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17701JA6RIL2015JA6SO LP ALL28815123.6 [Cert]
17702KM6ZT/72015W7SO LP ALL28822182.7 [Cert]
17703K6DGQ2012W6SO LP ALL28818183.5 [Cert]
17704UA0ZC2011RA0SO LP ALL28612111.0 [Cert]
17705BD3RT2012BYSO LP ALL28014141.0 [Cert]
17706JM1DSC2010JA1SO LP ALL28014143.1 [Cert]
17707IZ0EHL2006ISO LP ALL280101026.6  
17708PY1EO2012PYSO LP ALL27512111.4 [Cert]
17709OZ4RT2005OZSO LP ALL27511112.0  
17710BH1FCC2015BYSO LP ALL27314133.7 [Cert]
17711W9AKS2015W9SO LP ALL (T)27313131.3 [Cert]
17712BG5LV2014BYSO LP ALL27313135.2 [Cert]
17713JI1UDD2013JA1SO LP ALL27313130.8 [Cert]
177147J0YAA/02017JA0SO LP ALL27217161.27J1ABD[Cert]
17715BD3QZ2014BYSO LP ALL27021187.1 [Cert]
17716JH1RRP2014JA1SO LP ALL2701091.1 [Cert]
17717S59EIJ2009S5SO LP ALL27014101.1 [Cert]
17718BH6JFR2017BYSO LP ALL26617142.3 [Cert]
17719PU4HUD2010PYSO LP ALL26615145.4 [Cert]
17720RA9YUI2017RA9SO LP ALL26411111.5 [Cert]
17721EB1ISN2007EASO LP ALL264121125.2  
17722S57NPR2001S5SO LP ALL26412111.5  
17723WA3GOS2017W3SO LP ALL26014134.5 [Cert]
17724JP2MRD2013JA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 [Cert]
17725PR7FMT2005PYSO LP ALL (T)26011105.2  
17726JA7AXP2017JA7SO LP ALL (T)252992.4 [Cert]
17727DD5MA2015DLSO LP ALL (T)25214143.5 [Cert]
17728JG3LDD2015JA3SO LP ALL (T)25212121.4 [Cert]
17729IZ3GHP2017ISO LP ALL25010100.3  
17730US5IIM2011URSO LP ALL25012105.7 [Cert]
17731VK7NET2011VKSO LP ALL25010102.8 [Cert]
17732YV5NWG2008YVSO LP ALL2481081.1 [Cert]
17733UB3DNI2017UA-3SO LP ALL (R)24713131.3 [Cert]
17734BG4HYK2013BYSO LP ALL (T)24713131.2 [Cert]
17735RK7K2014UA-6SO LP ALL24211111.0 [Cert]
17736DL5JRA2013DLSO LP ALL24211110.4 [Cert]
17737I0/S53T2015ISO LP ALL24016122.2S53T[Cert]
17738JA1FRQ2011JA1SO LP ALL24010101.3 [Cert]
17739TF3DC2011TFSO LP ALL24010101.2 [Cert]
17740JK2VOC2010JA2SO LP ALL24012120.3 [Cert]
17741WP4DT2014KP4SO LP ALL23111113.0 [Cert]
17742JR1BVP2016JA1SO LP ALL225990.2 [Cert]
17743EA4FLY2015EASO LP ALL225991.5 [Cert]
17744UT1UW2012URSO LP ALL225991.6 [Cert]
17745LA8TIA2008LASO LP ALL22117173.0 [Cert]
17746OH4U2008OHSO LP ALL22113130.3OH3RM[Cert]
17747YL8M1998YLSO LP ALL2211513  
17748N8TCP2017W8SO LP ALL22010102.5 [Cert]
17749NH6V2014KH6SO LP ALL22010101.4 [Cert]
17750R3IS2014UA-3SO LP ALL22011112.4 [Cert]
17751JA6RIL2012JA6SO LP ALL22012111.5 [Cert]
17752SM6BZE2003SMSO LP ALL220101025.8  
17753JA1CSN2017JA1SO LP ALL216991.6 [Cert]
17754JI1BHO2017JA1SO LP ALL216990.8 [Cert]
17755UX3IT2013URSO LP ALL216661.1 [Cert]
17756JA1KAL1999JA1SO LP ALL216109  
17757KB9YGD2011W9SO LP ALL21014141.9 [Cert]
17758OL7A2006OKSO LP ALL209111126.1  
17759AC8JW2015W8SO LP ALL20814131.3  
17760M0KIS2010GSO LP ALL (R)20815132.1 [Cert]
17761AD5QB2007W5SO LP ALL208151325.8  
17762JH1SGG2015JA1SO LP ALL207893.6 [Cert]
17763US6IPD2010URSO LP ALL20413121.9 [Cert]
17764LZ1BG2000LZSO LP ALL20377  
17765JQ1OCR2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)20010100.7 [Cert]
17766S56DX2011S5SO LP ALL20011100.2 [Cert]
17767S56DX2009S5SO LP ALL20013100.7 [Cert]
17768EX8AB2007EXSO LP ALL200881.4  
17769PY7AEF2009PYSO LP ALL198993.6 [Cert]
17770S53DIJ2009S5SO LP ALL1981290.6 [Cert]
17771N6BCT2015W6SO LP ALL19515132.7  
17772JR2PAU2011JA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 [Cert]
17773JE2XBS2009JA2SO LP ALL (T)19515131.5 [Cert]
17774W6SFI2017W6SO LP ALL (R)19213122.0 [Cert]
17775KD0FW2015W0SO LP ALL (R)192882.6  
17776K1QW/52013W5SO LP ALL192881.1 [Cert]
17777JJ0OAP2012JA0SO LP ALL192881.2 [Cert]
17778JR1AHP2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)192881.0 [Cert]
17779UA0ZC2010RA0SO LP ALL192880.8 [Cert]
17780JG2QUM2012JA2SO LP ALL19010101.5 [Cert]
17781K4JAZ2013W4SO LP ALL18928276.6 [Cert]
17782DL5ANS1998DLSO LP ALL1871111  
17783DH5HV2004DLSO LP ALL1849824.6  
17784N7TGC2017W4SO LP ALL18214131.5 [Cert]
17785M0DMJ2012GSO LP ALL (R)18213131.0 [Cert]
17786AF6GQ2016W6SO LP ALL18015151.9 [Cert]
17787IW2NIS2016ISO LP ALL18010102.3 [Cert]
17788W7SST2015W7SO LP ALL18012121.9 [Cert]
17789K2JF2013W2SO LP ALL180990.5 [Cert]
17790W0SHQ2010W0SO LP ALL1801190.3OH6KZP[Cert]
177912E1OKT2004GSO LP ALL176121124.8  
17792UT8IK2016URSO LP ALL1711091.4 [Cert]
17793AI4UN2016W4SO LP ALL17010100.7 [Cert]
17794EU1OID2013EUSO LP ALL17010101.7 [Cert]
17795PT8SBR2017PYSO LP ALL16814125.4 [Cert]
17796AF6N2014W6SO LP ALL (R)168881.4 [Cert]
17797DL2MDU2011DLSO LP ALL16813120.7 [Cert]
17798JR7HOD/12009JA1SO LP ALL168760.8 [Cert]
17799BH1FCC2016BYSO LP ALL16512113.9 [Cert]
17800S59T2008S5SO LP ALL16512110.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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