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14701RR2RU1986ESSO HP ALL1,2422323  
14702VK3GDM2015VKSO HP ALL (T)1,24021201.8 [Cert]
14703SP2DKI2001SPSO HP ALL1,24022203.1  
14704DF2RG1984DLSO HP ALL1,2252625  
14705UT5UCM1985URSO HP ALL1,2222626  
14706AA6EE1979W6SO HP ALL1,2192623  
14707Y54ZA1981DMSO HP ALL1,2102322  
14708KJ4IXG2016W4SO HP ALL1,20031304.2 [Cert]
14709RA3XO2003UA-3SO HP ALL1,197211926.6  
14710YO2MFC2013YOSO HP ALL1,19626262.1 [Cert]
14711OK2BJU1979OKOMSO HP ALL1,1882422  
14712K0AP2013W0SO HP ALL1,18021201.9 [Cert]
14713LY3DA2014LYSO HP ALL1,17831312.5 [Cert]
14714Y21DH1983DMSO HP ALL1,1762121  
14715Y24UB/A1989DMSO HP ALL1,1752625  
14716FD1NLX1990FSO HP ALL1,1664522  
14717RA3NC2007UA-3SO HP ALL1,160342925.2  
14718UA3DSN2016UA-3SO HP ALL1,15025252.3  
14719PY5KC2012PYSO HP ALL (T)1,14422221.7 [Cert]
14720JR2IGV1991JA2SO HP ALL1,1442222  
14721JG3KMT2017JA3SO HP ALL1,14020204.0 [Cert]
14722VE3OBU2004VE3SO HP ALL1,14020201.5  
14723PA3BNH1990PASO HP ALL1,1403630  
14724DK9IP2007DLSO HP ALL1,139201726.7  
14725SD3A2014SMSO HP ALL1,12824242.5SM3FJF[Cert]
14726SP5OXJ2000SPSO HP ALL1,1282524  
147277J1ABD2008JA1SO HP ALL1,12533251.7 [Cert]
14728JH8COB1998JA8SO HP ALL1,1221717  
14729LA5KW1979LASO HP ALL1,1202320  
14730Y66ZF1987DMSO HP ALL1,1182626  
14731Y64YG1984DMSO HP ALL1,1183626  
14732OZ6EI1987OZSO HP ALL1,1002825  
14733OK1ATP2014OKSO HP ALL1,09215131.3 [Cert]
14734AA5PA1990W5SO HP ALL1,0924139  
14735N5BFM1980W5SO HP ALL1,0893833  
14736UB5RCA1984URSO HP ALL1,0881717  
14737JF2FIU2003JA2SO HP ALL1,08020200.8  
14738LA3UG1981LASO HP ALL1,0782322  
14739JA1KPK/11991JA1SO HP ALL1,0712321  
14740UA6LFQ1990UA-6SO HP ALL1,0712121  
14741LZ1BG1985LZSO HP ALL1,0582423  
14742JG1RDV1991JA1SO HP ALL1,0533025  
14743OM3DX2002OMSO HP ALL1,04521191.9  
14744SP9LAS1998SPSO HP ALL1,0452119  
14745UA4NC2009UA-4SO HP ALL1,03628284.8 [Cert]
14746OZ0TE2007OZSO HP ALL1,029222126.3  
14747F3VV1992FSO HP ALL1,0262018  
14748JH6GHZ1979JA6SO HP ALL1,0262019  
14749N0FFZ1987W0SO HP ALL1,0123411  
14750UA9FDW1979RA9SO HP ALL1,0031817  
14751UA3AJR1981UA-3SO HP ALL1,0002120  
14752Y23IL1981DMSO HP ALL9901918  
14753Y38ZB1984DMSO HP ALL9882020  
14754W5SOD1980W5SO HP ALL9863029  
14755PY1WG2010PYSO HP ALL96919191.8 [Cert]
14756WP4KOE1997KP4SO HP ALL9682222  
14757W2IUC2008W2SO HP ALL96625232.7 [Cert]
14758SM0BDS1979SMSO HP ALL9662323  
14759OZ8E1980OZSO HP ALL9524426  
14760Y49OF1986DMSO HP ALL9432523  
14761EA2DDE2017EASO HP ALL93518172.4 [Cert]
14762JA1AAT1983JA1SO HP ALL9261514  
14763DM4TDA1979DMSO HP ALL9202623  
14764PA0WRS1979PASO HP ALL9181717  
14765UA4LY2003UA-4SO HP ALL901171725.6  
14766JF1OPL2017JA1SO HP ALL89724232.4 [Cert]
14767RZ9IR2003RA9SO HP ALL893191924.7  
14768Y22DD1986DMSO HP ALL8842826  
14769N4MM1989W4SO HP ALL8831817  
14770OM6AEH1990OKOMSO HP ALL8822121  
14771EF4YT1982EASO HP ALL8752725  
14772SP6BYF1981SPSO HP ALL8671817  
14773RN4NF2015UA-4SO HP ALL86417162.6 [Cert]
14774Y21NM/A1989DMSO HP ALL8501817  
14775UV3TQ1984UA-3SO HP ALL8501817  
14776N2GT1983W2SO HP ALL8503534  
14777US1ITU2017URSO HP ALL83619190.3 [Cert]
14778JA1XZF2016JA1SO HP ALL83317173.5 [Cert]
14779PA3CNI1989PASO HP ALL8331717  
14780PA0INA1986PASO HP ALL8331717  
14781UA6ALL1981UA-6SO HP ALL8331817  
14782OH3HTR2016OHSO HP ALL81616162.2 [Cert]
14783UA3AQP1983UA-3SO HP ALL8143022  
14784Y68WG1987DMSO HP ALL8101918  
14785UX4IXZ2017URSO HP ALL80020200.6 [Cert]
14786Y21UD1984DMSO HP ALL7982319  
14787R3LB2017UA-3SO HP ALL79222222.7 [Cert]
14788UA3LAR1986UA-3SO HP ALL7821717  
14789JH1NHY1990JA1SO HP ALL7802512  
14790JA1WWO2015JA1SO HP ALL76817162.4 [Cert]
14791WO8S1989W8SO HP ALL7681816  
14792UR5LBM2012URSO HP ALL75218162.6 [Cert]
14793BH4SYG2012BYSO HP ALL74817173.9 [Cert]
14794VE1CAN1980VE1SO HP ALL7412019  
14795Y25DA1988DMSO HP ALL7311817  
14796OZ1HHF1982OZSO HP ALL7311817  
14797JE1KDM1988JA1SO HP ALL7201716  
14798UA6ALA1981UA-6SO HP ALL7051615  
14799JF1KIG2013JA1SO HP ALL70418167.8 [Cert]
14800JA1CCN2017JA1SO HP ALL70219181.0 [Cert]

Page 148 of 150

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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