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1601KK7X2011W7SO HP ALL5,64069604.1 [Cert]
1602K7CA2016W7SO LP 40M5,59349471.6 [Cert]
1603KC7V2014W7SO HP ALL5,55951512.5 [Cert]
1604W7GT2016W7SA HP ALL5,46055521.8 [Cert]
1605NN7A1995W7SO HP ALL5,3465754  
1606AD7XG2016W7SO LP ALL5,346806610.7 [Cert]
1607KV7X1984W7SO QRP 40M5,2446257  
1608KR7X2015W7SA HP ALL5,17061554.7 [Cert]
1609N7OU2014W7SO LP ALL5,15153511.1 [Cert]
1610NQ7X2002W7SO QRP ALL5,1484644  
1611W7TSQ1999W7SO HP ALL5,1064744  
1612N7NT2008W7SO LP ALL (T)5,07463593.0 [Cert]
1613NQ7M1986W7SO HP ALL4,9384949  
1614KE7DX2008W7SO LP ALL (T)4,80254498.9 [Cert]
1615KK7A2016W7SO QRP 20M4,77965594.0 [Cert]
1616K7JNA2016W7SA LP 20M4,750565012.7 [Cert]
1617KI7DG2016W7SA HP 20M (T)4,73059554.5 [Cert]
1618KN0W/72016W7SO LP ALL (T)4,64862568.3 [Cert]
1619K7NEW2017W7SO LP ALL4,59268562.9 [Cert]
1620K7GS2010W7SO LP ALL4,56052482.1 [Cert]
1621K7VIT2008W7SA LP ALL4,55455463.4 [Cert]
1622KL7FDQ/NO72003W7SO QRP ALL4,53961519.7  
1623KQ7M2013W7SO LP 20M4,48259545.1K0MP[Cert]
1624KA7SPS2013W7SO QRP 20M4,234695810.9 [Cert]
1625KX6X/72016W7SO LP ALL4,20042403.9  
1626WB7FDQ1986W7SO HP 10M4,1488061  
1627N7MAL2012W7SA LP 40M4,14240381.8 [Cert]
1628AE7DW2014W7SO LP 10M (R)4,141474112.2 [Cert]
1629K7DBV1985W7SO QRP 20M4,1259375  
1630KG7D1986W7SO HP 160M4,0805840  
1631W7AYY1997W7SO HP 20M4,0333737  
1632W7DRA/72003W7SO LP 80M4,02553358.3  
1633W7ON2011W7SO HP ALL (T)3,99947435.0 [Cert]
1634NU7T2008W7SO QRP ALL3,96056449.4 [Cert]
1635KE7DX2015W7SA LP 10M (T)3,83841387.2 [Cert]
1636K7UR1987W7SO HP 80M3,8004038  
1637KB7G1980W7SO HP 15M3,7625748  
1638K7ESQ2006W7SO LP 20M3,64548458.8  
1639KI7N2014W7SA HP ALL (T)3,62641375.2 [Cert]
1640W7VMI2005W7SO QRP 40M3,60843415.4AH6B 
1641W7AYY1993W7SO HP 20M3,5703634  
1642W7PP2012W7SO LP 40M (T)3,57035341.1 [Cert]
1643K7TR2012W7SO LP ALL (T)3,56741412.4 [Cert]
1644KF7GGN2016W7SO LP 40M3,48834323.4 [Cert]
1645WX7G2013W7SO LP ALL3,43239391.3 [Cert]
1646KT7G2013W7SA HP ALL3,33236345.3  
1647W4LSC/72009W7SO LP ALL3,280414111.7 [Cert]
1648K7UIR2005W7SO LP ALL3,25029262.1  
1649KJ7UN2007W7SO LP ALL3,22546434.6  
1650KA6JLT2017W7SO LP ALL3,21658487.1 [Cert]
1651AB7MP2014W7SA LP ALL3,21246444.1 [Cert]
1652K7AWJ2008W7SO LP ALL3,18256436.1 [Cert]
1653KF7P2011W7SO HP ALL3,16848443.7 [Cert]
1654K7EG2010W7SO HP ALL3,16844442.5 [Cert]
1655KT7G1987W7SO HP ALL3,16010079  
1656K6DGW2017W7SO LP ALL3,10858424.6 [Cert]
1657WO7V2012W7SO HP ALL3,09647432.7 [Cert]
1658N9NA/72013W7SA HP 20M3,08048448.2 [Cert]
1659WA7SHP2009W7SO LP ALL3,00252387.6 [Cert]
1660AA7IH2001W7SO LP ALL2,997423729.0  
1661W7YS2001W7SO LP ALL2,96441392.2  
1662K7AZT2016W7SA LP ALL2,94030284.3 [Cert]
1663AA7ST2017W7SO LP ALL2,87049414.1 [Cert]
1664K7JAN2012W7SO LP ALL (T)2,85252465.3 [Cert]
1665K7UN2010W7SA HP ALL2,83849431.8 [Cert]
1666W7AFA2005W7SO LP 20M2,8003735  
1667KA6JLT/72015W7SO LP ALL (T)2,80048405.5 [Cert]
1668W0RSP/72010W7SO QRP ALL2,70032255.0 [Cert]
1669N7LOX1990W7SO HP 10M2,6404844  
1670W7SLS2016W7SA HP ALL2,62445416.0 [Cert]
1671KU7Y1987W7SO QRP 80M2,6049062  
1672W7AYY2000W7SO HP 15M (T)2,5523029  
1673W7TX2015W7SO QRP ALL2,55032302.7 [Cert]
1674N7CDH1982W7SO HP 20M2,5085244  
1675W7ZR1989W7SO HP 10M2,4404840  
1676K7EG2011W7SO HP ALL2,40830281.8 [Cert]
1677WO7R2015W7SA HP ALL2,40033322.5 [Cert]
1678KO7G1982W7SO QRP 80M2,3803634  
1679W7JKA1979W7SO HP ALL2,3403720  
1680K7JAN2016W7SO LP ALL (T)2,34044395.5 [Cert]
1681WB4SPB/72012W7SO LP ALL2,32030291.7 [Cert]
1682W7BCS1980W7SO HP ALL2,3003325  
1683W0RSP/72014W7SA QRP 40M2,24721214.0 [Cert]
1684W7EKM1983W7SO HP 20M2,2333329  
1685K7AZT2017W7SO LP ALL2,12048401.9 [Cert]
1686NY7N2014W7SA LP ALL2,10038354.5 [Cert]
1687K7LV2013W7SA HP ALL2,07231283.2 [Cert]
1688KI7N2010W7SO LP ALL (T)2,03037294.6 [Cert]
1689W7RX2017W7SO LP ALL2,01340337.1 [Cert]
1690W2AJW/72012W7SA LP ALL1,99838378.0 [Cert]
1691K7SS2012W7SO LP 10M1,94432270.7 [Cert]
1692KG6O2017W7SO QRP 20M1,86245383.5 [Cert]
1693WY7N2012W7SO QRP ALL1,86241383.8 [Cert]
1694N7TMS2014W7SO LP ALL1,79836313.8 [Cert]
1695KF7PKL2016W7SO LP ALL1,75036355.3 [Cert]
1696W7DRA2008W7SO HP 160M1,74035296.1 [Cert]
1697N7LKL2015W7SO LP 15M1,71640336.0 [Cert]
1698W7CF2008W7SO LP 20M (R)1,65036333.1 [Cert]
1699K6UM/72013W7SO HP ALL (T)1,63328231.0  
1700W0PAN/72011W7SO LP 20M1,62837376.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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