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1401UR4EI2010URSO HP ALL (T)84,53429319313.5 [Cert]
1402NS8O2016W8SO HP ALL (T)84,2142091588.9 [Cert]
1403AD4L2011W4SO HP ALL (T)83,49623016813.2 [Cert]
1404N7BF2008W7SO HP ALL (T)83,36731017712.2 [Cert]
1405VA3EC2003VE3SO HP ALL (T)82,5931961617.1  
1406AJ6V2010W6SO HP ALL (T)82,4603361904.0 [Cert]
1407K2YR2011W2SO HP ALL (T)81,5672101714.1 [Cert]
1408OH1BOI2004OHSO HP ALL (T)81,3282161847.7  
1409G3VGZ2017GSO HP ALL (T)81,20024217515.4 [Cert]
1410OH6TN2012OHSO HP ALL (T)80,7292091794.2 [Cert]
1411US1IV2013URSO HP ALL (T)80,6742802098.9 [Cert]
1412F8AEE2017FSO HP ALL (T)78,7102261705.9  
1413JA1EPJ2015JA1SO HP ALL (T)78,55420018119.4 [Cert]
1414NG1I2016W1SO HP ALL (T)78,49023516716.0 [Cert]
1415W4XO2011W4SO HP ALL (T)78,36821415810.1 [Cert]
1416NA6Q2006W6SO HP ALL (T)77,9222131629.2  
1417ZS1EL2007ZSSO HP ALL (T)77,4691761479.2  
1418IZ3XEF2016ISO HP ALL (T)77,43317215914.4 [Cert]
1419W4CWA2009W4SO HP ALL (T)77,33121317311.3 [Cert]
1420K0NW/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)77,0562931727.0 [Cert]
1421EI4DW2013EISO HP ALL (T)76,65321016716.7 [Cert]
1422NS8O2008W8SO HP ALL (T)76,3842091549.8 [Cert]
1423N4IR2010W4SO HP ALL (T)73,7431991415.1 [Cert]
1424SM5BMB2012SMSO HP ALL (T)73,63218917711.7 [Cert]
1425K4EU2011W4SO HP ALL (T)72,6601731734.5 [Cert]
1426PA1BX2000PASO HP ALL (T)72,068253172  
1427UR4EI2016URSO HP ALL (T)72,0042451889.3 [Cert]
14284Z5ML20084XSO HP ALL (T)71,9941821423.94Z5ML[Cert]
1429G4HZV2015GSO HP ALL (T)71,9251911759.9 [Cert]
1430JI5NWQ2017JA5SO HP ALL (T)71,27829615715.0 [Cert]
1431JA2QVP2000JA2SO HP ALL (T)70,890180139  
1432N6MI2010W6SO HP ALL (T)70,21522615512.9 [Cert]
1433OH1BOI2010OHSO HP ALL (T)69,5522321894.1 [Cert]
1434JH8CXW2013JA8SO HP ALL (T)68,22819214814.9 [Cert]
1435K0NW/62015W6SO HP ALL (T)67,7161861626.0 [Cert]
1436RN3D1999UA-3SO HP ALL (T)67,404229164  
1437KK6F2001W6SO HP ALL (T)65,87519115512.9  
1438W6RFF1997W6SO HP ALL (T)65,875182155  
1439UN5J2008UNSO HP ALL (T)65,8301851455.9 [Cert]
1440JR7MZC/12002JA1SO HP ALL (T)65,552173136  
1441G4HZV2011GSO HP ALL (T)65,23420919310.3 [Cert]
1442KW3A2011W3SO HP ALL (T)64,58420815617.8 [Cert]
1443JF9JTS2013JA9SO HP ALL (T)64,2601821533.8 [Cert]
1444NT6K2005W6SO HP ALL (T)63,43428416111.9  
1445W7ON2012W7SO HP ALL (T)62,62917616111.0 [Cert]
1446EA5DCL2013EASO HP ALL (T)62,34819314312.4 [Cert]
1447WA6OGO2004W6SO HP ALL (T)61,29225015413.8  
1448IK2AHB2012ISO HP ALL (T)61,0561831593.1 [Cert]
1449UN5J2016UNSO HP ALL (T)60,3241591322.9 [Cert]
1450DL1YCF2017DLSO HP ALL (T)60,1442031684.9 [Cert]
1451W8FN/52013W5SO HP ALL (T)59,9851941554.1 [Cert]
1452KN5H/72010W7SO HP ALL (T)59,9432481596.6 [Cert]
1453PA1BX2010PASO HP ALL (T)59,65723616913.0 [Cert]
1454AA6W2002W6SO HP ALL (T)59,4442021546.2  
1455W8PN2011W8SO HP ALL (T)58,0161991488.9 [Cert]
1456OH2VZ1996OHSO HP ALL (T)57,933189157  
1457NF8J2011W8SO HP ALL (T)57,66020415511.2 [Cert]
1458WR0A1997W0SO HP ALL (T)56,780218167W0MU 
1459JE5JHZ2016JA5SO HP ALL (T)56,4481401264.9 [Cert]
1460W1CU2014W1SO HP ALL (T)56,4401441366.5 [Cert]
1461AF4RK2002W4SO HP ALL (T)56,16016813515.7  
1462JA3DAY2004JA3SO HP ALL (T)56,03215413619.3  
1463I2JIN2017ISO HP ALL (T)54,84321518110.6 [Cert]
1464I2AZ/12002ISO HP ALL (T)53,65520714733.9  
1465HL5UOG2010HLSO HP ALL (T)53,56024513016.9 [Cert]
1466N5PJ2014W5SO HP ALL (T)53,43919814110.2 [Cert]
1467JO1SIM2011JA1SO HP ALL (T)53,25024214213.1 [Cert]
1468WH7W2013KH6SO HP ALL (T)53,2481441043.3 [Cert]
1469UT5UKY2012URSO HP ALL (T)53,00117515116.6 [Cert]
1470IV3TQE1997ISO HP ALL (T)52,360161140  
1471AC6SL2017W6SO HP ALL (T)52,29923614912.0 [Cert]
1472K6CTA2000W6SO HP ALL (T)51,544179136  
1473K6TU2010W6SO HP ALL (T)50,83220514410.1 [Cert]
1474W7LKG2004W7SO HP ALL (T)50,4401601305.4  
1475W4NTI2008W4SO HP ALL (T)50,0252021457.9 [Cert]
1476AB0S2015W0SO HP ALL (T)49,6801581442.8 [Cert]
1477W6RFF1998W6SO HP ALL (T)48,087158137  
1478HZ1BW2016HZSO HP ALL (T)47,9121181068.0 [Cert]
1479JW2US2017JWSO HP ALL (T)47,5201971656.1 [Cert]
1480JA6BGA2001JA6SO HP ALL (T)47,432135121  
1481W6FG2009W6SO HP ALL (T)47,12521512516.1 [Cert]
1482AF3K2017W4SO HP ALL (T)46,4432221377.8 [Cert]
1483K8CMO2015W8SO HP ALL (T)46,2301651387.1 [Cert]
1484N3UM2000W3SO HP ALL (T)45,994143122  
1485WB4PWZ/32011W3SO HP ALL (T)45,9901461265.7 [Cert]
1486SM5BMB2014SMSO HP ALL (T)45,96614914110.0 [Cert]
1487JJ0PJD2013JA0SO HP ALL (T)45,65213811314.5 [Cert]
1488JH1QDB2012JA1SO HP ALL (T)45,25213210810.7 [Cert]
1489JG1FKT2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)45,19417511817.0 [Cert]
1490OZ1FAO2006OZSO HP ALL (T)45,0211591295.6  
1491DJ6TB2009DLSO HP ALL (T)44,4601581306.9 [Cert]
1492EA5DCL2014EASO HP ALL (T)43,6481481286.8 [Cert]
1493KB6A2012W6SO HP ALL (T)43,6231631319.8 [Cert]
1494NP2L2016KP2SO HP ALL (T)42,9461241093.7 [Cert]
1495JR2UBS2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)42,90013311014.9 [Cert]
1496OH1BOI2008OHSO HP ALL (T)42,4321791567.1 [Cert]
1497W1CU2001W1SO HP ALL (T)42,01612210412.9  
1498WY4Y2010W4SO HP ALL (T)41,84418013212.0NS3Q[Cert]
1499OH3FM2011OHSO HP ALL (T)41,6012051474.3 [Cert]
1500GM4FFF2010GMSO HP ALL (T)41,5281521162.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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