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1601WA6VNR1996W6SO LP 40M4,5604440  
1602JI0WVQ2010JA0SO LP 40M4,54436322.3 [Cert]
1603KN4Y2008W4SO LP 40M4,44835322.4 [Cert]
1604JH1EYM2016JA1SO LP 40M4,31229284.9 [Cert]
1605JH4FUF/42014JA4SO LP 40M (T)4,25142391.7 [Cert]
1606EA6GP1994EA6SO LP 40M4,1044136  
16077M1MCY2013JA1SO LP 40M (T)3,96928274.0 [Cert]
1608DL2ZA2005DLSO LP 40M3,94846423.1  
1609VE1NSS2016VE1SO LP 40M3,94435345.1 [Cert]
1610KI4DC1996W4SO LP 40M3,8404048  
1611DL9ZWG2009DLSO LP 40M3,78443431.8 [Cert]
1612PR7AR2002PYSO LP 40M3,77029263.9  
1613JS1SDU2017JA1SO LP 40M3,69067458.1 [Cert]
1614JN1JYD2015JA1SO LP 40M3,67227272.8 [Cert]
1615JR7OMD/21992JA2SO LP 40M3,6583231  
1616JA1XEM2005JA1SO LP 40M3,588272625.6  
1617PY2APQ1994PYSO LP 40M3,5882626  
1618W7PP2012W7SO LP 40M (T)3,57035341.1 [Cert]
1619OZ1APA1998OZSO LP 40M3,5523737  
1620PY3LHB1993PYSO LP 40M3,5502625  
1621KF7GGN2016W7SO LP 40M3,48834323.4 [Cert]
1622TA4CS2017TASO LP 40M3,48427263.3 [Cert]
1623DL3TU2014DLSO LP 40M3,45632321.1 [Cert]
1624UY4W2014URSO LP 40M3,44046403.0 [Cert]
1625UA1OMS2017UA-1SO LP 40M3,43038350.8 [Cert]
1626JF2OHQ2012JA2SO LP 40M (T)3,406262619.9 [Cert]
1627BD4QO2009BYSO LP 40M3,36032303.5 [Cert]
1628JH1MTR/42017JA4SO LP 40M3,26432322.3 [Cert]
1629JE1SHW2009JA1SO LP 40M (R)3,24028272.0 [Cert]
1630EW2EG2011EUSO LP 40M3,23944410.9 [Cert]
1631YU0U2013YUSO LP 40M3,19840391.3  
1632AI3G2012W3SO LP 40M3,19552457.6 [Cert]
1633UA3LBE1993UA-3SO LP 40M3,1824137  
1634N6PUC2017W6SO LP 40M3,09435345.1 [Cert]
1635AF5Z2009W5SO LP 40M (T)3,05228280.9 [Cert]
1636JH1KYA2016JA1SO LP 40M3,04825243.0 [Cert]
1637LZ1FJ1997LZSO LP 40M3,0104135  
1638JH4FUF/42013JA4SO LP 40M (T)3,00835321.1 [Cert]
1639OH6TA2017OHSO LP 40M2,96440388.5OH6FSG[Cert]
1640XE2AI2015XESO LP 40M2,91227284.2  
1641KX9DX2001W9SO LP 40M2,821363125.7  
1642AI3G2010W3SO LP 40M2,769503912.8 [Cert]
1643OZ8XO1996OZSO LP 40M2,7505550  
1644W4WW2017W3SO LP 40M2,70041365.6 [Cert]
1645N6AJR2007W6SO LP 40M (T)2,68638344.0  
1646CM2KL2016CMSO LP 40M2,64027242.3 [Cert]
1647VK3VT2009VKSO LP 40M (T)2,64023222.6 [Cert]
1648M0MCX2014GSO LP 40M2,62839362.6 [Cert]
1649JS1SDU2016JA1SO LP 40M2,57439337.0 [Cert]
1650HB9DOS2015HBSO LP 40M2,55538351.3 [Cert]
1651RW3VM2010UA-3SO LP 40M2,43622214.9 [Cert]
1652JE1KDM1994JA1SO LP 40M2,4202322  
1653JA1XRH2007JA1SO LP 40M (T)2,394212124.9  
1654JE1KDM2016JA1SO LP 40M (T)2,36021201.6 [Cert]
1655JI2GZC2015JA2SO LP 40M2,34625231.3 [Cert]
1656JR1VNX1994JA1SO LP 40M2,3462317  
1657IZ3KMY2013ISO LP 40M2,31034335.3 [Cert]
1658JE7HXC1993JASO LP 40M2,3002523  
1659JA0GZ2001JA0SO LP 40M2,1602220  
1660JH1VUF2016JA1SO LP 40M2,12020202.7 [Cert]
1661JA1CPZ2016JA1SO LP 40M2,06020207.0  
1662OM8KW2010OMSO LP 40M1,98437312.3 [Cert]
1663JA5CBU2014JA5SO LP 40M1,98022229.3 [Cert]
1664JO1ATK1993JASO LP 40M1,9801918  
1665RX6LDK2004UA-6SO LP 40M1,950262625.4  
1666EK4JJ2017EKSO LP 40M1,93819196.3  
1667UA3VLO2016UA-3SO LP 40M1,90026250.7 [Cert]
1668VA3SP1998VE3SO LP 40M1,8802120  
1669OA1F2015OASO LP 40M1,87218181.5 [Cert]
1670RV6LFE2002UA-6SO LP 40M1,85028251.5  
1671JA8LN1993JASO LP 40M1,8361918  
1672OK5SWL2017OKSO LP 40M1,80030301.2OK2SWD[Cert]
1673RU9SO2013RA9SO LP 40M1,80019180.7 [Cert]
1674DH1AHL2017DLSO LP 40M1,79831312.9 [Cert]
1675W2BYO1995W2SO LP 40M1,6804742KA2IYB 
1676N4FY2016W4SO LP 40M (T)1,67923231.3 [Cert]
1677SQ7LQJ2010SPSO LP 40M1,63828262.1 [Cert]
1678N9HDE/02010W0SO LP 40M1,62035272.5 [Cert]
1679JA1PS2004JA1SO LP 40M1,6201818  
1680RX4AW2009UA-4SO LP 40M1,54022223.6 [Cert]
1681LY2BNL2005LYSO LP 40M1,52020205.4  
1682UA1AQF1997UA-1SO LP 40M1,4882524  
1683JA1GQC2015JA1SO LP 40M1,48020203.5  
1684BH7LSW2017BYSO LP 40M1,47619183.1 [Cert]
1685PA2CHM2017PASO LP 40M1,45828271.6 [Cert]
1686UT5ZA2005URSO LP 40M1,44921211.2  
1687BX4AG2016BVSO LP 40M1,40824220.8 [Cert]
1688TK/DF4SA2007TKSO LP 40M1,408181624.5  
1689N9HDE/02013W0SO LP 40M (T)1,39231291.4 [Cert]
1690JE0IBO2008JA0SO LP 40M1,36521212.5 [Cert]
1691AA9IV2001W9SO LP 40M1,3261717  
1692K4MX2017W4SO LP 40M1,32022220.5 [Cert]
1693WB2DVU1997W2SO LP 40M1,3201515  
1694EB3CML2008EASO LP 40M (R)1,30026265.0 [Cert]
1695HC3AP1995HCSO LP 40M1,2601514  
1696NQ4K2011W4SO LP 40M1,25817170.9 [Cert]
1697N7KQ2013W7SO LP 40M1,21924231.9W7GNP[Cert]
1698EA3CWT2006EASO LP 40M (T)1,19624233.2  
1699F5NSO1997FSO LP 40M1,1591412  
1700JA0GZ1995JA0SO LP 40M1,1401916  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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