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1701W0PAN/72012W7SO LP ALL1,61035355.7 [Cert]
1702N7QS2016W7SO LP ALL1,56833283.9 [Cert]
1703WA7LNW2011W7SO QRP 20M1,56839320.6 [Cert]
1704N7VPN2016W7SO LP ALL (T)1,55133331.5 [Cert]
1705K7SS2016W7SA QRP 80M1,53931272.3 [Cert]
1706KX7L2005W7SO QRP ALL1,530373425.2  
1707AE7DW2015W7SA LP 15M1,51228283.8 [Cert]
1708W7EEU2017W7SA LP ALL1,51221214.3 [Cert]
1709N6KW/72015W7SO LP ALL1,47241328.5 [Cert]
1710AF6WF/72016W7SA LP ALL1,45735313.7 [Cert]
1711N7BT2009W7SO LP ALL1,41031302.1 [Cert]
1712W7ON2014W7SO HP 10M (T)1,40324231.4 [Cert]
1713W7DRA1999W7SO QRP 80M1,3923224  
1714N6KW/72016W7SO LP ALL1,37635324.4 [Cert]
1715W7SST2008W7SA LP ALL1,36436312.3 [Cert]
1716W7EEE2017W7SO LP ALL1,35034305.2 [Cert]
1717KC7V1982W7SO HP 20M1,3304338  
1718W7OLY2014W7SA HP ALL1,32032301.3 [Cert]
1719N7EIE2007W7SO LP 20M1,312363226.5  
1720K7TR2014W7SO LP ALL1,29628272.7 [Cert]
1721K7VIT2006W7SA LP ALL1,254222227.0  
1722K7GIM2010W7SO LP ALL (T)1,224453610.2 [Cert]
1723N7KQ2013W7SO LP 40M1,21924231.9W7GNP[Cert]
1724AD7BN2008W7SO LP ALL1,21926232.0 [Cert]
1725NQ7X1997W7SO QRP ALL1,1802120  
1726WB3JFS/72013W7SO QRP 15M1,17029263.0 [Cert]
1727KB7ST2011W7SO QRP ALL (T)1,15538338.9 [Cert]
1728NY7N2013W7SO LP ALL (T)1,10730274.7 [Cert]
1729AD7BN2005W7SO QRP ALL (R)1,092292827.9  
1730W7TX2016W7SO QRP ALL1,06629261.6 [Cert]
1731AB7MP2017W7SO LP ALL1,05328271.9 [Cert]
1732K7AMS2011W7SO LP 20M96025241.9 [Cert]
1733N7TMS2013W7SO LP ALL (R)95028256.4 [Cert]
1734K7MY2016W7SO LP ALL93627241.7 [Cert]
1735WA7SHP2011W7SO LP ALL90119172.5 [Cert]
1736K7EIQ2009W7SO LP ALL (T)88222212.4 [Cert]
1737KX6X/72015W7SO LP ALL82020200.8 [Cert]
1738KT7G2015W7SA HP ALL81617172.0 [Cert]
1739K7TR2004W7SO LP ALL (T)756221825.4  
1740W7DRA1997W7SO QRP 80M7482717  
1741WA7KLK1986W7SO HP 10M7442524  
1742KE7TEK2015W7SO QRP 10M (T)68419193.2W9CF[Cert]
1743N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL68017170.9 [Cert]
1744K7TR2016W7SO LP ALL64423231.8 [Cert]
1745WV7S2016W7SO LP ALL60819191.5  
1746KC7YE2017W7SO LP ALL57019191.7 [Cert]
1747W7JKA1982W7SO HP ALL5591513  
1748WO7A2014W7SO LP ALL54622215.1  
1749W7DPW2004W7SO HP 80M52718172.5  
1750WN7Y2013W7SO LP 20M50418182.0 [Cert]
1751WM5F2017W7SA LP ALL49413132.3 [Cert]
1752K4XU/72016W7SA LP ALL49317170.3 [Cert]
1753N7FG2009W7SO LP 20M (T)47617173.0 [Cert]
1754K6ZY/72014W7SO QRP 15M46223225.5 [Cert]
1755KR2E2017W7SA LP 15M45015151.2 [Cert]
1756WN7Y2017W7SO LP 15M44020201.0  
1757W0PAN/72014W7SA LP ALL (T)37818183.8 [Cert]
1758W7DRA2017W7SO HP 80M37819181.4 [Cert]
1759KU7Y2011W7SO QRP 40M (T)35216161.5 [Cert]
1760K7EIQ2012W7SA HP 15M (T)35014143.6 [Cert]
1761KK7C1986W7SO QRP ALL3363515  
1762K7GIM2009W7SO LP ALL (T)33023223.5 [Cert]
1763W7SST2006W7SA LP ALL32214142.0  
1764NC7O1986W7SO HP 20M2971111  
1765KM6ZT/72015W7SO LP ALL28822182.7 [Cert]
1766K7MK2017W7SO QRP ALL28015140.8 [Cert]
1767W7AYY2005W7SO HP 20M277121117  
1768K9JWV/72016W7SO QRP 160M23413132.2 [Cert]
1769N6MZ/72009W7SO LP 20M23010100.2 [Cert]
1770WV7G2005W7SO QRP 20M22414142.1  
1771W7DRA2013W7SO HP 160M21010102.8 [Cert]
1772WA7BME2009W7SO LP 40M20412121.6 [Cert]
1773WR7Q2009W7SO LP 20M19614142.1 [Cert]
1774NI5T/72015W7SO HP 160M19213121.5N7GP[Cert]
1775WA7DUH2014W7SA LP ALL189991.2  
1776W7SST2015W7SO LP ALL18012121.9 [Cert]
1777KD7GIM2007W7SO LP ALL16513113.9  
1778K7TR2015W7SO LP ALL (T)16011100.6 [Cert]
1779N7TMS2015W7SO LP ALL14010101.7 [Cert]
1780W0PAN2017W7SO LP 40M13212120.6 [Cert]
1781W7DRA1981W7SO HP 80M12888  
1782KA7T1995W7SO HP 160M1083527  
1783W7BYK1980W7SO HP 160M108109  
1784W7KHZ2013W7SO LP ALL (T)102661.2 [Cert]
1785KC7FCW2017W7SO QRP ALL96981.7 [Cert]
1786W7GH2008W7SO LP ALL88441.0W7GH[Cert]
1787N7KQ2011W7SO HP 160M641081.7 [Cert]
1788KC7YE2013W7SO LP ALL631191.8 [Cert]
1789AD7JX2011W7SO LP ALL48660.7 [Cert]
1790W7DRA2016W7SO QRP 80M42760.7 [Cert]
1791W7DRA2012W7SO QRP 160M40440.7 [Cert]
1792AA7VT1994W7SO LP ALL2488  
1793W7DRA2015W7SO HP 160M18330.3 [Cert]
1794N6KW2017W7SO LP ALL9330.1 [Cert]
1795W7DRA2009W7SO HP 160M632 [Cert]
1796KM6CQ2017W7SA HP ALL4220.3 [Cert]
1797NN7SS2017W7SO QRP 10M4220.1K6UFO[Cert]
1798W7VS2012W7SO HP 15M311 [Cert]
1799WA7AXT2017W7SO LP ALL (T)111 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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