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101N3UMW3SO HP ALL (T)1,258,13690949327.3 [Cert]
102RO3DXUA-3SO HP ALL1,222,7521,28954226.3 [Cert]
103SM3CSMSO HP ALL (T)1,221,9901,44452935.4SM5CCT[Cert]
104KM4MKW4SO HP ALL1,219,7751,50150333.3 [Cert]
105KG6DXKH2SO HP ALL1,215,8711,00536726.4 [Cert]
106K7ZZW7SO HP ALL1,215,8081,41248434.7 [Cert]
107EA4DRVEASO HP ALL1,205,6001,51054825.4 [Cert]
108DL5YMDLSO HP ALL1,204,4161,30154426.9 [Cert]
109OK8DDOKSO HP ALL1,197,6701,04352335.5 [Cert]
110VA7STVE7SO HP ALL1,188,7681,03140626.9 [Cert]
111US5EURSO HP ALL1,177,6961,29349428.0UR7EQ[Cert]
112LY2BKTLYSO HP ALL1,168,8301,34948635.6 [Cert]
113LY2JLYSO HP ALL1,147,5721,41250228.8 [Cert]
114UA6GRUA-6SO HP ALL1,135,5751,18452533.1 [Cert]
115PP1CZPYSO HP ALL (T)1,125,37685744823.9 [Cert]
116KC0MOW0SO HP ALL1,120,2301,39748631.5K0OU[Cert]
117UD3DUA-3SO HP ALL (T)1,112,5841,46651731.3RK3DZH[Cert]
118DJ6OZDLSO HP ALL1,093,5991,14750729.6 [Cert]
119HA3OUHASO HP ALL1,091,9351,15953530.8 [Cert]
120LZ65PLZSO HP ALL1,052,3521,58150417.7 [Cert]
121NA0CWW0SO HP ALL1,035,9751,29847533.0N0KE[Cert]
122NN4MMW4SO HP ALL1,022,11082943026.5K9MUG[Cert]
123RA3RKUA-3SO HP ALL1,021,4101,19748525.3 [Cert]
124RA1AGLUA-1SO HP ALL1,010,7631,38047728.5 [Cert]
125SP4JCPSPSO HP ALL1,003,4281,21048930.4 [Cert]
126EW8KYEUSO HP ALL999,7921,14147731.5 [Cert]
127RU5AUA-3SO HP ALL991,8001,39552234.3 [Cert]
128JE1CKAJA1SO HP ALL979,17083738132.0 [Cert]
129WM3TW3SO HP ALL967,2006904006.8N3KS[Cert]
130RA3NCUA-3SO HP ALL964,1541,11246634.0 [Cert]
131NJ4IW4SO HP ALL959,9681,25845835.6K4LTA[Cert]
1324B2SXESO HP ALL959,45493735317.8XE2S[Cert]
133YO4KCCYOSO HP ALL952,0201,22549236.0 [Cert]
134LY2TSLYSO HP ALL (T)945,0351,10246934.1 [Cert]
135RX3DBHUA-3SO HP ALL936,0921,24245228.3 [Cert]
136N4EEBW4SO HP ALL (T)906,3821,17245821.5 [Cert]
137EW3LNEUSO HP ALL905,8141,03947423.4 [Cert]
138L33MLUSO HP ALL (T)898,03272342424.3LU3MAM[Cert]
139NT2AW2SO HP ALL (T)892,14387944126.8 [Cert]
140RK3ZZUA-3SO HP ALL890,3521,09248622.2 [Cert]
141EX8ABEXSO HP ALL890,06087238226.3 [Cert]
142EW8OMEUSO HP ALL888,0661,17447932.6 [Cert]
143UN9LUNSO HP ALL881,76077635210.5 [Cert]
144JA1JKGJA1SO HP ALL877,96875740236.0 [Cert]
145JF2QNMJA2SO HP ALL870,17677338328.3 [Cert]
146KC6XW6SO HP ALL870,0481,09842434.3 [Cert]
147P43JBP4SO HP ALL852,14871836221.7 [Cert]
148K7ARW7SO HP ALL851,00389544319.9 [Cert]
149UA4PNUA-4SO HP ALL841,52698443419.6 [Cert]
150UT3NURSO HP ALL783,5411,10943732.8UT3NK[Cert]
151EW8DJEUSO HP ALL771,26498941222.1 [Cert]
152W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)761,99499641122.1 [Cert]
153HA7LWHASO HP ALL752,3521,00646123.2 [Cert]
154W5MPC/1W1SO HP ALL750,06077140519.7 [Cert]
155UA9BSRA9SO HP ALL747,15663534819.1 [Cert]
156NX2XW2SO HP ALL (T)738,81578638525.2 [Cert]
157RA6MQUA-6SO HP ALL734,44088942721.2 [Cert]
158RA9SFRA9SO HP ALL731,71260329625.2 [Cert]
159RA1ALUA-1SO HP ALL731,43098540523.5 [Cert]
160LZ2NGLZSO HP ALL731,39485245434.3 [Cert]
161DD2MLDLSO HP ALL723,84095646423.8 [Cert]
162OG1MOHSO HP ALL722,6101,06946520.7OH1VR[Cert]
163SM6BGGSMSO HP ALL697,29188642735.8 [Cert]
164VE6TLVE6SO HP ALL685,83884530728.0 [Cert]
165VE1MCVE1SO HP ALL685,80058536024.5 [Cert]
166UR3IQOURSO HP ALL680,21498143827.9 [Cert]
167K8GLW8SO HP ALL679,37465841414.2 [Cert]
168LY2FLYSO HP ALL676,79583142718.8 [Cert]
169YB4IRYBSO HP ALL673,29655533220.6 [Cert]
170W6SXW6SO HP ALL (T)671,2091,09337932.6 [Cert]
171AH0SKH0SO HP ALL (T)670,08071124021.3JH1DVG[Cert]
172K1ARW1SO HP ALL666,49063636511.2 [Cert]
173JH0INPJA0SO HP ALL (T)661,36567134527.5 [Cert]
174UR7QMURSO HP ALL659,46496144224.1 [Cert]
175GM4SIDGMSO HP ALL (T)657,84688441421.9 [Cert]
176W7IJW7SO HP ALL651,67281937832.2 [Cert]
177DL4MEDLSO HP ALL651,30189441317.5 [Cert]
178HA8TPHASO HP ALL (T)648,8051,01444918.0 [Cert]
179NW1EW1SO HP ALL644,17068737021.4K3IU[Cert]
180OE8SKQOESO HP ALL638,28799748115.7 [Cert]
181RN3BOUA-3SO HP ALL627,45796138924.6 [Cert]
182OL4MOKSO HP ALL620,18686543430.4 [Cert]
183WN2OW2SO HP ALL (T)618,37263535611.8N2GC [Cert]
184K2FUW2SO HP ALL616,83466235820.1 [Cert]
185UA0FAIRA0SO HP ALL (T)612,49582835126.1 [Cert]
186NE8PW8SO HP ALL (T)611,04085440221.2 [Cert]
187KL5DXKLSO HP ALL607,12870732826.6 [Cert]
188W9OPW9SO HP ALL606,77976637936.0 [Cert]
189K0DEQW0SO HP ALL604,39688039416.6 [Cert]
190DK5ADDLSO HP ALL600,24879441821.5 [Cert]
191XE1MMXESO HP ALL587,71865130913.5 [Cert]
192WT7TT/0W0SO HP ALL587,4121,29837830.3W0ZA[Cert]
193SP3GTSSPSO HP ALL (T)582,25364737313.8 [Cert]
194K7IA/5W5SO HP ALL (T)574,50093338324.1 [Cert]
195US7IVWURSO HP ALL569,57677039221.1 [Cert]
196EA1EXEEASO HP ALL559,72588842533.4 [Cert]
197JA7BMEJA7SO HP ALL558,67560432523.4 [Cert]
198AK4KW4SO HP ALL (T)556,38088039616.4W4LT[Cert]
199UA4SAWUA-4SO HP ALL546,23178939914.9 [Cert]
200JA7COIJA7SO HP ALL (T)545,11069630228.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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