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1301K5WW2008W5SO LP ALL7,68077649.8 [Cert]
1302W1LAW2017W5SO QRP ALL7,62066606.1 [Cert]
1303KM5WR2001W5SO LP ALL7,60052507.2  
1304NO5W1987W5SO QRP ALL7,46910797  
1305N5TIT2012W5SO LP ALL7,28063567.5 [Cert]
1306KE5OG2016W5SO LP ALL7,20064604.4 [Cert]
1307W1DY2006W5SO LP ALL7,13067625.8  
1308K5OI2001W5SO QRP ALL7,040675530.6  
1309W5GZ2012W5SA LP ALL7,00851485.0 [Cert]
1310K5WL2013W5SO LP ALL (R)6,91661525.7 [Cert]
1311NJ5DX2008W5SA LP ALL6,75064541.9W5OV[Cert]
1312W5QLF2013W5SO LP ALL6,73272666.5 [Cert]
1313N5NMX1994W5SO LP 10M6,58610474  
1314WB5K2016W5SO LP ALL6,58084707.9 [Cert]
1315AC5R1982W5SO HP 15M6,5568667  
1316N5KB1998W5SO LP ALL6,4617971  
1317AD5TT2017W5SA HP ALL6,44874625.2 [Cert]
1318AA5HV1989W5SO HP ALL6,4266051  
1319W5EIJ1984W5SO HP ALL6,2087064  
1320WA8GHZ/51999W5SO QRP 15M6,2066158  
1321K5IX2017W5SO HP ALL6,11076654.4 [Cert]
1322W5AG2009W5SO LP ALL (R)6,003946919.3 [Cert]
1323K5UR1986W5SO HP 160M6,0009360  
1324W5WZ2009W5SO LP ALL5,95266623.4 [Cert]
1325WA5J2010W5SO LP ALL5,94084607.2 [Cert]
1326KG5RM1999W5SO LP 10M (T)5,9165951  
1327KB5VTB2005W5SO LP 20M5,8315249  
1328K5ER2007W5SO HP ALL5,768605629.2  
1329W0ZW/52010W5SO HP ALL5,76359513.3 [Cert]
1330KE5CV1985W5SO HP 10M5,54418299  
1331NE5D2002W5SO QRP 10M5,47449465.1  
1332WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP ALL (T)5,45251473.7 [Cert]
1333AB5HD1995W5SO HP ALL5,4005850  
1334N5NMX1996W5SO LP 10M5,39412993  
1335K5OI1999W5SO QRP ALL5,1305954  
1336K7ZYV/52015W5SO LP ALL5,04950513.4 [Cert]
1337N5UA1987W5SO HP ALL5,0165144  
1338K5DHY2015W5SO LP ALL4,95642421.5 [Cert]
1339W5QLF2009W5SO LP ALL4,83081698.0 [Cert]
1340K5TMT2017W5SA LP ALL (R)4,75254487.8 [Cert]
1341K5YM2016W5SO LP ALL4,70453495.5 [Cert]
1342N5TV1983W5SO HP 80M4,6628663  
1343KE5PWL2009W5SO LP ALL (R)4,56059482.6 [Cert]
1344NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL4,46455483.8W5OV[Cert]
1345AE5KM2010W5SO LP ALL4,42951435.5 [Cert]
1346KY5N1997W5SO QRP 10M4,4256659  
1347NX5M1997W5SO HP 10M4,4086158  
1348NE0P/52004W5SO LP ALL3,96046442.1  
1349N5DTT2017W5SO LP 15M3,85056506.6 [Cert]
1350W5AP2014W5SA LP ALL (R)3,81847462.5 [Cert]
1351WD0GTY/52012W5SO QRP ALL3,80047404.4 [Cert]
1352W5WZ2011W5SO QRP ALL3,74451482.6 [Cert]
1353NX5M1998W5SO QRP 10M3,6194947  
1354K7ZYV/52016W5SA LP ALL3,60846444.6 [Cert]
1355K5WW2006W5SO LP ALL (T)3,567464128.3  
1356W4JHC/52013W5SA LP ALL3,528494211.2 [Cert]
1357N5MOA2013W5SA HP ALL3,45635322.3 [Cert]
1358AD5QB2008W5SO QRP ALL3,42058454.9 [Cert]
1359K5OI2000W5SO QRP ALL3,4006150  
1360NV5M2012W5SO HP 15M (T)3,35440394.3 [Cert]
1361AF5DM2013W5SO LP ALL3,20037325.5 [Cert]
1362W0ZW/52007W5SO HP ALL (T)3,07234323.2  
1363N5UA1986W5SO HP ALL3,0723532  
1364AF5Z2009W5SO LP 40M (T)3,05228280.9 [Cert]
1365K5XN1997W5SO LP 20M3,0006450  
1366KD5J2008W5SO LP ALL2,96750434.0 [Cert]
1367K5ND2009W5SO QRP ALL2,94850447.0 [Cert]
1368KI5EE2017W5SO LP ALL2,92050402.4 [Cert]
1369NT5I2016W5SA LP ALL2,85248464.6 [Cert]
1370KE1R/52011W5SO HP ALL2,77541375.8 [Cert]
1371W4JHC/52011W5SA LP ALL2,769473912.4 [Cert]
1372K5IB2005W5SO LP ALL2,747434127.0  
1373KN5H1987W5SO HP 20M2,7445249  
1374W5THT2015W5SO HP ALL2,65633321.2 [Cert]
1375W5EIJ1982W5SO HP ALL2,6554845  
1376N5XUS1995W5SO LP 80M2,6324847  
1377W5QLF2016W5SO LP ALL2,47042382.8  
1378W5EIJ1979W5SO HP ALL2,4483734  
1379WB5DDI1982W5SO HP 80M2,4306545  
1380N5NMX1995W5SO LP 10M2,3975751  
1381N5BQQ1982W5SO QRP 15M2,2104034  
1382AC5AA1995W5SO LP 15M2,2084948  
1383WA5SOG1979W5SO HP ALL2,1843028  
1384WB5NOQ2016W5SA LP ALL2,17036354.8 [Cert]
1385W4HVH/52016W5SA LP ALL2,10836345.8 [Cert]
1386W5QLF2011W5SO LP ALL1,98035332.5 [Cert]
1387AA5TB2008W5SO QRP ALL1,92538354.3 [Cert]
1388KC5ALW1996W5SO LP 10M1,8768967  
1389N5NMX1993W5SO QRP 10M1,8203835  
1390KG5VK1991W5MULTI-ONE HP1,6243028KG5VK KF5XV 
1391WB0RUR/52013W5SO LP ALL1,59534292.4 [Cert]
1392W0ZW/52006W5SO LP ALL1,58724233.0  
1393WM5Q2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,56027263.4 [Cert]
1394K1QW/52012W5SO LP ALL1,44032302.8 [Cert]
1395N5NA2011W5SO QRP 80M1,42837341.9 [Cert]
1396AD5MN2011W5SO LP 10M1,38024239.4 [Cert]
1397KF5HIQ2017W5SO LP ALL1,37635329.7 [Cert]
1398W5AG2013W5SO LP ALL (T)1,36523213.6 [Cert]
1399N5NK2013W5SO LP ALL (T)1,32024202.8 [Cert]
1400K5FUV1980W5SO HP 10M1,2692727  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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