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101XE2BXESA HP ALL2,487,9441,33470628.8 [Cert]
102UA1ANAUA-1SA HP ALL (T)2,470,1601,58677031.0 [Cert]
103KT0AW0SA HP ALL2,466,9521,43776926.7 [Cert]
104DJ9RRDLSA HP ALL2,439,8641,40982435.1 [Cert]
105IK8UNDISA HP ALL (T)2,420,0801,48884531.1 [Cert]
106RC4HAAUA-4SA HP ALL (T)2,389,7701,73283531.6RU4HY[Cert]
107IZ3SQWISA HP ALL2,348,8191,56773731.9 [Cert]
108KC0MOW0SA HP ALL2,334,6161,41169430.1 [Cert]
109OG30OJOHSA HP ALL2,309,4511,65675326.3OH3OJ[Cert]
110SC0NSMSA HP ALL2,295,6121,68474835.9SM0NCS[Cert]
111DJ5ANDLSA HP ALL2,289,0881,23475230.3 [Cert]
112CX2BRCXSA HP ALL2,279,6401,16262831.5 [Cert]
113DL5JSDLSA HP ALL2,266,3081,43970830.0 [Cert]
114DL4WADLSA HP ALL2,239,3141,19378628.4 [Cert]
115EU6AFEUSA HP ALL2,224,3351,32177126.7 [Cert]
116PY2KJPYSA HP ALL (T)2,213,8201,15458826.6 [Cert]
117RM9RZRA9SA HP ALL2,179,7001,14471025.2 [Cert]
118M0INNGSA HP ALL2,174,1301,28173527.7 [Cert]
119NW3YW3SA HP ALL2,162,0931,14264125.9 [Cert]
120F8CRSFSA HP ALL (T)2,150,3971,16970926.9 [Cert]
121HA3OUHASA HP ALL2,147,5561,38571333.4 [Cert]
122N6JVW6SA HP ALL (T)2,144,5321,29670835.2 [Cert]
123LZ3ZZLZSA HP ALL (T)2,141,1001,49573219.3  
124N9NA/7W7SA HP ALL2,096,6911,17470124.8 [Cert]
125DJ8EWDLSA HP ALL2,095,2101,40471032.3 [Cert]
126AB2EW2SA HP ALL2,067,3901,14858526.4 [Cert]
127BY5YAABYSA HP ALL2,056,9051,43064535.4BD5XX[Cert]
128WX6VW6SA HP ALL (T)2,005,9661,15569732.0 [Cert]
129LA7GIALASA HP ALL (T)1,997,6321,52968633.3 [Cert]
130LY2KLYSA HP ALL (T)1,995,5741,48768627.4 [Cert]
131KU2CW2SA HP ALL (T)1,983,8281,05262730.7 [Cert]
132HB9DHGHBSA HP ALL1,977,0871,37165127.7 [Cert]
133A65CAA6SA HP ALL (T)1,965,6251,15262921.5 [Cert]
134K2MKW2SA HP ALL1,939,4101,13159420.9 [Cert]
135UI3AUA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,890,4701,32779034.1 [Cert]
136RO9ARA9SA HP ALL (T)1,866,20091460217.7 [Cert]
137WH6RKH6SA HP ALL1,860,3101,23152729.2  
138R90IARURA9SA HP ALL1,855,1681,49670731.3R9XC[Cert]
139N3RSW3SA HP ALL1,839,6611,0136019.7 [Cert]
140SP2QGSPSA HP ALL1,809,6871,32167127.0 [Cert]
141K7JQW7SA HP ALL (T)1,793,8751,25363534.6 [Cert]
142W2CDO/3W3SA HP ALL (T)1,781,64898058314.1 [Cert]
143ZR9CZSSA HP ALL (T)1,753,95399457319.6ZS6WN[Cert]
144KU6FW6SA HP ALL1,745,8401,17962823.4K6SRZ[Cert]
145PY4HOPYSA HP ALL1,726,99294953620.7 [Cert]
146KA3DRR/6W6SA HP ALL1,686,8081,09663226.5KA3DRR @W6SL[Cert]
147PA0VAJPASA HP ALL1,673,5441,32167728.3 [Cert]
148SV1ENGSVSA HP ALL (T)1,665,3681,41771226.1 [Cert]
149W2LEW2SA HP ALL (T)1,662,87890157420.2 [Cert]
150DL1NEODLSA HP ALL1,660,9511,10069724.9 [Cert]
151AE1TW1SA HP ALL1,656,0721,01859417.2 [Cert]
152E21YDPHSSA HP ALL1,647,2001,09858036.0 [Cert]
153UT7CRURSA HP ALL1,630,6621,14368223.9 [Cert]
154KA6BIM/7W7SA HP ALL1,612,4161,01766333.4 [Cert]
155LZ2JRLZSA HP ALL1,582,27292957634.0 [Cert]
156WN9OW9SA HP ALL1,572,00396055115.2W9IU[Cert]
157W4BQFW4SA HP ALL1,551,76096459510.8 [Cert]
158KE4KYW4SA HP ALL1,512,25098257524.8 [Cert]
159GI5IGISA HP ALL (T)1,503,1281,14558914.6GI4DOH[Cert]
160IY7MISA HP ALL1,449,6441,28264420.4I7PHH[Cert]
161AC4CA/5W5SA HP ALL1,441,8881,00557419.6 [Cert]
162NS9IW9SA HP ALL (T)1,433,16198155723.3 [Cert]
163DS5DNOHLSA HP ALL1,433,1121,06556628.0 [Cert]
164WA6KHKW6SA HP ALL1,430,4161,03359835.8 [Cert]
165YL5XYLSA HP ALL1,415,4921,15566816.1 [Cert]
166HG8NHASA HP ALL1,362,1921,11562430.8HA8VK[Cert]
167AL9AKLSA HP ALL1,340,35287653721.7 [Cert]
168JA6BZIJA6SA HP ALL1,304,14782055925.9 [Cert]
169PC2DPASA HP ALL1,299,2851,10658521.6 [Cert]
170UY5VAURSA HP ALL1,273,9021,14961923.8  
171ON6NLONSA HP ALL (T)1,258,15598765719.0 [Cert]
172DJ6QTDLSA HP ALL1,225,49087461032.0 [Cert]
173IZ3EAWISA HP ALL (T)1,207,2061,11560325.7 [Cert]
174S58QS5SA HP ALL1,202,22293355321.7 [Cert]
175II9WIT9SA HP ALL1,186,9411,01460922.5  
176PA5WTPASA HP ALL1,183,6781,05663426.2 [Cert]
177NS0RW0SA HP ALL (T)1,172,3401,04154028.0  
178RW9QARA9SA HP ALL1,168,27978146915.3 [Cert]
179RU0LLRA0SA HP ALL1,152,8851,02050921.0 [Cert]
180HA8VVHASA HP ALL1,121,76075061514.7 [Cert]
181ZX2FPYSA HP ALL1,121,48076646019.8PY2FN[Cert]
182TM40RADSFSA HP ALL1,119,5281,04258417.6F6AUS[Cert]
183JN3SACJA3SA HP ALL (T)1,112,21781751930.1 [Cert]
184BD0AAIBYSA HP ALL1,102,10093051533.5 [Cert]
185YO8SSYOSA HP ALL1,094,7241,02156422.9 [Cert]
186OE2LCMOESA HP ALL (T)1,079,63094853518.9 [Cert]
187UI3DUA-3SA HP ALL1,077,3121,09554322.8  
188DL5JQDLSA HP ALL1,076,2301,03756225.1 [Cert]
189VE3EJVE3SA HP ALL1,048,4527814929.3 [Cert]
190N6FS/8W8SA HP ALL1,032,57582351527.8 [Cert]
191KD2RDW2SA HP ALL1,019,50872845813.8 [Cert]
192KO7SSW7SA HP ALL1,015,92077049816.4 [Cert]
193NA2U/7W7SA HP ALL (T)1,015,17097849435.5 [Cert]
194R3VOUA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,003,77087757018.1 [Cert]
195WE4MW4SA HP ALL998,3747004948.6N4UA[Cert]
196RL4AUA-4SA HP ALL989,33491859113.0 [Cert]
197NI7RW7SA HP ALL987,94770652317.3 [Cert]
198K6RCW6SA HP ALL986,43686151717.1 [Cert]
199TM7DFSA HP ALL983,53595555111.6F5NBX[Cert]
200N4IQW4SA HP ALL982,83277548828.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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