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101WX6VW6SA HP ALL (T)1,013,32890845431.1 [Cert]
102LY5RLYSA HP ALL1,010,4421,03149814.0 [Cert]
103IO3XISA HP ALL (T)1,008,89696556329.4IV3JCC[Cert]
104DL1LODDLSA HP ALL (T)1,003,55597654134.7 [Cert]
105UA6AAUA-6SA HP ALL986,49373049318.0 [Cert]
106LY2KMLYSA HP ALL (T)964,37199852127.8 [Cert]
107YO4DWYOSA HP ALL954,8101,03251524.8 [Cert]
1089A4WY9ASA HP ALL (T)925,08998456121.1 [Cert]
109F5VKTFSA HP ALL922,95087052532.3 [Cert]
110KE1B/6W6SA HP ALL (T)920,9201,07050618.3 [Cert]
111UT0RMURSA HP ALL893,7841,18750121.1 [Cert]
112R3ZVUA-3SA HP ALL884,3681,01649619.5 [Cert]
113RM9RZRA9SA HP ALL836,33473247915.7 [Cert]
114RN9ARA9SA HP ALL781,70561339511.8 [Cert]
115UA9AGXRA9SA HP ALL (T)770,57260542226.2 [Cert]
116YO6PVKYOSA HP ALL746,19489550929.8 [Cert]
117SD40JZSMSA HP ALL (T)735,6091,00648320.2SM5DJZ[Cert]
118DJ6QTDLSA HP ALL (T)731,34672446223.9 [Cert]
119DF9LJDLSA HP ALL730,93566343916.3 [Cert]
120K0PYW0SA HP ALL (T)729,72592142527.7 [Cert]
121KE0UIW0SA HP ALL726,26478746224.1 [Cert]
122NB3RW3SA HP ALL724,19273442430.3 [Cert]
123AG6AUW6SA HP ALL (T)716,42095945223.2W1RH[Cert]
124SA1ASMSA HP ALL (T)716,41298145414.0SM1TDE[Cert]
125W2LEW2SA HP ALL (T)700,33562239522.5 [Cert]
126LU6UOLUSA HP ALL692,55061740519.9 [Cert]
127ES4RXESSA HP ALL (T)687,58290445924.0 [Cert]
128DL8SCGDLSA HP ALL681,32871643919.4 [Cert]
129IR3WISA HP ALL653,02082351519.6 [Cert]
130OM7PYOMSA HP ALL646,79577846731.1 [Cert]
131WI7NW7SA HP ALL633,04671443324.3 [Cert]
132US6EXURSA HP ALL631,84279147419.7 [Cert]
133IK3XJPISA HP ALL626,22167843727.2 [Cert]
134K1GU/4W4SA HP ALL578,59259139212.7 [Cert]
135RG8KRA9SA HP ALL564,26457440814.8 [Cert]
136WF2BW2SA HP ALL557,23255137612.3K2ONP[Cert]
137HA3OUHASA HP ALL550,56059744417.1 [Cert]
138OY/PA2AOYSA HP ALL540,17668942428.1 [Cert]
139FO8RZFOSA HP ALL537,57257626311.3 [Cert]
140DJ5ANDLSA HP ALL532,56470442231.2 [Cert]
141K2SX/4W4SA HP ALL (T)523,77061339010.6 [Cert]
142DL2NOMDLSA HP ALL494,26574141516.3 [Cert]
143AB3CX/2W2SA HP ALL (T)491,0435283496.9 [Cert]
144N4GGW4SA HP ALL489,55562034512.3 [Cert]
145HA9PPHASA HP ALL477,2026703986.8 [Cert]
146YO9SWYOSA HP ALL474,00059340018.5 [Cert]
147AB7RW7SA HP ALL466,09579634515.5 [Cert]
148DF2TTDLSA HP ALL (T)449,82057242031.1 [Cert]
149K2BA/5W5SA HP ALL449,81456036612.5 [Cert]
150KR4FW4SA HP ALL (T)448,71649236614.3 [Cert]
151AE1TW1SA HP ALL (T)445,9365303769.9 [Cert]
152OM7AXOMSA HP ALL441,69466837427.4 [Cert]
153K3IU/1W1SA HP ALL440,86047233511.4 [Cert]
154US7MMURSA HP ALL439,3015613839.4 [Cert]
155K7RFW7SA HP ALL (T)437,66057739518.1 [Cert]
156K5MVW5SA HP ALL (T)435,69671434817.1 [Cert]
157K3TNW3SA HP ALL (T)416,9705123399.0 [Cert]
158DL1NEODLSA HP ALL (T)407,4845573789.3 [Cert]
159DL4CFDLSA HP ALL403,38061240514.9 [Cert]
160K1DMW1SA HP ALL (T)386,57641629610.8 [Cert]
161DL1DVEDLSA HP ALL385,30854039613.4 [Cert]
162Z35GZ3SA HP ALL374,52358938122.0 [Cert]
163W3FVW3SA HP ALL373,6504513186.0 [Cert]
164RJ3AUA-3SA HP ALL364,32259937116.1 [Cert]
165BA1KWBYSA HP ALL359,51666631125.6 [Cert]
1669M2ADX9M2SA HP ALL (T)349,47946630926.3 [Cert]
167N3RDW3SA HP ALL347,4984312938.4 [Cert]
168G4IIYGSA HP ALL342,43249134813.4 [Cert]
169PA0LOUPASA HP ALL341,18554237714.5 [Cert]
170S51DXS5SA HP ALL339,8256283459.7 [Cert]
171DU1/JJ5GMJDUSA HP ALL (T)337,40041924116.1 [Cert]
172XV1X3WSA HP ALL334,88061032222.0 [Cert]
173OH5DAOHSA HP ALL332,97651033610.8 [Cert]
174N2BJ/9W9SA HP ALL325,30448229619.6 [Cert]
175N2KIW2SA HP ALL324,81640930314.6 [Cert]
176JH8SLSJA8SA HP ALL318,81645228821.6 [Cert]
177WS7LW7SA HP ALL (T)314,14057027822.5 [Cert]
178W9KB/8W8SA HP ALL306,14452428831.1 [Cert]
179WJ6OW6SA HP ALL301,60251830125.0K6GT[Cert]
180VE5MXVE5SA HP ALL297,4024552918.0 [Cert]
181PA1CWPASA HP ALL297,34461536813.1 [Cert]
182GM0FGIGMSA HP ALL (T)291,82852433220.9 [Cert]
183YS1GRYSSA HP ALL (T)289,54839625224.6 [Cert]
184PA0CYWPASA HP ALL287,14753732310.8 [Cert]
185DF2LHDLSA HP ALL284,76043533922.7 [Cert]
186OK1AOVOKSA HP ALL283,47041533013.7 [Cert]
187N4DWW4SA HP ALL279,0343972669.6 [Cert]
188ND8LW8SA HP ALL276,9443963048.9 [Cert]
189NE6IW6SA HP ALL (T)262,75257127225.5 [Cert]
190EA1WXEASA HP ALL261,7504893498.3 [Cert]
191W2LKW2SA HP ALL259,4083532486.9 [Cert]
192NE4MW4SA HP ALL253,80045228214.8 [Cert]
193AK6MW6SA HP ALL (T)251,98052729315.1K6MM[Cert]
194RO9ORA9SA HP ALL245,1603032164.2 [Cert]
195N4ZR/8W8SA HP ALL242,4163632785.1 [Cert]
196UT7EZURSA HP ALL226,25037425016.4 [Cert]
197N4QSW4SA HP ALL224,8143762679.7 [Cert]
198R9XTRA9SA HP ALL219,84032722913.7 [Cert]
199LZ1ONKLZSA HP ALL207,68043129512.8 [Cert]
200AB2DEW2SA HP ALL (T)202,34031726816.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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