2014DLSA HP 10M49,5721981629.7 [Cert]
150IB3N2017ISA HP 10M49,50024118012.5 [Cert]
151UR5EPG2016URSA HP 10M45,10821217911.2 [Cert]
1524X0A20134XSA HP 10M (T)36,0401311066.24X1VF[Cert]
153OM3DX2014OMSA HP 10M35,9411491273.0 [Cert]
154YU7BW2013YUSA HP 10M32,38514512711.3 [Cert]
155SP5XO2011SPSA HP 10M31,45817614716.6 [Cert]
156LZ2ZG2010LZSA HP 10M (T)28,62515312517.8 [Cert]
157LY2MW2007LYSA HP 10M25,6001861282.9  
158RZ0AF2015RA0SA HP 10M24,36099871.1 [Cert]
159OM7PY2015OMSA HP 10M21,5341069714.5 [Cert]
160W2RR2012W2SA HP 10M20,96799879.3WA2AOG[Cert]
161JF1RYU2017JA1SA HP 10M20,60014710014.4 [Cert]
162LB6KC2015LASA HP 10M20,3401741134.7 [Cert]
163DJ1AA2007DLSA HP 10M19,72212911411.7  
164LZ7J2017LZSA HP 10M19,60815111416.8LZ1CI[Cert]
165UZ5Q2009URSA HP 10M19,19012910113.9 [Cert]
166UN5J2015UNSA HP 10M (T)18,792948712.4 [Cert]
167YL2PP2015YLSA HP 10M18,308989213.8 [Cert]
168NO6F2013W6SA HP 10M (T)18,16097806.3K2RD[Cert]
169RG5R2016UA-3SA HP 10M (T)17,6491261114.1 [Cert]
170DO4DXA2009DLSA HP 10M17,0131241079.2 [Cert]
171IT9MUO2016IT9SA HP 10M16,8481471046.5 [Cert]
172W2RR2013W2SA HP 10M16,61496784.9WA2AOG[Cert]
173JA7OWD2009JA7SA HP 10M16,0201058910.5 [Cert]
174UA4CC2012UA-4SA HP 10M15,8571091018.2 [Cert]
175OH4MDY2011OHSA HP 10M14,852113946.6 [Cert]
176PY1CAS2013PYSA HP 10M (T)14,74083673.7 [Cert]
177JA1BPA2015JA1SA HP 10M (T)13,10482789.2 [Cert]
178SP5GH2015SPSA HP 10M12,670727010.5 [Cert]
179WO4O2014W4SA HP 10M12,210696633.6 [Cert]
180SP2JMB2012SPSA HP 10M11,76083805.5 [Cert]
181K0NM/52014W5SA HP 10M11,62078709.4 [Cert]
182IT9SSI2017IT9SA HP 10M (T)11,3521208816.5 [Cert]
183YR0W2014YOSA HP 10M11,23488824.1YO9SW[Cert]
184JF3LOP2016JA3SA HP 10M10,425907511.2 [Cert]
185ZL2IFB2009ZLSA HP 10M9,93267524.5 [Cert]
186SP8HXN2010SPSA HP 10M9,75086786.0 [Cert]
187N1VVV2012W1SA HP 10M9,581706712.9 [Cert]
188JA7OWD2011JA7SA HP 10M9,576867210.7 [Cert]
189IT9IMJ2015IT9SA HP 10M9,447766713.2 [Cert]
190DO4DXA2012DLSA HP 10M9,198757315.7 [Cert]
191UR5EPG2013URSA HP 10M8,66265617.7 [Cert]
192W9SE2009W9SA HP 10M8,614103739.7 [Cert]
193RZ0AF2010RA0SA HP 10M8,17863585.2 [Cert]
194OU4O2012OZSA HP 10M8,12865642.7OZ1FAO[Cert]
195LB6KC2014LASA HP 10M7,93197774.5 [Cert]
196RC6U2013UA-6SA HP 10M6,41954492.2 [Cert]
197LZ2ZG2009LZSA HP 10M5,760636013.9 [Cert]
198AA8R2012W8SA HP 10M (T)5,61652485.5 [Cert]
199SN2M2017SPSA HP 10M5,58979692.5SP2XF[Cert]
200HE8CZF2009HBSA HP 10M5,49074611.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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