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1301W2JEK1983W2SO QRP ALL4,0804540  
1302K2YEH2005W2SO LP ALL4,06031282.2  
1303WA2ZWH1979W2SO QRP 40M3,8083934  
1304KC2X1982W2SO HP 10M3,7267054  
1305N2MUN2009W2SA LP ALL3,60864449.2 [Cert]
1306WA2CLP2011W2SO LP ALL3,60845443.2 [Cert]
1307KC2DE1983W2SO HP ALL3,6044134  
1308W2RR2010W2SO HP 10M3,46548454.6WA2AOG[Cert]
1309NX2PX2012W2SO QRP ALL3,46535332.3 [Cert]
1310K2SQS2006W2SO LP ALL3,44045434.8  
1311NG2D2013W2SO LP 20M3,40449467.7 [Cert]
1312KV2X2011W2SO LP ALL3,33753474.0 [Cert]
1313AG2T2017W2SA LP 20M3,33334333.2 [Cert]
1314WA2SYN1993W2SO HP 10M3,2665446  
1315KV2X2010W2SO LP ALL3,19847393.4 [Cert]
1316W2KTF1984W2SO HP ALL3,1853535  
1317AG2T2013W2SA LP ALL3,08039355.8 [Cert]
1318N2BZP2004W2MULTI-ONE HP3,0604036  
1319K1SXD/22011W2SO LP ALL3,05230282.7 [Cert]
1320KB2URI2016W2SA LP ALL3,03441412.0 [Cert]
1321AI2N2017W2SA HP ALL2,97632311.1 [Cert]
1322KV2X2016W2SO LP ALL2,97053452.9 [Cert]
1323NA2X1997W2SO HP 10M2,9126652  
1324W2JEK2002W2SO QRP ALL2,9043533  
1325WA2BTR2004W2SO LP ALL2,89844424.3  
1326KC2KZJ2012W2SO HP ALL2,82834288.4 [Cert]
1327KM2S2017W2SA HP ALL2,80828276.3 [Cert]
1328K2IZ2009W2SO LP ALL (T)2,73038355.2 [Cert]
1329N2XU2005W2SO LP 15M (T)2,706343327.4N2ZN 
1330W2JEK2009W2SO QRP ALL2,64046403.7 [Cert]
1331WA2FZB2017W2SA LP ALL2,59037374.9 [Cert]
1332NJ2D1985W2SO HP ALL2,5843534  
1333W2RR2011W2SA HP 10M2,55036302.4WA2AOG[Cert]
1334W2JEK2007W2SO QRP ALL2,5383327  
1335KC2LST2014W2SO LP ALL2,51133313.7 [Cert]
1336N2INN1992W2SO LP ALL2,3493027  
1337KV2X2013W2SO LP ALL2,32048403.3 [Cert]
1338KB2MN2012W2SO LP ALL2,29433312.4 [Cert]
1339NE2W1987W2SO HP 15M2,2808260  
1340K2XA2008W2SO HP ALL2,26833282.3 [Cert]
1341KV2X2009W2SO LP ALL2,24044404.2 [Cert]
1342K2YR2005W2SO HP 20M2,220303025.3  
1343NV6O/21985W2SO HP 80M2,1844742  
1344W2JEK2010W2SO QRP ALL2,18424242.4 [Cert]
1345N2JSO2007W2SA LP ALL (T)2,17634344.8  
1346KB2URI2015W2SA LP ALL2,12828281.5 [Cert]
1347K2YR2016W2SO HP ALL2,03029291.4 [Cert]
1348NT1E/22006W2SO LP 160M2,03043298.4K3BU 
1349N2PEB1994W2SO QRP 40M1,9385751  
1350AE2N1995W2SO LP 20M1,8762828  
1351N2CQ1981W2SO HP ALL1,8752725  
1352NP3D/22011W2SA HP ALL1,86033301.4 [Cert]
1353NQ2W2012W2SO QRP ALL (T)1,82730293.4 [Cert]
1354K2RNY2009W2SO LP ALL1,79232322.1 [Cert]
1355K2XA2007W2SO HP ALL1,72525231.5  
1356W2BYO1995W2SO LP 40M1,6804742KA2IYB 
1357KC2LYQ2008W2SO QRP 40M1,68024242.7 [Cert]
1358NJ2C1985W2SO HP 20M1,6643026  
1359W2JEK1990W2SO QRP ALL1,6203130  
1360N2DGB1982W2SO HP ALL1,5403028  
1361W2JEK1985W2SO QRP ALL1,5303330  
1362W2RR2016W2SO HP 10M1,51229273.7WA2AOG[Cert]
1363WB2GDD1989W2SO QRP 20M1,5123028  
1364KB2URI2014W2SA LP ALL1,40323232.1 [Cert]
1365KC2KZJ2008W2SO HP ALL1,352292610.2 [Cert]
1366WB2DVU1997W2SO LP 40M1,3201515  
1367W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL1,25424221.4 [Cert]
1368KF2O1995W2SA HP ALL1,2421818  
1369K3BU/22005W2SO QRP 160M1,15233244.3  
1370K2TV2005W2SO LP ALL (T)1,127232326.0  
1371WA2BMH2011W2SO LP ALL1,12020200.9 [Cert]
1372N2TTA2017W2SA QRP ALL (T)1,10728272.8 [Cert]
1373KD2BGM2015W2SA QRP 20M1,10020201.5 [Cert]
1374W2HG1996W2SO HP 10M9844741  
1375W2IUC2008W2SO HP ALL96625232.7 [Cert]
1376WA2QAU2017W2SO LP ALL92529251.3 [Cert]
1377NA2M1986W2SO HP 160M9203323  
1378W2DXE2017W2SO LP ALL91818181.1  
1379W2JEK1987W2SO QRP ALL9032321  
1380K2BB2013W2SA LP ALL (T)88218181.8 [Cert]
1381KD2BGM2014W2SA QRP 15M (T)86418160.6 [Cert]
1382NQ2W2010W2SO QRP ALL85822222.4 [Cert]
1383N2GT1983W2SO HP ALL8503534  
1384K2IZ2017W2SO LP ALL85017172.3 [Cert]
1385KV2M2004W2SO LP ALL8402121  
1386AD3Y/22016W2SO LP 20M79219181.6 [Cert]
1387KB2GD2016W2SO LP ALL79224244.7 [Cert]
1388K2HT2004W2SO LP ALL7651715  
1389WQ2RP2008W2SO QRP ALL70423221.6N2CQ[Cert]
1390KC2GOW2005W2SO LP ALL (R)66520192.6  
1391WB2ART2007W2SO LP 20M59422223.3  
1392K2RNY2017W2SO LP ALL57414141.3 [Cert]
1393K2YR2015W2SA HP ALL56014140.6 [Cert]
1394W2MF2017W2SA QRP 160M55916133.3 [Cert]
1395NS2P2003W2SO LP 20M544161624.9  
1396W2JEK1986W2SO QRP ALL5281212  
1397KQ2RP2017W2SO QRP 20M51216161.3 [Cert]
1398K2TV2015W2SO LP 15M50414140.4 [Cert]
1399AC2QH2017W2SO LP ALL46216143.0 [Cert]
1400N4TW/22003W2SO LP ALL (T)396181824.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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