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101HB9DHGHBSA HP ALL2,060,1701,36766536.0 [Cert]
102HA5SEHASA HP ALL2,058,0561,30172833.9 [Cert]
103AC4CA/5W5SA HP ALL (T)2,053,6341,26364628.4 [Cert]
1049A202JK9ASA HP ALL (T)2,005,8641,19373133.49A2JK[Cert]
105AK6MW6SA HP ALL (T)1,979,6671,26968130.3K6MM[Cert]
106K7RFW7SA HP ALL (T)1,963,5721,09961425.1 [Cert]
107DJ8EWDLSA HP ALL (T)1,944,9571,33170734.1 [Cert]
108IK8UNDISA HP ALL (T)1,936,8961,37876826.4 [Cert]
109N6JVW6SA HP ALL (T)1,909,2151,19266531.8 [Cert]
110RN7FUA-6SA HP ALL1,894,6201,26669419.8 [Cert]
111N2BJ/9W9SA HP ALL1,870,0501,06068531.4 [Cert]
112DK7VWDLSA HP ALL1,830,7641,23364629.8 [Cert]
113EU6AFEUSA HP ALL1,827,0781,29462726.3 [Cert]
114PY4RGSPYSA HP ALL1,814,67094859427.4 [Cert]
115HA1QHASA HP ALL1,732,3761,04266422.6DH8VV[Cert]
116W6SXW6SA HP ALL (T)1,710,5401,27158527.0 [Cert]
117YO4DWYOSA HP ALL1,710,4501,26763031.7 [Cert]
118JE1LFXJA1SA HP ALL (T)1,666,0321,02256924.4 [Cert]
119K6RIMW6SA HP ALL1,638,0761,00463125.3 [Cert]
120EW7BREUSA HP ALL1,632,3841,20162435.5 [Cert]
121OG30OJOHSA HP ALL1,629,4101,51863526.9OH3OJ[Cert]
122DL1LODDLSA HP ALL (T)1,628,4041,10762829.5 [Cert]
123W5GNW5SA HP ALL1,617,04099065625.8 [Cert]
124W3KLW3SA HP ALL1,610,22098557115.1 [Cert]
125N4DWW4SA HP ALL1,599,90499657820.9 [Cert]
126W2JU/1W1SA HP ALL1,585,4541,02157819.0 [Cert]
127UT7EZURSA HP ALL1,583,7081,24065233.6 [Cert]
128DL1NEODLSA HP ALL (T)1,574,6011,12967928.6 [Cert]
129MQ0TRNGSA HP ALL (R)1,547,3921,19861634.2M0TRN[Cert]
130AL9AKLSA HP ALL1,544,63491057423.3 [Cert]
131W2CDO/3W3SA HP ALL1,525,45698753617.6 [Cert]
132KE0UIW0SA HP ALL1,469,73698759633.1 [Cert]
133OH3JFOHSA HP ALL1,458,3271,22861325.6 [Cert]
134NB4MW4SA HP ALL1,419,89097553519.1 [Cert]
135NG6SW6SA HP ALL1,379,6121,02755925.7W4UAT[Cert]
136UT0RMURSA HP ALL1,305,4881,15855622.4 [Cert]
137K2MKW2SA HP ALL1,303,69489350219.2 [Cert]
138DQ5TDLSA HP ALL1,252,58491964826.9DL4LAM[Cert]
139DL5GACDLSA HP ALL (T)1,251,3121,00259729.2 [Cert]
140NB3RW3SA HP ALL (T)1,227,20088252023.7 [Cert]
141UT1AAURSA HP ALL1,201,1011,08256122.6 [Cert]
142K3ATOW3SA HP ALL1,159,02686356121.4 [Cert]
143DJ6QTDLSA HP ALL1,157,13079355926.8 [Cert]
144UU4JCURSA HP ALL1,122,03098858519.1 [Cert]
145K2VV/0W0SA HP ALL1,103,31082953316.2 [Cert]
146RW4LCUA-4SA HP ALL1,102,0081,04958424.7 [Cert]
147NO7RW7SA HP ALL (T)1,054,68085156417.0AA7V[Cert]
148WQ6KW6SA HP ALL1,051,06482654820.5N6IE[Cert]
149HA3OUHASA HP ALL1,018,08084656022.8 [Cert]
150VE3EKVE3SA HP ALL1,012,30581746514.4 [Cert]
151VE2EZDVE2SA HP ALL1,008,30678541730.7 [Cert]
152AE1TW1SA HP ALL1,008,01275150313.6 [Cert]
153N4NXW4SA HP ALL1,000,27266054623.9 [Cert]
154EA4KAEASA HP ALL966,60380156120.8 [Cert]
155JF2OZHJA2SA HP ALL955,16975246332.4 [Cert]
156RC3FUA-3SA HP ALL925,27290556817.7 [Cert]
157WA3FW3SA HP ALL920,25870745430.7 [Cert]
158N3ER/1W1SA HP ALL911,23270444815.4 [Cert]
159DF2TTDLSA HP ALL (T)902,55273156831.0 [Cert]
160DB50EFADLSA HP ALL900,64595048520.8DF8AA[Cert]
161WM6AW6SA HP ALL889,13368349714.4K6TA[Cert]
162R5AJUA-3SA HP ALL (T)888,80881246114.3 [Cert]
163RC7AUA-6SA HP ALL886,44087053417.5 [Cert]
164KQ3FW3SA HP ALL881,33573345510.7 [Cert]
165DJ9RRDLSA HP ALL870,35082651521.1 [Cert]
166W9KB/4W4SA HP ALL866,71276546928.9 [Cert]
167XV1X3WSA HP ALL854,53681744624.2 [Cert]
168N4KGW4SA HP ALL852,24668341920.1 [Cert]
169WI7NW7SA HP ALL831,97274549224.7 [Cert]
170DL5YMDLSA HP ALL813,76881149213.6 [Cert]
171N3RRW3SA HP ALL810,0196044279.6 [Cert]
172MD2CGDSA HP ALL (T)803,99778347111.0MD0CCE[Cert]
173K0KXW0SA HP ALL801,78062946014.3 [Cert]
174LY2XWLYSA HP ALL (T)783,83087351521.9 [Cert]
175UY4FURSA HP ALL777,13582751524.9UR5FEL[Cert]
176NQ1W/4W4SA HP ALL772,41868646717.6K1KO[Cert]
177CW7TCXSA HP ALL765,23656745225.4CX7TT[Cert]
178K2SX/4W4SA HP ALL (T)753,01268046812.6 [Cert]
179VE2FKVE2SA HP ALL (T)738,34463535613.9 [Cert]
180R0QARA0SA HP ALL737,02568446512.0 [Cert]
181NO6TW6SA HP ALL735,31873345923.9N6NC[Cert]
182OK8DDOKSA HP ALL (T)732,22872248320.4 [Cert]
183W2LEW2SA HP ALL (T)728,30159743913.0 [Cert]
184WS7LW7SA HP ALL (T)694,27267545229.3 [Cert]
185OZ3ABEOZSA HP ALL691,89676745430.1 [Cert]
186K2CYEW2SA HP ALL (T)690,00054340012.6 [Cert]
187R8MCRA9SA HP ALL683,48862442415.9 [Cert]
188RU4PUUA-4SA HP ALL673,83672846611.3 [Cert]
189JN3SACJA3SA HP ALL (T)661,21356241325.3 [Cert]
190LY3CYLYSA HP ALL660,98281043427.7 [Cert]
191JJ3JJLJA3SA HP ALL653,96163139917.9 [Cert]
192WY3AW3SA HP ALL (T)648,86658238613.2 [Cert]
193OK2SGOKSA HP ALL633,14454144419.6 [Cert]
194KI7YW7SA HP ALL (T)624,49569339533.2 [Cert]
195RT8ORA9SA HP ALL613,83361136310.7 [Cert]
196JE1SGHJA1SA HP ALL (T)601,09052743410.8 [Cert]
197WA3AANW3SA HP ALL (T)599,06057338515.3 [Cert]
198DS5DNOHLSA HP ALL594,75878734724.0 [Cert]
199BU2AWBVSA HP ALL (T)591,71297432827.1 [Cert]
200K7XCW7SA HP ALL590,64850540413.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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